The Jewelry Controversy


Texts to Read: Matt. 16:17-19 Eph. 2:19-22 and Acts 2:41-47.

By reading the foregoing scriptural references you will see what the apostles taught and practiced was to be The foundation of the New Testament Church and that heaven was behind them one hundred percent. You will also note that it was what the apostles taught. The church that caused it to prosper and grow so rapidly and to gain favor with
God and man. We could deal with many things they taught but in this article we choose to deal with the jewelry issue. The Jewelry subject was dealt with by two of lee most prominent apostles Peter and Paul. See I Pet. 3:1-5 and I Tim. 2:7-10. This subject is discussed more in the Bible than the hair question and in no uncertain teens. To ignore it we have to disregard more than the required amount of Scriptures to establish any doctrine which is “In the mouth of TWO or THREE witnesses every word shall be establishes.”

The Jewelry controversy is no new issue. It was strongly advocated and taught when I first came info the Pentecostal ranks in 1921. Thank God it did not begin there! When Jacob decided to serve God with his entire household and set his face to go to Bethel the house of God he commanded everyone of them to put away their strange gods. They did so and stripped themselves of “ALL THEIR EARRINGS which were in their ears; and Jacob hid them under the oak which was by Shechem” (Gen 35:1-7). Later on when Aaron made the golden calf from the golden earrings which the women boys and girls wore (Ex. 32:14) God plagued the people for such (verse 35) and then commanded them to strip off all their ornaments (Ex. 33:5) “And when the people heard these evil tidings (of verse 30) they MOURNED (and some church folk today do a lot of mourning grumbling or complaining when they think they may have to part with those dear wedding bands golden cuff buttons and flashy tie clasps secret society rings and pins etc.): and NO MAN did put on his ornaments.” This is exactly how it should be with Pentecostal believers today. God does not want His holy people decked with jewelry LIKE THE WORLD (Tit 2:11-14 with 1 Tim. 2:7-9) AND THE DEVIL (Ex 28:11-15).

There was a day when jewelry was a test of fellowship in the Methodist Church and the Methodists of those days had the power of God manifested in their meetings and worship. Here is what one of their retired ministers Dr. Robert P. Shuler has to say about their church of today and in the past: “We doubt if any organization outside of organized labor itself is better tuned to the social and political processes of these times than the Methodist Church … IT IS EASY to join The Methodist Church today … (some) years ago it was VERY DIFFICULT. Then all types and character of worldliness were barred. You could not dance, play cards WEAR JEWELRY engage in levity. You had to live it as well as profess it.”

This alone should be enough to wake up both the ministry and laity of our Pentecostal ranks and cause us to flee the wrath to come, and all this apostasy of these last days.

Jewelry, snooty mustache neatly folded and colorful handkerchiefs in the lapel pockets of men’s coals “stilted- heel-shoes” worn by the lady folk and many other things are identifying our ministry and laity with the fashions and customs of this ungodly ant sin-loving world. We need to forsake such anti all other ungodliness or we are going to sink into perdition and be exposed to the wrath of Almighty God (Rom. 1:18) along with all other reprobated Christianity ant a corrupted world. We need to cleave to our former convictions concerning the teaching of the
Holy Scriptures and not turn back to the beggarly elements of this world–such as the wearing of jewelry anti ungodly clothes Of any sort, women bobbing (cutting) their hair and using rouge; also painting of fingernails and having TV shows in the home, etc.

Jewelry An Open Door To Many Evils

1. An Open Door To Idolatry (1 John 5:21).

Excessive love and veneration for anything becomes idolatry of the heart. We are taught by the Holy Scriptures to set our affections upon things which are heavenly and not upon those things which are earthly (Col. 3:2). God accused Israel of setting up idols in their hearts and putting the stumbling block of their iniquities before their face (Ezk. 14:3). He refused to be inquired of by such people. If we are not hearing from God as we should, might it not be for the same cause?

First John 5:21 has this to say concerning idolatry: “Little children, keep yourselves from idols,” and how could anyone obey this admonition and wear jewelry? Don’t tell me people’s affections do not get set upon such things as jewelry. Some folk have been known to go so far as giving up fellowship with God’s people before they would part with their jewelry. When people have gone that far in staying with such things, their affections are surely set upon them. They also have given up fellowship with God when they have forfeited their fellowship with His people (Matt. 25:40). Brethren, the fellowship of God and His people is worth more than the costliest of jewels, diamonds, pearls,

2. An Open Door To Pride And Haughtiness.

If you understand the meaning of one being proud and haughty, you should readily see that jewelry is an open door to such–for it will certainly prompt self-esteem and a feeling of self importance, just as sure as you wear it. Hear the wise man, “Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit (that likes to make a show of self and parade its attiring and jewelry–which always goes) before a fall.” God hates such things and abhors people who are so obsessed (Prov. 6:15-17). We are admonished by the apostle Paul, to “abstain from ALL APPEARANCE of evil,” and we certainly had better take heed and quit wearing any kind of jewelry.

3. An Open Door To Worldliness.

The most ungodly and worldly minded folk in the world are always decked with some kind of jewelry-even if they have to buy it on credit. Christians are supposed to be Christlike folk and are exhorted to “love NOT The world, neither The things That are in the world.” The Bible further tells us why we should not love the things of the world and lists some of the consequences in 1 John 2:15-17, Luke 8:14 and II Tim. 4:10. It was AFTER Demas had developed a burning and agitating love for the things of this present evil world That he forsook such a goodly man
as the apostle Paul. You had better watch this wearing of jewelry or you will forsake God and His people yea, backslide and be lost (P~9:17).

4. An Open Door To Waste And Poverty.

Many people have spent their last dime on jewelry, and, worse than that, they have sold or mortgaged something they needed just to purchase such ungodly things. The Bible warns God’s people against doing such things. In Isaiah 55:2-3 we read, “Wherefore do ye spend money for that which is not bread? and your labor for that which
satisfieth not? … incline your ear, and come unto Me: hear and your soul shall live.” Are we going to ignore such a plain and definite warning as this and spend our money for jewelry that will profit no one, but rather damn and doom our souls? God forbid!

5. An Open Door To Rebellion And Stubbornness.

Rebellion and stubbornness arc declared to be equal to the sin of witchcraft and idolatry (I Sam. 15:23). One who has worn jewelry long enough to get attached to it with heart veneration, usually becomes rebellious and very stubborn when reproved about it. Such characteristics will spoil church folk for any worthwhile usefulness in the church and mar one for heaven as it did poor King Saul. Once a stubborn and rebellious spirit is developed by the wearing of jewelry it will spread to other things.

6. An Open Door To Compromising And Corruption.

There was a day among us when jewelry was frowned upon by most everyone; but today we may not be far behind the modem Methodists about whom Dr. Shuler informs us. A COMPROMISING SPIRIT IS THE STARTER WHICH
CRANKS THE MOTOR OF CORRUPTION. Jesus prophesied that the last days would be as con-ups as they were in the days of Noah (Matt. 24:37). God is still calling for men and women both laity and ministry who will stand up for Him against evil doers and the workers of iniquity (Psa 94:16 with Heb. 13:89). Are we going to be like the apostle Paul and declare the whole counsel of God (Acts 20:2627) and not keep back anything that is profitable unto our church folk of this our day (Acts 20:20)? God required the prophets to “lift up a standard for the people” of their day (Isa 62:10; Jer. 50:2 and 51:27) and He expects the same of us today (Heb. 13:8 and Mall 3:67).

7. An Open Door To Losing Favor With God

Nothing could be worse than losing God’s favor. I low can we afford to let such happen? We must realize that no one can retain God’s favor and at the same time be doing things that He does not approve. Who among us could honestly believe that The Lord is pleased with His children spending money for that which is not bread and letting men and women die lost who have never heard The gospel of Their salvation preached one time–while they buy jewelry for their ears necks fingers clothes hair etc. and diamonds and jewels for their watch bands and other things? We
live in days when we need the Lord on our side and those who live whole-heartily for God and leave off the wearing of jewelry are sure to please Him.

B. An Open Door To Failure And Doom.

Any person who rebels against God’s biddings in the least is going to end like King Saul–finding that God has departed from him and answers his prayers no more. Poor Saul finally committed suicide (I Sam. 28:15-19 and 31:16). There is such a thing as folk committing spiritual suicide–by willfully doing things that cause them to apostatize. See Heb. 10:26-29. We Pentecostals had better duplicate Jacob’s actions and bury our jewelry under some tree or do like some have done in our day–cast them into some river. At any rate act rid of them before they
doom us. The quickest way out may be too slow!

9. An Open Door To Identifications Crisis.

Jewelry is an open door to being identified with the HARLOT church of Revelation (17:1-6 and 18:1-24) that was DOOMED for destruction in one hour’s time (Rev. 18:17). We notice also that she was decked with gold and precious stones and pearls (Key. 17:4). If you want to be numbered with “The Harlot Church just stay with your jewelry; but before you make the final decision read about her judgment and of those who partake of her delicacies (Key. 17:6-11 and 18:1-24).

This old world is shaping up for that time of trouble such as man has never seen or experienced, or will ever experience again. See Dan. 12:1 and Matt. 24:21-22. God’s Word is something we can depend upon (Matt. 24:35 and Psa. 1 19:89), and anything contrary to it is a delusion and is soul-damning. The opinions of men, be they ministers or laymen, are not going to avail us anything when we come before the Great Judge on that final day. Therefore, when we read: “In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel … NOT with braided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array,” we should accept it at face value and do what it says–if we want to make it to the “golden shores.”

I have not written this article to personally condemn anyone who is wearing jewelry. You are going to stand or fall before God and His Word. My desire is to help you see the evils of God’s people spending money for such things and to help you see that God would be more pleased with you if you would increase your consecration in this respect and in any other way you might be in fault. I wish I could persuade everyone of you, for your own good, to discard your jewelry and get in harmony with God’s Word.

Some of our good ministers today are being ostracized and classified as false prophets and teachers simply because they teach and preach against the wearing of jewelry and all kind of ungodly clothing, etc. The folk who are guilty of such actions should read Psa. 105:15; Zec 2:8 and take heed to what God says in these two references. People are playing with eternal fire when they lay their hands or tongues upon God’s people, be they laymen or ministers. They had better refrain from such lest God should become so angry with them until He tear them to pieces (Psa. 50:22).

I also have a conviction that we ministers need to be foremost in being EXAMPLES of complete consecration and obedience to God in the ridding ourselves of all jewelry and everything else that is ungodly, worldly, and not pleasing to our Lord. Paul exhorted Timothy to “be THOU an example of the believers”–and that is what we all should be. If we ministers wear jewelry, flashy and ungodly clothes, etc., how are we to expect the laymen to make such consecrations? We, the under- shepherds, are duty bound to lead His sheep in the right paths of His Holy Word. Amen!