Ten Things Evolutionists Don’t Want You To Know

Ten Things Evolutionists Don’t Want You To Know
Arlo Moehlenpah

The theory of evolution has probably caused more people to lose their faith in God and the Bible than any other theory. Yet many people do not know the following:

1. The theory of evolution is not scientific. It has never been observed, confirmed by experiment, verified, or repeated.

2. The theory of evolution contradicts established laws of science such as the law biogenesis which shows that life comes only from other life and the second law of thermodynamics which shows that systems left to themselves go to condition of greater disorder, randomness or probability.

3. The mathematical probability of life occurring by chance is less than that of a tornado passing through a junkyard and producing a modern jet airliner.

4. Paleontologists date the age of a fossil by the age of the rock in which is found, while geologists date the age of a rock by the fossils which are found therein. This is what is called circular reasoning.

5. If evolution were true there should be evidence of transitional (intermediate) forms in the fossil record and living systems. Although billions of fossils have been found there are no transitional forms showing one kind evolving into another.

6. Practically every evolutionary story (such as Peking Man and Nebraska Man) has been thoroughly debunked.

7. If evolution were true why hasn’t life evolved to meet the conditions on other planets?

8. How is it that the earth is only place in the universe containing air, water and vegetation?

9. Evolutionists do not have a clue as to how matter or energy originated.

10. Evolutionists do not have a clue as to how nonliving particles became living entities.

The theory of evolution is a godless religion that tries to explain the origin of the universe and life without God. The Bible clearly shows that all things were created by God and for Him. The Creation account is first described in the book of Genesis written by Moses although all the other writers of the Bible agree. Jesus said “if you cannot believe the words of Moses how will you believe my words?”

From: Doing Good Ministries newsletter , www.DoingGood.org . June 2012 By Arlo Moehlenpah, moehlenpah@aol.com

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