Sat. Jul 31st, 2021

The Confession of a Hypocrite
D. S. Barnhart

A casual observer would have thought me a real Christian. I went through the motions knowing the right things to do and say, but my heart was not in it. I carefully did all that the pastor expected but while my lips voiced meaningless praise words, my mind toyed with every conceivable fantasy-

Real worship is a concert from the heart, soul, and mind. I went through the action of singing, testifying, praying, and listening to the messages; while in my head, I cut out a new dress, planted flowers, painted the kitchen, visited friends and relatives, or went shopping with limitless funds. Oh friend, if only I could go back one more time and sing out of those lovely songs about the blood of Jesus. I would picture the cross and praise Him with deep gratitude for the precious flow that redeemed me. But it’s over and done. My chance is forever gone. The dear Lord has assured me He’ll take me to His house- but I go empty handed.

Warn others to be real, to serve God from the heart and not waste precious moments.

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