The Liberal Soul

Ron Soteric


There’s a fine line between faith and stupidity. I really believe that our attitude determines how God blesses us. A lot of folks get angry at God because things aren’t going their way. Well, God doesn’t like that attitude because that is not the Spirit of Christ. God can’t bless that so he’s got to give you a little “shikote.” He’s got to chastise you a little bit to bring you in line. Then you can put your attitude in line with his attitude, according to the scriptures. I’m talking about a liberal soul tonight. God was and is and always will be a generous giver. We who have received freely must give freely. Have you noticed people that get a lot are so tight? It seems like it never goes anywhere and they’re never happy. Then, there are other people it seems like they get a little, they give and they always got something. Have you noticed some people make a lot of money and have nothing? Some folks don’t make as much and have a lot. If they’re Christians, a lot of times you can check their giving, their attitude towards God and his work. It will reveal to you something that is really important.

I have several scriptures that I have given to be read out loud. But this I say, he which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly and he which soweth bountifully, shall reap also bountifully. Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver. II Cor. 9:6,7

He which soweth sparingly, my, my, listen to the word of God. This is a heart condition. I’ve known of young ministers, men and ladies that work hard. I can cite you one in the Book that gave her two mites and gave more as far as God was concerned than everybody that had given a lot. She gave out of her necessity. They gave out of their abundance.

I know one young minister, plus so many that God said to him, “Give so much.” He said, “God, that’s all I got.” “Give it.” “Okay,” and gave it. Before a little while was over, that person had more than they had given.

Obedience is better than sacrifice. Well, what God tells us to do, we need to do it. We’re not going to only talk about money. God loves a cheerful giver. Did you know some people have learned the joy of giving
and have reaped and been blessed so much? My mother used to love to give and she didn’t know this truth. She didn’t know Jesus like you and I know him. She had a saying that would go like this, “When I give it
out the front door, it’s always coming in the back door.” She learned the art in her meager way of giving. It’ll work. God’s book will work even for sinners that are not obeying him all the way but will take some part of his word and apply it to their life and business, and God will bless it. Alright, give me James 1:5.
If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God that giveth to all men liberally and upbraideth not; and it shall be give him,  Alright, II Cor. 8:12.

For it there be first a willing mind, to that a man hath, and not according it is accepted according to that he hath not. II Cor. 8:12

He said a willing mind. You’d be surprised what God will bless when there is a willing mind. Alright, give me Acts 28:35 and Luke 6:38.

I have shewed you all things, how that so laboring ye ought to support the weak, and to remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he said, It is more blessed to give than to receive. Acts 28:35

Give and it shall be given unto your good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give unto your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to
you again. Luke 6:38

There’s more to that scripture than a lot of people realize. “With the same measure that ye shall mete,” has a seed of importance of the art of giving that a lot of us in Pentecost have never learned. It’s there.

One sister called me and said like this, that they were going to eat their meal and she said, “Lord, this is all we’ve got left. I have a little reserve which is not much, just in case of emergency.”

Eating is an emergency. She said, “That’s it God, we don’t have anymore.” Then, she sat down to eat, and all of a sudden somebody knocked at the door. She went to the door and somebody asked if little so-and-
so lived here. She said, “Yes.” They said, “Well, I’ve got to drive my car up. I didn’t know where your house was and I’II be back, “and brought one of those washing baskets full of groceries. This just happened as much as a day or two ago. I don’t know about you but what a God. Alright, give me John 3:16

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16

Alright, Proverbs 11:25. The liberal soul shall be made fat: and he that watereth shall be watered also himself. Prov. 11:25

The what? The stingy soul? The “liberal” soul shall be made fat. That’s powerful. Now, why did I have all these scriptures read? I’m talking about the liberal soul. God was, and is and always will be a generous giver. If we belong to the Lord, we want to do the same thing. True giving has always been a matter of the heart. It’s always been that way. Ananais and Saphira were not killed because of the fact that they gave a portion of the money. It was theirs to do what they wanted to do with it. Ananais and Saphira were killed because they lied to God. They lied to the preacher and the preacher said, “You didn’t lie to me but you lied to God.” There was something in their heart. It’s a heart condition. It’s been a matter of the heart from the beginning. Even in the preparation of the tabernacle, Moses asked for an offering. I’m going to tell you something here, folks, that you know already but I’m going to tell it to you. The Church has never been
supported by the rich. It has always been supported by working people, by the saints of God of meager funds. Some folks say, oh, we need about five millionaires in the place. You might get them but you know what they’re going to try to control everything. They’re going to try to do all sorts of things, The Bible says the poor you have with you always. I’m not against a millionaire if his money is dedicated to God. God can’t bless some people with a lot because if he blesses them with a lot, they backslide. Others, he can bless with more because they can handleit” May God bless you and I with as much as we can handle for his glory
and stay saved. Alright, give me Exodus 35:5.

Take he from among you an offering unto the Lord: whosoever is of a willing heart, let him bring it, an offering of the Lord gold, and silver, and brass. Exodus 35:5

What kind of a heart: a willing heart. God has always given the power and the means by which his people can accomplish the task or mission that he has assigned to them. always. I’ve seen some of our brothers build churches, the saints of God led by a pastor, under the inspiration of the Lord that you’d say where
did those people get that money. It just kept coming because they had a willing heart. It just kept coming because they loved God with all their heart and it was for God. Thank God for a willing heart. Now, there’s a lot of people that are willing. There are some people willing to do it, and other people willing to let them do it. God wants people with a willing heart. Moses said that we want an offering. Receive an offering from the people. They wanted to build a tabernacle. They put the appeal out. God’s people are the best people in the whole world. I’m going to tell you something else. I don’t care whether it’s Europe, Asia, Africa, the Orient, wherever you go, if it’s God’s children, they’re the best people in the whole world. Where can you go and say this one’s better than that one. They are all wonderful. Regardless of where you go, the gospel works the same miracle in all people. He said to receive an offering from the people that have a willing heart. Now read for me Exodus 36:5. And they spake unto Moses, saying, the people bring much more
than enough for the service of the work, which the Lord commanded to make. Exodus 36:5 They brought much more, an over abundance. They had to tell them, that’s enough, don’t bring anymore. Isn’t that wonderful? They had a willing heart and gave from the heart so that there was enough to accomplish what God had required of them. I heard about a little woman years ago in the Midwest somewhere back there that sent an offering to a missionary all the time. She supported him. She gave monthly. This missionary happened to be, one time, in that city. He remembered of this faithful sister that was always contributing to the work of God that he was a missionary at or where his mission field was. He decided to go see her. Lo and behold, his going to where she was, he went to one of the poorest parts of the city, poverty area. He saw the address and knocked at the door. She came and recognized him and greeted him. He said, “No, you can not be giving me offerings. You live in such humble means.” She said, “Please don’t rob my blessing. I am giving it to God’s work. Don’t try to stop me and rob my blessing. Don’t take it away from me.” She loved the work of God so much that she was willing to sacrifice. She was willing to sacrifice so that the missionary could preach the gospel in another country.When I was in Europe, I would tell some of those folks and even in South America, I would tell them, “Now, I am going to tell you something, don’t you think that Americans are all rich and that we missionaries come and we have a big, fat cow in America that’s easily
milked anytime you want it. The reason that the work of God is supported and missionaries have gone overseas, it’s widow women, it’s little humble pensioners, it’s men that work hard on the job. It’s not rich people supporting this. It’s people just like you that love the work of God and the truth so much that they take out of their own pocket. They have a willing heart and give to the work of God. I have seen people give to the mission cause that I knew were in great need. Some of them didn’t know where their next penny was coming from. They loved God and his work so they gave. These were certainly an example to the new testament church.The Bible says that the things that happened to them in the Old Testament were an example so that we might not do the same thing. That’s what it is. Why do you even think God recorded in his book the lies that the devil said for? So that you can see the devil’s a liar. Then you can see the effects of the lies of the devil in the lives of the people that listened and obeyed him or fell into that thing. So, even this was an example to the New Testament Church that they needed to have a willing heart. When the tent was finished, notice what happened. When the tabernacle was finished, a cloud covered the tabernacle. The Glory of God filled the sanctuary. That old tent out there didn’t look like much to people with its badgers’ skins, so ugly on the outside. Those sinners out there didn’t know what was happening. The Glory of God was in that thing! It filled the sanctuary. God blessed their love for him. Saints who willingly give of
themselves, their time, their strength, their finances will be blessed of God. It’s not only money. There’s people that do things around this building. There’s people that do things for others. That’s their strength, time and finances. Now, I know some folks are not too crazy about what I am saying tonight. But I’m going to do it whether you like it or not. I am going to do it until it chokes the devil right in the schnazuel.
We see saints who willingly give of themselves. I’ve seen people, even around here, who are willing to do anything for God and his house. I’m going to give you a little something here that a lot of folks don’t realize. Some of these precious saints of God give people rides. That costs them their gas, their time, their sacrificing of their own strength but because they love God and souls, they do that. Now, there are four areas of giving. We are called upon to give. One is our time. That is so important. Another one is our talents. Another one is our treasure. Another one is our testimony. That’s required in our giving: time, talents. God didn’t give you that talent for you to sit on it. He didn’t give you that talent for you to hide it. He didn’t give you that talent for you to use for the world. God gave you that talent for his glory. I’ve known of people that could sing beautifully for the Lord. After a while they forgot that it was for God and they complained. Then the Lord just let something happen and all of a sudden they can’t sing. I’m going to tell you that you’d better give it to God. Our treasure. Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.
If God ever gets your pocketbook or mine, he’s got us. When he can get that, he’s got us.Alright, giving should never only be about money. Time is important. I’ve seen a rot of folks take this for granted, but did you know that our sisters work hard in that kitchen to make peanut brittle and other things? I’m going to tell you something else. We go out and fellowship out there sometimes and some of those people work hard to give us those burritos or whatever they are fixing there. That’s their time. Then, somebody cleans up the place. Other people clean up the church. Other people nail things around here. There’s things done around here a lot of you will never know about if we don’t tell you. We take it for granted and enjoy it. People clean these rugs, these benches. If we understand that it’s people giving of themselves, their time, their talents and whatever, then we will respect one another more and try to take better care of what we have.You ever hear somebody say or make the statement, “I’d like for you to take care of my stuff as well as yours.” That’s not too good sometimes. Please, take care of my stuff better than you take care of yours. Some folks don’t care. It could be new and all of a sudden it’s junk. Alright, now God wants us, he wants our all and our all entails these four areas: our time, our talents, our treasure, and our testimony. God wants that. You are not saved just to be saved. God wants to get something from that. He deserves that. He needs you to live a life to where people can hear that, see it, watch you and ask you questions. You don’t have to have a pin on your lapel to say you’re a Christian. All you’ve got to do is live the life and somebody will say, “You folks are Christians, aren’t you?” There’s a different look. All you’ve got to do is let the light shine and God will do the rest. Your testimony is very important. When the mission of reaching every soul for Jesus becomes the heartbeat of the Church, God will fill this place permanently. When we become, and our heartbeat becomes the winning of souls, God will fill this place with souls that are hungry. They won’t go away because it’s packed. I know what they say about statistics but I also know that some people get the Holy Ghost and you can’t drive them off. Some people make up their mind and you don’t have to wine them and dine them. That sounds cruel but you don’t. They got the Holy Ghost and ten years from now, if God tarries, they are going to still be faithful because they got an experience with God for themselves. Some of us want to pump ’em up and then the devil sticks a pin in them and they deflate and they are gone. You know what I’m talking about. Well, I’d better get out of that. How many of you know that we’ve knocked on doors and some of the people we’ve invited never came but God always seems to send somebody? You wonder where did this one come from. I’II tell you where they came from. The Spirit of God went out and spoke to them.
I get to talking about money and some people get shook up and they want to get out of here. I don’t talk about money much but I’m going to talk about money every so often. Okay? I know what that stuff does. God is looking for generous givers. Get me James 1:5. You already heard this and then get me Matthew 7:7. Alright, give it to me. If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not, and it shall be given him. James 1:5

The problem is, some folks are just not asking of God. Some folks have lived for God for years, they should be answering this scripture and getting ahold of it. They need to be saying, “God, give me wisdom.” Some people don’t use wisdom at all. God, give us wisdom to know when to open our mouth, when to shut our mouth, when to testify, when not to testify and when we are testifying to know when to shut-up. I’ve seen evangelists who think they have to preach for an hour and a half. It’s not how long you preach. It’s moving in thc Holy Ghost. I’ve seen some men preach for five minutes, get them in the altar full of the Holy Ghost, the Spirit prick their heart. I’ve seen some preach the conviction in, preach the conviction out, preach it in
and preach it out and they’re gone and they never went to the altar.

So, let a man ask of God, that gives to every what? All men liberally.
Alright, get me Matthew 7:7

Ask, and it shall be given you, seek, and ye shall find, knock, and it shall be opened unto you. Matthew 7:7

God is looking for generous givers. Why? He gives liberally so he wants us to give liberally. Have you ever noticed that children have the traits of their parents? They do. That’s why it’s very important you and I walk cautiously. He is a generous giver. He gives to every man liberally, to all men liberally simply for their asking. A lot of times you receive not because you ask not and when you do ask, you ask a miss, out of the
will of God. You need to ask according to the will of God. I’ve had some people say to me, “Well, if you’re a Christian, and God gives you something, why don’t you ask him for a million dollars?” We want to ask according to the will of God. I think my son and I were talking one day and somebody said something like this. A lot of times people ask God for something and he doesn’t want to give it to them. They are so stubborn, he gives them what they ask. Then, he sends leanness to their heart. Israel wanted a king like other nations. They had what we call a theocracy. A theocracy is God-ruled. That’s why you hear Jehovah
Witnesses say they have a theocratic government. Well, the truth of the matter is, if God was running it, they would have the holy ghost, baptized in Jesus’ name but they don’t. God gave Israel a king but he sent leanness into the heart of Israel. They prevailed on God and insisted on a king and the prophet of God was upset. God said, “Hey, wait a minute, Samuel, don’t worry about it. It’s not you they’ve rejected, it’s me.”
A lot of times you pray for something that’s against the will of God but because he loves you, he gives it to you. Then he sends leanness to your heart and you don’t have the joy and the victory you used to have. If your soul has been a little mean lately, check yourself. We have an open door in asking God for wisdom and for healing. He will supply all our needs according to his riches and glory. I’m as grateful for that. Alright, give me 1 John 3:16. God’s giving is activated by his love.

Hereby perceive we the love of God, because he laid down his life for us and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren. 1 John 3:16

So, you notice that God’s giving is activated by his love. He does it because he loves us. I’m so grateful. His love was personified in Jesus Christ, our lovely Lord. Love brought Jesus to us, guided his words to us, and accompanied his hands in healing us, directed his feet towards Calvary and love held him on the cross for us. He is our perfect example and we must follow in his footsteps as far as we can because we need to be willing to give as he gave. Never has a generation needed God so much as we do now. Let me tell you, this is a lost generation. We look at kids that are not even teenagers with rebellion in their heart. I’ve never seen rebellion in the hearts of children like you see today. Defiance, did you hear what I said? Defiance, anger, revolted, disturbed, perplexed. There’s all kinds of things in the children today. They grow up to be adults and father and mother children that are twice as bad as they are. Sin is like a hungry lion let loose and is devouring everything that it touches today. Immorality, you listen to me folks. If the world ever needed a church dedicated to Jesus Christ, if they ever needed a liberal soul, it’s the day we live in. Somebody that’s so on fire for God, they’re willing to give themselves and give it all to God so that we can win souls for Jesus Christ. We need that giving love of God that impels us towards the task that is before us. Our love for him and his cause as well as for the souls of our fellow man should motivate us to do what he saved us to do. I don’t knock on doors to be saved. I knock on doors because I am saved. I’m not trying to get a big number, to see how many I can count up. I’m knocking on doors because I love the Lord Jesus Christ. I love this lost world.God is looking for a people who will give of their time in prayer. If the devil could touch a lot us, it’s going to be in this one thing, in our prayer-time. The devil will do everything he can to try to stop you from praying. He’ll send people to your door. He will call you up on the phone. He’ll let something happen outside your house. He’ll do anything he can. He’ll cause one of your kids to trip up and bump their head. He’ll do anything he can so that you will not pray. God’s looking for somebody who will pray.

Pray for others. Fast for others. We need to fast for a move of the Spirit in our Church, in our city, in our county, in our state, in our country and for the whole world. We need a worldwide vision. I don’t care what color, what kind, what language they speak, but God save souls! We’ve got to reach the lost for Jesus Christ.
God help us not to be so busy with self that we forget others, so occupied with our own life that we forget that somebody’s dying daily. They’re going out, while we’re in this service, only God knows how many
people go into eternity lost. The offering plate is for more than money. It is for our time. When I was down in Mexico with Brother Battle, we were in Ensenada. While we were in these people’s homes, this older more mature woman, close to seventy, was walking out the door with a chart under her arm and a book. I asked, “Where are you going?” “I’m going to teach Search for Truth,” en la buscadde laverdad, in spanish. I looked at that woman of an upper age with a, I don’t know how to explain it. She grew in my heart. I esteemed her highly because here’s a woman that’s not letting age stop her. She is still teaching Search for Truth. She was going and giving of her time that somebody might hear. God help us, I’m going to repeat, to not be so busy with self that we forget others.The offering plate is for more than just money. It’s for time,
for dedication, willingness. Those that have a willing heart. I get amazed at how many people would use any excuse not to go to church. When it’s something else, they always seem to have time for it. One of
these days, God is going to bring that list out and let us know about it.

Willingness. Self-sacrifice to be offered up to God. Give me II Cor. 9:7.
Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give, not grudgingly, or of necessity, for God loveth a cheerful giver, II Cor. 9@7

God loves a cheerful giver. That’s like that family that went to church and on the way going home, the father said, “I didn’t like that preacher’s message.” The mother said, “I didn’t like the way the pianist played She piano.” The sister said, “I didn’t like the way sister so-and-so sang.” The little five-year-old boy said, “Oh, I thought it was pretty good for five cents.” They shut-up. He saw what they put in the offering plate. That’s pretty good for a nickel. God bless the children. God loves a cheerful giver. God wants a person whose heart is in his giving. Hear me? God has ordained no other way to finance his cause and to evangelize the world than through tithe and offering. When God’s people generously respond to God’s plan, not only will the work of God be blessed, but the blessing of giving will enhance the lives of saints and sinners.

You take a turkey, no, let’s take a pork roast. You take a pork roast. You just take it and stick it in the oven, no spice, just stick it in there. That you’ve got is roast pork. You would enhance that if you would do something to it. If you would take a stick of linguissa and drill a hole in the middle of it and stick that thing in there and wrap-tie it with string. Then you rub some garlic on it and some paprika and some spices. Some salt. Ooooooh! Put a little something on it. It would have a flavor. The spice would enhance it”
Well, when the saints of God do what they are supposed to do, they are blessed. When we give, others are blessed. God always blesses the giver.

When we were missionaries, we were traveling through here and there, a lot of places. So, you don’t know where we were. In this one town, there were two churches. We got to thc first church and the pastor lived in a mansion. He drove a beautiful car. I mean, it was fabulous. We drove there. When we got there, they told us to park in the back of the church. He did. There was a preacher there from the other little congregation.
One was huge and one was tiny. I’m not mentioning names so don’t try and guess where it’s at. The pastor was there from the little church and he said to me, “Brother Oomingues, tomorrow you’re with me.” I said
okay. He said, “I’ll be by.” Thank you. We went through the service of the big church. They gave us a
small offering. We thanked them and went to our motor-home. The next day, as promised, the preacher of the tiny church came. He said, “Follow me.” We followed him in the motor-home. He led us into a motel. He said, “I’ve rented you two rooms. Get out of that motor-home and get you a good bed.” He reached in his pocket and he handed me some money. He said, “There’s a restaurant over there. Go get you a good meal.”

That night they received an offering. We were shocked at the amount of money they gave us for a tiny congregation. They took us on as a Partner-in-Mission. Whereas the big church had us for ten dollars
($18.80), this church took us on for about fifty dollars ($50.88). It was a tiny congregation. The next morning, he met us and took us to breakfast. He then led us out of the city so we wouldn’t get lost to be able to find our way to the next place.

That little church was blessed powerfully with the power of God that night. I saw something in that service that made me to realize it’s not a big crowd. It’s the attitude and the giving spirit of a people that want to bless the people of God and will bring back God’s giving blessing upon them. God wants us to be liberal. I couldn’t get over it. Here’s a tiny church opening up out of their hearts. They were not rich. They were
giving, giving, and giving. Then, here’s a big, rich church. It was repeated continually in our missions work.
God loves a liberal soul. When we give, we should give freely. Here are some scriptures that go along with that.

Exodus 25:2
Matthew 18:8
II Cor. 8:12

When we give, we should give regularly. (I Cor. 16:2) When we give, we should give bountifully. (II Cor. 9:6) When we give, we should give cheerfully. (II Cor. 9:7) When we give, we should give in simplicity. (Rom. 12:8)

I was in a certain place when the offering was received, between here and Timbucktu and everybody gave their offering. There was an independent fellow there. When I say independent, he was what we would
call in English a vagabond, a freewheeler. A freewheeler? In other words, he would go here and there. Wherever the shouting was, that’s where he would go. They’d shout over here, he’d go there and when the
church would go through a trial, he’s gone somewhere else.He never put any roots down. I can remember so well as a young minister, watching him. He called the usher over. The usher came and he took his wallet out of his pocket. He opened it up and he put it in the offering plate. I was watching all that. He got his reward, didn’t he? It’s just like that man that had a lot of money and he intimidated the other brothers and sisters. It was because he had a lot of guirras. We said, “If anybody will give five hundred dollars ($500.00), I’II give five hundred dollars ($500.00) .” The poor people cowered down because they didn’t have it. So, he never had to give it. If anybody will give this, I’II give it.If anybody will give that, I’II give it. The poor people didn’t have it” So, he got away with it. But his beautiful, wonderful, precious wife, God bless these ladies, she got sick up to here with this guy’s dealings. When he got up one day and challenged and said if anybody, let’s say five hundred dollars ($588.08), I’ve forgotten the amount already, would give it, I’II give five hundred dollars ($588.08).She jumped up and said, “I’ll give it!” She humbled him so much, he never did that anymore.

So, let’s give in simplicity and sincerity and with a good heart. Give according to one’s ability. (Acts 11:29) Give as unto God. A lot of us forget that whatever we are doing, we are doing it unto the Lord. We get angry at people that don’t recognize us. We need to give as unto the Lord. (Ezra 8:28, Matthew 25:34-48,Malachi 3:18) We need to give without boasting. (Matthew 6:1-3) Here’s a little something that I gathered up and brought it. Go break to the needy sweet charity’s bread for giving is living, the angel said. Must I be giving again and again was the question, my peevish and pitiless answer ran. Oh no, said the angel, piercing me
through. Just give till the Lord starts giving to you.