Team Teaching Techniques

Team Teaching Techniques


The team approach to teaching calls for two or more persons to guide the learning, growth, cooperation and evaluating of classroom experience. Sharing of responsibility is vital to the team approach.

No one person can or should be responsible for the spiritual life of a child. Several teachers should pray, teach, visit, guide and direct the pupil. These teachers form a team.


1. The emphasis is on the group. The teacher guides the learning experience. We know that boys and girls teach one another through sharing mutual experiences. This interaction has as great an impact on the total learning.

2. Team teaching increases learning possibilities. Team teaching permits larger classes because two or more teachers share in the leadership. More children in a group mean more possibilities for rich learning experiences.

3. Team teaching offers more possibilities for teachers to grow. In a team teaching approach several teachers work together in a group. They help one another grow and learn. They share insights from the Scriptures. They encourage one another to try out new ideas. When one teacher is isolated in a classroom, outside evaluation is limited. Usually the pupils are the only judge of teaching. Poor teachers do not usually improve their methods except by trial and error. However, the errors have eternal implications.

Team teaching helps to minimize mistakes and enrich teaching.


1. Think through questions the pupils may raise from the study. Determine how to help the pupil find answers.

2. Consider the aims and purposes of the lesson and make a list of theneeds of the pupil. The specific aims should meet immediate needs.

3. List all possible activities in which their pupils may be engaged for learning.

4. Determine the specific responsibilities for each teacher on the team.

5. Write out a specific lesson plan. Include the sequence of events and persons responsible for each leadership task.


Many difficulties beset the forming of a team. The shy, timid teacher may withdraw and not make a contribution to the group. The aggressive teacher may manipulate the other team members. Problems in personal relationships may arise.

The team teacher is like a member of an orchestra. Each instrument must follow the conductor, be in pitch and on key, able to carry its assignment, and have a knowledge of the responsibilities of others. Each teacher must come to class prepared, able to carry his assignment, have a knowledge of what other teachers are doing, and work in harmony with others. As the orchestra produces the full and complete symphony, so one team of teachers produce well-rounded mature students–to glorify God.

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