The Dancing Father (Newsletter 3-6)

“The Dancing Father”

Rev. Brian Kinsey

Transcribed by: Gregg Stone

The title is gripping, the concept thrilling. Just imagine the Father himself tapping you on the shoulder and saying, “Break from whatever you are doing. This dance is mine!” The Dancing Father is the sequel to the recently released book by Brian Kinsey, Made For More.

The Dancing Father is a re-discovery of the joy and power found through a daily relationship with God. “Power comes out of relationship,” said Pastor Kinsey. The book is filled with powerful points, such as: “The very statement, ‘If thou be the Son of God…’ tells us that hell hears what heaven says about you and there’s nothing hell fears any more than the power of the son-ship relationship.

“The seven spiritual principles described in this book lead to a spiritual life on the level plain. Having gained this spiritual maturity, we are able to welcome the moments when God chooses to reveal Himself through rapturous experience without clinging so tightly to them that we plunge to the depths when the feeling inevitably slips away.”

The Dancing Father is arranged in two parts. “Part I is a series of four lessons that will prepare you for the dance of delight with your heavenly Father,” explains Bro. Kinsey. “These are the foundational concepts that you must master if you are to have any meaningful contact with the Father. These are the underlying principles, the ‘music,’ we might say, that accompanies your daily relationship with God.”

Part II describes the dance of delight you will enjoy with your heavenly Father. These seven steps, or moves, are the actions you take to enter into a consistent daily interaction with the Father. Each action springs from a divine principle of the spiritual life. As you consistently practice these seven actions, you will find your relationship with the Father growing deeper, stronger, and more precious than ever before.

Of course, the valuable principles in this book will be useless to you unless you find practical ways to put them into practice in your daily life, so each chapter includes a section titled “Your Next Move,” which is designed to help you do exactly that. Whether you read this book by yourself in a single sitting or study it with a group of others over several weeks, do not neglect this section! As you discipline yourself to put these principles into action, you will find the Dance of Delight with your heavenly Father becomes second nature. You will move beyond understanding what God wants from you to entering into the blessing of a rich daily fellowship with Him. Pastor Kinsey states, “I offer this work in the hope that it will lead you to discover a deeper, healthier, more constant relationship with your heavenly Father, who dances with joy at the very sight of you. I pray that your soul may dance in return.”

The Dancing Father is now available on Kindle through or by contacting the church office at 1-850- 477-1100.