The Driver File

By Dave Smith

There should be a file kept on each driver. It should include the following:

I. A Copy Of The License

A. Make sure it is a Class B CDL (or higher) with air brake and passenger endorsement

B. Make sure the license has not expired

C. Make sure the driver meets the age guidelines of your insurance carrier (if they have one)

II. Run An MVR (Motor Vehicle Report) On The Driver

A. Your insurance carrier will do this for you

B. This allows you and your insurance carrier to see if the driver has any points off of his license

C. Our carrier will only allow 3 points off with non-serious offense

D. Your carrier will tell you if you can use this driver

III. The Driver Needs To Read Your Ministry Driver Handbook

A. This handbook tells your drivers what special safety procedures you expect them to follow

B. The last page of the manual should be signed by the driver and placed in his file indicating he has read and will abide by your guidelines

IV. The Manual Describing Drug Testing Needs To Be Read

A. This is required by Federal Law

B. The last page of this manual needs to be signed by the driver and included in the driver’s file

C. These are available or you can get the information and produce your own

V. The Driver Test Check List

A. Every driver should be road tested behind the wheel of the bus

B. A check list showing the driver’s ability to perform needed skills should be checked and signed and placed in the driver’s file

VI. The Driving With A Loaded Bus Verification

A. If the new driver has had no previous experience driving a bus, have him drive a minimum of three Sundays with the driving instructor observing his driving with a loaded bus on an actual bus route

B. A signed form showing this has been completed is placed in the driver’s file

VII. Paperwork Showing Reports Of Any Accidents

A. The Accident Review Committee will meet to discuss the case if negligence is present

B. More than one report of an accident a year should put up a flag

VIII. A Copy Of The Driver’s Pre-employment NIDA Drug Test

A. Every new driver must take a pre-employment drug test

B. Put this in the driver’s file

This article may not be written by an Apostolic author, but it contains many excellent principles and concepts that can be adapted to most churches. As the old saying goes, “Eat the meat. Throw away the bones.”