The Final Verdict Is Not Yet In

By Rev. Harold Hoffman

Let us turn to the book of Judges, chapter six verse three through eight. (At this time scripture was read by Brother Hoffman.) The
subject for you tonight is “The Final Verdict is Not Yet In.” If there is anybody who ought to scream that out it ought to be the church.
There are odds, I want you to know that the majority is not always right. Many times in the scripture man stood on a mountain one time
850 to I was the tally that day of prophets of Balhal to the prophet of God Elijah. But it wasn’t the majority that God heard it was the
minority. He started put His church with twelve simple men and one of the was a devil. We are not the majority in this world today. But we will say together in unison and harmony and unison the final verdict is not yet in.

First of all, I want you to realize that God always looks above the bottom line. Man always looks at the bottom line. If you are a smart
businessman you look at the bottom line. It doesn’t matter what is going on if it’s not in the black after a reasonable amount of time
then you start head hunting. You start changing some things. I do believe that God is a good businessman and expects a return on his
investments. And He always looks at the bottom line.

The did evil in the sight of the Lord so He delivered them into the hand of the Midianites. This was to last for seven years. Each year
when Isreal’s harvest was ready for reaping they would go over the hill and steal their harvest and plunder them of all things they
worked so hard for. Until the Lord finally said “Okay you have as much as you need I’m going to do something about it,” So God sent an
unnamed prophet, we never did find out what his name was, but that man came to Israel and said “Thus saith the Lord God of the Israelites, I brought you up out of Egypt and I brought you out of the house of bondage and I delivered you out of the hand that oppressed you. And dragged them out before you and gave you there Land. And I said unto you that I’m the Lord your God fear not the God of the Midianites in whose land you dwell but you have not obeyed my voice.”

that pertained to Joash the Aberisite and His son Gideon threshed wheat by the wine press to hide it from the Midianites. Israel was
stripped of its wheat and cattle but a prophet arises and tells them that there is hope. If you are going to enlist the power of the Lord
in your presence you need to praise him for what he has done for you in your past. I speak to some of you that need the help of the Lord in your life and you need to understand that regardless how dark your circumstance maybe that surrounds you, you will never enlist the power of God in your life until you thank Him for what He has done in your past. Worship the Lord. If your Husband is unsaved start praising the Lord for all the man he has filled with the Holy Ghost in the past six months. No matter what, you need to Praise him for the Things he has done.

If we are going to impact our world it is going to be because I know what the Lord can do for you. Because I stand here as an example to
the healing power of the Holy Ghost. That is what will touch our city. Allot of people believe but you have got to know. We need a fresh
Revelation of who He is. You can only truly worship him when you have a revelation of Him. We need raw faith. God never looks at the bottom line. He always looks above the bottom line. Notice with me in Judges chapter six and verse eleven. Gideon has a poor self image of himself. HE is a pessimist and frightened reticent, that’s the bottom line. What he is. But an angel of the Lord came upon him one day and said The Lord is with thee and thou are a mighty man of valor.

Exodus chapter three speaks of Moses and his calling to lead the children of Israel out of bondage. Moses has a low opinion of himself.. Moses is minimizing his objectives. Moses was a stutterer and a stammer. He’s a shepherd boy. That’s the bottom line But look what God says Moses you are God sent you are God anointed and a powerful voice. And you are going to be a prophet to these people.

God always Looks above the bottom line. And says I have my hand upon you and I don’t even look at you as you look at you. I see something in you. Crows fly in flocks friend but eagles fly alone The Lord sees some thing in you that everybody sees in you.

I am preaching to people who have been bond for years Women who think they are ugly. Men who think they are nobodies. People who have such a low opinion of themselves and so down on themselves.

You need to break out of that in the name of Jesus Christ. Then step out of your pew and find a place to magnify him. I am a child of the
King. I am a mighty man of valor and I am God anointed.