Teaching Techniques for Juniors


Sandy B. July

I. You must have a love for children.

A. You must not let children intimidate you.

II. You are commanded to teach.

A. Matthew 28:19

1. You must “enroll, enlist, make disciples, appeal to their emotions”.

III. Juniors are real people.

A. Appeal to their emotions.

B. John 21:15

1. Feed my lambs!

2. Feed my sheep.

a. After you have fed the lambs and they have grown you can shepherd them.

3. Feed the “little lambs”.

a. Children are perceptive and know when you are interested in  them.

b. Biblical examples: Timothy and John.

c. Know who you’re teaching. You are teaching future evangelists, missionaries, Sunday school teacher, etc.

IV. Involving the Junior in your teaching.

A. You must hold their interest.

1. Use the unusual to establish the point of your lesson.

2. Remember, they don’t care about how good you can sing or teach, but they will remember what you have taught if you involve them in your singing and teaching.

3. Juniors enjoy a challenge.

4. Juniors need the same gospel as adults to be saved, but need it taught on their level of understanding.

5. Entertainment can be used if it involves the Junior and gets them prepared for the main point of the lesson.

6. Lessons need to be taught in a way that appeals to their emotions.

a. Teach them in ways the lesson “could have happened” so they will be remembered when they have left the classroom and will be remembered in their future life.

7. When God is dealing with a child you need to be a prayer warrior not an observer.

a. Children will do anything you tell them to do when they are trying to get the Holy Ghost.

b. Don’t keep them at the altar too long; they tire quickly.

You must love Juniors so much that you will do anything in your power to reach them. You must realize and get the feeling for your class that they will be lost without your help. You are dealing with a never-dying, everlasting soul.

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