The Decline and Dissipation of Protestantism

The Decline and Dissipation of Protestantism
By Albert Mohler

The University of Chicago has documented the astounding fact that Protestants no longer constitute the majority of Americans. In roughly the last decade, the percentage of Americans identifying themselves as Protestant fell from 63 to 53 – a massive shift. What happened?

For one thing, liberal Protestant denominations have been losing members, even as they failed to retain their own young adults. The sacrifice of truth for a constantly changing concept of relevance has led to the relativizing of the Gospel itself, and the undermining of Biblical authority. Once these are sacrificed, authentic Christianity is abandoned and all motivation for membership disappears. If beliefs do not matter, the churches themselves do not matter.

The National Opinion Research Center study should be a wake-up call for Christianity in America. The trend-line is clear: The compromise of truth leads to decline and dissipation. We shouldn’t need a team of sociologists to tell us that.

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