The King’s Translator (Newsletter 3-10)

Liane Grant & The King’s Translators
By Linda Schreckenberg

Sis. Liane R. Grant and her husband, Bro. Scott Grant, are career church planters under the UPCI Metro Missions program and pastor in Three Rivers in Quebec, Canada. While planting churches, they realized that translation of Apostolic materials into French was an urgent need, so they attended language school to improve their French. Outside of Montreal, the language spoken is about 95 percent French. Sis. Grant, a certified translator, earned her B.A. and Master’s degree and is working on her doctorate in translation.

The King’s Translators, a group of volunteers devoted to making Apostolic resources available in French, was launched in 2011. A picture of translators of the Bible, kneeling at the King’s feet, presenting the Bible as a gift, prompted Sis. Grant to name the group The King’s Translators. Those skilled at writing and language could come and kneel before the King of kings and offer Him this gift. Most volunteers attend training workshops in Montreal. The translators connect by email and have volunteers in the states and around the world.

“The greatest need was children’s literature,” said Sis. Grant. “So we started with that. Missionaries were inserting Apostolic doctrine into denominational literature. We now have six Kid’s Power Hour series and four more in process. Next, we did “The Pure Path” by Ladies Ministries, the monthly Prayer International bulletin and Reflections magazine. Our third focus was ministerial training and pastoral resources. Bro. David Bernard’s books are available, and the new UPCI ministerial reading requirements and Christian living books are in process.”

Machine translation cannot understand context or emotion. Therefore, all of the translations by The King’s Translators are more thorough. The group worked with Global Missions to create the French Literature Cooperative. French translations are available as free downloads on the website for ministers and laypeople. The Grants attend French conferences to advertise the website.
Sis. Grant has also written a book entitled Schedule Your Dream: 8 steps to maximizing your time and mobilizing your vision. It’s a practical book emphasizing time management for those who desire to activate a spiritual calling God has placed upon their lives. It was created as a source of revenue for The King’s Translators to pay a final reviser. Those books are available through their website and her book can be purchased through Amazon in Kindle format for $3.49, the paperback for $9.99, with the French version just being released. Inside the book is a link to download free worksheets that go with each chapter. One reader said they are rescheduling their life to implement the principles they learned. Another said they found it easy to follow, even if not a detail-oriented person.

Many translated books are waiting on funds for revision. Any donations or sponsors to this cause would be greatly appreciated. The King’s Translators desire to continue to give Apostolic French material to less developed French-speaking territories. Last summer the Grants traveled to Africa and put resources into the hands of pastors of every French-speaking area of that nation. Sis. Grant can be reached through her email