The Event Sheet = Ministry Action

By Scott Carley

It’s such a unpretentious thought that we overlook the simplicity behind it But the reality of a church with regular events corresponds with growth most of the time. That is to say, “If you have events going on, its likely you have ministry happening too”.

Staff and Planning meetings that set calendar agendas are vital to a growing church. Needs are met; from a mixture of congregational needs to those of outside the church. If entertainment is the goal then you have an entertained congregation. If soulwinning and ministry is the target, then you have a Book of Acts church. Scheduling events that reflect the mission and planning of each department of your church is much of what a Staff or Planning session is all about

After the players are determined, the single most important tool beyond a calendar is the Event Sheet If you study the enclosed Event Sheet you will find a great deal of information needed to pull off any single happening.

Notice a few.

– The Event
– The Event Date
– Alternate Event Date
– Department Leader submitting the Event Sheet
– Phone & Email information
– Time
– Location and facility needed
– Advertisements needed

Staff and Planning sessions are crucial in coordinating the resources of a church so an event can occur and provide ministry to a need. Getting the event on the church calendar is vital. Advertising and communicating the event to those involved or invited is critical. Assigning the various responsibilities and monitoring follow-through provide that events occur smoothly. Developing the timing, strategy and communication for all the details that go into the most simple ministry occasions can make all the difference in why some churches do ministry more effectively than others.


Date Approved___________________ Date Contacted______________________


Today’s Date________ Submitted By____________________________________


EVENT DATE_________S M T W TH F S Alternate Date_________S M T W TH F S

Purpose of Event__________________________________________________________

Time of Event____Cost Per Person for Event $______\

Approximate Attendance Expected______

P750 Department Head Approval: Name________________ Date Contacted__________

Department/Group Leader(s)___________________ Ph. #________________________

Alternate Ph. #________________ E-Mail____________________

Department/Group Involved_________________________________________________

Location Requested (Please check room(s) needed)

o Sanctuary_______________ Time needed__________
o Annex_________________ (specific room) Time needed_________________
o Gym & Activity__________(specific room) Time needed_________________
o Upper Annex____________ Time needed_________________
o Upper-room_____________ Time needed_________________
o Kitchen & Fellowship_____ Time needed_________________


*Who____________________ *When_________________


* Van____________________ *Driver________________________
* Shuttle__________________ *Driver________________________

Announcement(s) Requested:

o Weekly Bulletin date______________ o Churchview : date___________________
o Pulpit date______________ o Spanish Service : date______________
o Youth Service date______________ o Other : date________________________

Please write your announcement the way you would like it to appear:

The above information was published by Scott Carley, Alexandria, LA. This material may be copyrighted and should be used for study and research purposes only.