The Abortion That Was Aborted

The Abortion That Was Aborted
Lillian Gilbert

“Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee” (Jeremiah 1:5).

“You’ll have to get an abortion or you can’t stay here.” Those were the words spoken by my sister’s guardian. Ironically, she was a professing Christian who went to church often, gave in the offerings, and helped those in need. She was also the one who brought my sister, Eva, to my home looking for help to get an abortion.

Evidently, although a professing Christian, the guardian simply did not know the horrible truth about abortion. Perhaps she did but, like so many others, just wanted to feel like her own hands were “washed clean” of the deed.

When Eva called and asked for help, I wanted to help her. How could I not help her? She was my sister. I told her that I would help her. Thus, I began my own journey to the truth about abortion.

I had gone to church some while growing up just as my sister had. Looking back, nobody in church ever really discussed abortion. Neither of us realized that from conception the child growing in her womb was a person full of life. Without that knowledge we began looking for abortion clinics.

This came about just as I had begun my life as a Christian. After years of merely attending church, I had finally surrendered to God’s will and was now a part of the body of Christ. I had received the Holy Ghost only a few months earlier so, having never been taught, I was not sure where I stood on abortion. Unfortunately, because she was not in church, my sister knew even less than I did.

My sister and I believed that what was growing in her womb was not yet a person. I suppose I thought that until you could feel it move there was no life to be concerned about.

Even though I was trying to help my sister get an abortion, I began to have doubts. We had gone to one abortion clinic but were turned away because of the length of the pregnancy. We were told to try another clinic but, miraculously, we never made it. That is when I decided to talk to Tom Trimble, our assistant pastor, and his wife.

The Lord used the Trimble’s to bring me to the truth that abortion is murder! Equipped with this knowledge (knowledge that matched the sudden misgivings in my spirit), I persuaded my sister not to have the abortion. God had a magnificent plan all of His own. The psalmist said, “Thou art my God from my mother’s belly” (Psalm 22:10). That verse of Scripture would become personal for us.

It was decided that, although I had a child of my own at the time, I would keep the baby while Eva finished college. Complicating matters was the fact that my husband was not working due to an injury, and I held a minimum-wage job. Amazingly, God provided for us every time there was a need.

I wanted to have a family photo taken, and I wanted a new dress for the baby. God provided both. I also wanted a ribbon for her hair, so I searched until I found a piece of scrap material that matched the dress perfectly. Every time I look at that picture, I remember God’s help through it all.

We were so strapped for money that we lacked basics such as toilet tissue. Now, when I look back at those years, I realize that they were some of the best years of my life. My husband was not in church yet, but God softened his heart to allow me to help and also did whatever he could to help. To this day we still feel that Kendra is our child, as well as the child of her biological mother.

As long as Kendra lived with us we took her to church. After she went to live with her mother, she went to church every time she visited us. Kendra began to grow, and at the age of seven she gave her life to the Lord and was filled with the Holy Spirit. Soon after Kendra gave her life to God, her mother started attending every service.

Eva received the Holy Ghost and, in time, other children born to her received God’s Spirit as well! Today the entire family serves God under the ministry of Pastor Douglas White in Silsbee, Texas. In any given service, you will find them involved in various aspects of working for the Lord such as being actively involved in sign teams, playing the drums, testifying, and worshiping God with a passion for this wonderful apostolic truth.

My sister now feels that had it not been for God’s intervention she would still be living a wild lifestyle without God. Kendra helped Eva learn to love unconditionally. She also led the entire family to God. Probably, none of these people would be serving God today if it had not been for that baby who escaped abortion.

“But thou art he that took me out of the womb: thou didst make me hope when I was upon my mother’s breasts” (Psalm 22:9).

Article “The Abortion That Was Aborted” written by Lillian Gilbert excerpted from The Pentecostal Herald, Special Issue 2007.