The Domino Effect


by Bill Davis

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Religion, Christian or non-Christian has been overwhelmed and overpowered by the gates of Hell. The powers of darkness have, for hundreds of years, convinced religion to believe nothing or something, so long as one does not believe Truth. Believe in no god or believe in multiple gods, just do not believe in the One True God. The powers of Hell went so far as to ask Jesus Christ to fall down and worship him (Satan). You have to be kidding!


Worship him for what? What has Satan attributed to himself? He wants to be in the place to receive praise, but what has he done? When he asked Jesus to fall down and worship him, he gave Him no reason to do it. He offered no act worthy of worship. Where are his miracles? Where are his healings or his creations? All of his achievements are evil and diabolical. All of his accomplishments are painful and harmful.


The gates of Hell have prevailed over religion. The truth of Holy Spirit Baptism, with the evidence of tongues, and Jesus Name water baptism has been restricted to an ancient Bible time, and is no longer available or accepted as current contemporary truth today. Tragic indeed! When you let Hell prevail over the power of God, the Name of God and the Doctrine of God, Hell’s gates are still not satisfied. Everything must fall. All things must go! Hell’s gates are not pacified and will only be satisfied when all Truth is gone and the Bible is just an old religious relic.


The age-old question: What does it matter whether you are baptized in the Name of Jesus or the titles of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit? What is the big argument? Jesus Name or titles: Father, Son and Spirit? Why the big confusion? Why such an issue?


Well now, here we are with a simple question. What is the big deal? In marriage, one man marrying a woman or one man marrying a man? So what? What is the big deal? So long as you

are sincere in your affections. So long as you are honest in your relationship. So long as you love each other.


What is the big problem? So long as two people are committed to  each other? Now religious people are crying, “Foul! Unfair! Sin!  ANTI-God and Bible!


The truth of the institution, of one man and one woman, is Biblical. But so is one Name for water Baptism. And that Name is Jesus Christ, and that is marriage Biblical as well.


Genesis 2:24 says, “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother and shall cleave unto his wife, and they shall be one flesh.”


That is the will of God: For one to have a father and mother, a male and female parent. The family is right! And at the proper time, one is to leave their parents and marry.

That also is the will of God: to build a family, to enjoy life and replenish the earth. That is the purpose of God.


Now the age-old union of marriage—one man to one woman—is under attack by the gates of Hell. The gates of Hell are attempting to prevail against that Biblical institution. They will prevail with some success in a world where there are no absolutes or Bible perimeters. This culture is going to go with it! This culture is going to accept this evil.


It is ironic that many of the people crying out against the attack on marriage have had no problem with the constant attack on other Bible truths.



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