The King And I


I am amazed that we His children often come away from His presence When I consider the greatness of God, with so little.

Consider this illustration. Visible on the horizon is an estate of great opulence. It is a city-state of obvious wealth. It is a kingdom headquartered in an exquisite palace. It is surrounded by a high and
beautiful wall. Yet from the distance one can see not only the wall, but also the fabulous grounds and courtyard as well as the palace.

The view is breath-taking. One is immediately struck with the thought that there is extravagant wealth on display and readily available here. There is no evidence of any want or sparing of costs. Every place the eye looks there is evidence of abundance and opulence. There is an aura of magnificence that radiates from all that the eye sees.

The sultan who presides over this kingdom has the carriage and mannerisms of one to whom pomp and royalty are not strangers. His clothing is exquisitely beautiful and very expensive. When one is
introduced to him, there is the realization that this sheikh exudes an awesome sense of presence. This king commands great power and tremendous wealth.

A lone visitor is invited to be the guest of the sultan. He spends time in the presence of the sheikh. The guest also is permitted to walk about the palace and the courtyard and gardens of the kingdom. His eyes behold, in all directions, beauty that is beyond description.

The guest is also granted the privilege of requesting gifts to take with him on his departure. After viewing many gifts of gold and silver and precious jewels, the visitor leaves for his home with only two gifts. As the guest departs, he is clutching his two presents. They are such strange and disappointing choices. One of his gifts is a cheap white plastic imitation of a pearl necklace. The other is a plastic bracelet that has been spray-painted gold.

The question is asked, “Why would a person who has access to so much, come away with so very little?” It is a very valid question. The implications that one derives from meditating on this question are disturbing. It is such a shame for a person to settle for so little when so very much is available for free.

And yet, how often do we come into the very presence of the Almighty God, only to leave a little while later with so little. It is not because our King is unwilling to give us any more, for He has told us in His word that there is unlimited supply available to you and I.

However, you and I must learn to ask; but not just any kind of asking. We must ask largely. We must ask according to the will of God and we must ask in faith. When we do these things, we will come away from His presence with our lives loaded with the true treasures and riches. Miracles, healings, deliverance’s and revival belong to God’s children.