The Anointing Makes The Difference

By W.W. Pugh

“And it shall come to pass in that day, that his burden shall be taken away from thy shoulder, and his yoke from off thy neck and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing ” (Isaiah 1 0:2 7).

The anointing is the power of God that brings deliverance in a persons’ life. The anointing of the Holy Ghost breaks yokes and annihilates: the habits of bondage of every kind. We need the anointing! I’ve been
in hundreds of churches where the majority of the service was given to singing. The congregation sang, choirs sang, soloists sang, trios sang, quartets sang, ensembles sang, and chorales sang. Then came the
preaching and then more preaching. After the service was dismissed, everyone went to eat. It was apparent that no one was moved, touched or changed. Why? When the anointing is NOT present, it is just another meeting. But, when the anointing is present, something supernatural takes place, miracles happen and people are delivered and set free.

I remember going to a convention where the choir sang beautifully. The director had taught them well. Every note was just right, and all the signals, moves and parts were perfect. However, no one was spiritually moved. Why? There was no anointing. I’ve also witnessed an old country preacher with a thread bare suit, and an old guitar that had a string for a strap, get up and sing, “I wouldn’t take nothing for my
Journey now”; Folks, the anointing was there. People started shouting, dancing, and crying. The altar filled up with people receiving deliverance. Why? The anointing makes all the difference.



In Acts 10:3 8, we find that we need to go down on our knees and seek the face of God in fervent prayer until the anointing comes and the glory falls. This same anointing allows us to minister to the sick and
oppressed. We live in a world that is hurting. Programs, contests, bazaars, give aways, church fairs, and carnivals will not meet their needs. Beautiful buildings and Bible school sermons will not deliver them. We need to go to our knees in fervent prayer! James 5:16 — “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much… ” There is a way to have the anointing present in our lives and in our churches. There is no short cut. It takes fasting and prayer. God wants to break the yokes. He wants to bring deliverance. His desire is for us to be saved, healed, and blessed, in order for us to walk in the anointing on a daily basis. We must have a continuous attitude of prayer so the power of God can glow through us.

Recently, I had ministered several nights in a Miracle Faith Crusade without seeing a physical outward manifestation or a Miracle. People were being healed, but God has called me to preach the Word of faith
and then demonstrate the power through signs and wonders. Friend, I get nervous when there are no miracles, because God is full of miracles! As I was in fervent prayer one afternoon, I felt the spirit of faith flow through me. The anointing enveloped me as if warm oil was being poured all over me. That night at Church, a man confined to a wheel chair, paralyzed for seven months, was seated in the middle aisle. He had heard me preach on the radio, that day, about God’s Miracles. I went down to him and prayed and that anointing and faith I felt in prayer that afternoon touched the man and he came up out of that wheel chair, walked all around the Church, healed by God’s power. He came back that week and was baptized in Jesus Name and was filled with the Holy Ghost. He had been in many Churches, (dead, dull, dry, boring ones) but he came to an exciting faith filled Church and received his deliverance. I encourage you to begin to fast and pray fervently. Then you will see the anointing break the yokes and bondages and bring deliverance in your life and the lives of others.

This past April, I was ministering in London, England. As I began to minister prophetically, the Glory of God fell and at least 20 people instantly received the Holy Ghost. Blind eyes came open, and people
crippled with arthritis were instantly healed. Deaf ears were opened. People were delivered instantly and miracles were happening all over the building. Why? It is because the anointing was present. People had prayed and fasted and laid a foundation for the power to come into their midst. You too can have this anointing that brings deliverance.

Last year, I flew several thousand miles to a conference. I sat through service after service of preaching after preaching. I spent a whole week and a lot of money to listen to preachers, preaching message after message about things we already believe. I never heard one altar call given for sinners to repent. Not one called for the laying on of hands to those who were sick. Not one gift of the Spirit was manifested. One entire week and I knew of no one who was saved, healed, or delivered. Why? There was a lack of supernatural anointing. It was a self edifying meeting.

I believe we can preach holiness and a life of separation from the world and still see the miraculous and the supernatural demonstrated. Most of the Churches today, you have to pray the saints through before
you can have revival. Why? They haven’t prayed any tears. There is a lack of fervency in their prayer life. The anointing will change the natural, normal, ordinary Church into a supernatural power house of
signs, wonders and miracles. We can and we must have the anointing of the Holy Ghost in our lives. It only comes through fervent prayer. I pray for people to take up the responsibility off a sting and prayer in
order to secure the anointing in our churches, because “The Anointing Makes The Difference”.