The Church Needs Real Men!

The Church Needs Real Men!
Mark Johnson

Real men are valuable in the kingdom of God. A mature male is not necessarily a real man just as a mature woman is not necessarily a lady. In our churches, there is a great need for real men. I believe that real men can be characterized by taking the word “MEN” and making an acronym out of it. The letters in the word “MEN” mean something!

First, men Matter! They matter in the home. There are too many who are quitting their families and walking away. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, one out of every three children in America are living without their biological father. Children with no father are four times more likely to be poor. Children who grew up without fathers are much more likely to be incarcerated. There is significantly more drug use by children that grew up with no father. A man’s role is so important in the home!

Men also matter in the church. If you can get a group of men together, you can build something. If you can get men in your church to worship God, it will take your services to the next level. If the men of the church will begin to pray, then revival will break out like never before! There are some things in a church that only men can do. Your church needs you to step up and be a real man!

Second, men Endure. Real men can endure temptation! We are living in an hour when the enemy is trying his best to sabotage our homes, our marriages and our ministries. Just because the devil tempts you does not mean that you have to give over to it. You can win. Your family needs for you to endure! Real men know how to just say, “No!”

Men can endure hardships and setbacks. The reality is that whether you live for God or not, you will go through storms. You will face troubles. You will be let down, disappointed and even abused. But you can still endure because the Word still says, “If God be for us, who can be against us?” Sometimes, for men, victory won’t be found in a shout or in a dance. Oftentimes, for men, victory can only be found in faithfulness, pushing through and endurance.

Last, men Need. Men need each other. No one else can encourage a man like another man. I stress to the men of my church to uplift one another, to join together and to back each other up. That’s one of the reasons why our organization has a men’s ministry. It’s because we understand that men of God need to be unified and they need to know that there are other men to hold them accountable and to love them.

Men also need God. There will be a day in every man’s life when he realizes this great need. There is a void, an emptiness, inside of man that only God can fill. Many have tried to fill that void with all sorts of carnal things. Real men realize their need for God and will do whatever it takes to get Him.

Mark Johnson pastors The Bend Apostolic Church in Harrisonburg, Louisiana.

The above article, “The Church Needs Real Men!,” is written by Mark Johnson. The article was excerpted from Apostolic Witness April 2013 issue, page 18.

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