The Man of God

The Man of God

“Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations. Then said I, Ah, Lord God! behold, I cannot speak: for I am a child. But the Lord said unto me, say not, I am a child: for thou shalt go to all that I shall send thee, and whatsoever I command thee thou shalt speak. Be not afraid of their faces: for I am with thee to deliver thee, saith the Lord. Then the Lord put forth his hand, and touched my mouth. And the Lord said unto me, behold, I have put my words in thy mouth. See, I have this day set thee over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to plant”

(Jeremiah 1:5-10).

Before you leave this room, and go out into the ministry, be delivered from people, or you’ll never follow the Holy Ghost. People’s opinions can’t mean a thing in the world to you, with the exception of wanting them saved.

Don’t try to make them dislike you, but be so delivered from them that you can obey the voice of God.

I fought that devil. Man, I fought it! “You young follow, who are you up there telling these old heads what to do.” I’d see those gray heads sitting out there, and I’ve always been taught to respect age, and I still do. But, as I stand before God, I was called and ordained from my mother’s womb to be a preacher. “Lord, I’ve prayed today. I haven’t been foolish, I haven’t played around.”

If you want to be confounded before the congregation, go spend all day uptown gallivanting around, and carrying on. Then you’ll be in a mess. But, if you know you’ve walked before God that day, believe God’s going to show you what to do. I tell the saints, “I don’t know what God wants, but He wants something, and I don’t feel it’s a message.” I’ve found out saints appreciate good, down to earth honesty. They know that you’re human.

It has been told all over the country that I never preach. Well, a man came to my defense and said, “He preaches, but he doesn’t take a text. In between shouts, he preaches sermons that are valuable.” This comes from study and learning.

“Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth” (II Timothy 2:15).

I may be standing there, and I know I’m not going to preach, or at least feel like I’m not. Let’s say God’s fixing to break loose a bunch of deadheads that haven’t shouted. I’m waiting on a move of God. Until it comes, I’m leaning that direction. I will be quoting scriptures that will encourage them to shout. I’ll use scriptures on the subject of worship. After awhile, you’ll have some experiences you can add to that.

For example, a girl in one place said, “I’m not shouting!”

I said, “Yes you are! God will see to it that you shout, whether you want to or not!”

Sure enough, one night she was sitting on the second bench, and the power of God came down, and I went down and waved a handkerchief over her head. The power of God hit her, and she jumped up and squealed like a Comanche Indian!

A few experiences like that, bring to mind what you’re saying. Even though you’re not going to preach on prayer, have some scriptures and experiences to back up prayer, and what He’s wanting to do.

If you don’t know at all what God’s wanting to do, then at least talk about something the congregation will enjoy.

I have done my best to try not to use “helpers” in my preaching. “And uh”, or “Amen, Glory to God, Hallelujah, Amen. ” Go ahead and say what needs to be said, without “Amen Hallelujah. ” People get weary of “fill in” words. Catch yourself. Every preacher ought to hear himself every few weeks on a tape, and see what he’s doing, and learn to omit some unnecessary stuff.

For a young man, it would be best to leave the audience wanting to hear more, than to go over the anointing. Because they don’t believe you’ve got that much to say, in spite of all you’ve got to say! A young man should not try to preach as long. I’ve not been an example, and I realize it. I’ve preached too long, too many times, but I know what I’m saying. If you’ll leave them still wanting to hear you, at the peak. Man, every time you’d go to a fellowship meeting, everyone would be waiting for you.

You can talk away the anointing. I’ve seen conviction preached off, preached on, preached off. My wife’s grandfather was a long-winded preacher, as high as four hours. My father-in-law would tell me, “I’ve seen him preach the conviction on a sinner, preach it off, and preach it back on!”

I’ve seen services totally erupted, destroyed, because the wrong song was picked at the wrong time. In one service (and this was one of those nights when I was allowed to participate), there was such a build up of power, and anointing, until I couldn’t sit down. I had to get up! Would you believe that the pastor got up before he turned it to me, and started singing a gloomy song, and killed it so dead that I never did get it back! They sang the wrong song before I got up to preach.

If I’m not sure what the channel is, I’d pick a general worship type song, to get the Spirit moving. From there, you begin to launch out into a channel. This can start at song service itself. A lot of times I select my song leader’s songs. Not that I don’t trust them, I feel a certain song to start it with. Sometimes you need to get people worshipping, and then the Spirit flows so heavily, that you can find it. After they’re in the spirit of worship, you can lead them almost any direction you want. You can stop it, and change gears altogether. But to try to change it beforehand, is what’s a job.

I don’t know which direction it’s going. I may tell experiences to get faith built up, moving in the Spirit, feeling after God. First thing you know they’ve reached for God, and have the Spirit flowing. You can’t imagine how important it is to get that church with you, and get them worshipping. That’s the plan of God. If you feel that you can preach over them, and around them, you’re mistaken. Saints can tie you up, but a sinner can’t, because a saint is a part of the body. If your right arm is infected, it’s going to slow your whole body down. That doesn’t mean the saints control the ministry, but they certainly can drag, or hinder. That’s why I never could go into a revival without first purging the church. Of course, if the Holy Ghost called for a reaping first, I’ve done that too. But before that church can be turned loose, they’re going to have to be responsive and follow the ministry closer.

A sinner has no connection to the body, therefore they can do no harm to the ministry. It’s an amazing thing what a little sin, unconcern, or rebellion in the heart of a saint will do to a service. I’ve actually had services tied up, because couples had fussed before church.

I had services tied up in one place. I was searching for what the cause was, and the Lord spoke to me and said, “There’s a family feud in that place.” So I told them, “Somebody has fussed before you came into service. Right now, I want you to go straighten it out. ” They started crossing aisles, and daughters were repenting to daddy, and so forth, and afterward the spirit broke.

There’s many reasons why the Holy Ghost would do that. It teaches the rest of them to fear, and those involved not to do it anymore. Not that fussing is the major thing to tie a service up, but when God is purging a church, He makes them tender to all these things by spot lighting them.

Another place, the service was tied up, and I said, “Somebody’s having a fuss. Raise your hands!” One poor boy who had just prayed through raised his hand. His poor wife looked at him as to say, “Honey, don’t tell off on us!”

You know what’s going to be a problem for you? Any teacher that tries to teach you to attain something. If you go and try what you’ve learned, some will say, “Yeah, there’s another one trying to act like Verbal Bean, or Brother Free. That’s going to be a battle for you. But go on and obey God if you do act like somebody else. Not that you’re copying. I don’t believe you men would do that on purpose, because you have your own identity. Find God like you can, but you’re going to fight that battle, you might as well get ready.

I’ve had them laugh and say, “Verbal Bean’s trying to find the will of God tonight.” To me that is so unkind and rude. You find God, no matter what they say, or what you think they’re saying. Be delivered from people and their opinions. You’ll never be the preacher you’re supposed to be until you’re delivered from people.

“For do I now persuade men, or God ? Or do I seek to please men? For if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ” (Galatians 1:10).

If I’m going to be a man-pleaser, I cannot please God. There’s a thin line between being independent from peoples’ wills, and caring for those same people. When you learn to walk that tight rope, you’re fixing to get results. The truth is, they don’t want you to give in to them. They’ll respect you in the long run far more for not giving into their will.

An old boy once got so mad at me. He and his father would go home after church, and talk about me. The Holy Ghost kept it from me. One night I looked back there and the Spirit said, “Call him out and have him walk around by himself and praise God. ” He was so mad at me he could have spit! He later said he almost refused, but the anointing was there. Strength in this area comes through prayer, fasting, and staying before God. He finally got up and started strolling around, even though he was rebellious in heart. After about the third round the power of God hit him! He started rejoicing, and a blessing of the Lord came on him. He said that he tried to pull his hands down, and it was like they had springs underneath them, they’d go right back up! That’s one of the
best friends I have today! He was so glad I did that. He told me later, “I hated you, I talked about you!” He was so carnal and bound, but after he got delivered he appreciated the man that was bold enough to obey God and help deliver him.

You can’t see men after the flesh.

“Wherefore henceforth know we no man after the flesh ” (II Corinthians 5:16).

You don’t see their anger, or unkindness. You see them in the finished product. “Wait until this Holy Ghost gets through with you, and you’ll act differently. You’ll feel differently.” If you don’t have that in your mind, then you won’t get to first base, because you’re going to get in there and mix it with them. You’ll be preaching at them, when you’re not supposed to do it. You’ll spend a whole service shooting at one man, if you’re given to responding to their feelings. Sometimes the Holy Ghost will let you shoot at one man, but be sure it’s Holy Ghost. Don’t ever take advantage of the pulpit to get at a man that you know is against you, unless God gives it to you. I’d pray more over that message than any other, for fear that it may be me wanting to take advantage of the pulpit to get at him. Be bold enough to go to him and call him in the office, or whatever needs to be done individually, but don’t whip the church every night, starving them to death, while you’re getting at one fellow.

One man in the Bible that did that was Haman. He was promoted to be next to the king, riding the king’s horse. He forgot all of his power, honor, and the thousands that were already bowing, and got his mind on one man, Mordecai. He lost the joy and thrill of his promotion, and spent the rest of his life trying to figure out how to kill him! He finally wound up killed on the gallows he made for Mordecai.

I want to repeat again, stand there and wait on God if it kills you, if you can’t feel a message. They used to come to me and laugh, saying “Brother Bean couldn’t get a message, so he had a victory march!” The man that is conscientious will be hurt by that. I wasn’t up there playing. Every service is serious to me. That hurts you. I’ve had pastors say, “He couldn’t get one, so he had a victory march! ” They’d use every tactic in the world to get you to preach every night. You go on and pray and fast, and let the anointing be there. Wait on God, and you’ll see after awhile.

I had one preacher get up during one of my revivals, and said, “I’ve learned the lesson of a lifetime. Many nights and evenings I’ve gone in my office, and got a sermon when I didn’t feel it, because I knew you wanted a sermon. I’d preach them, and nothing would happen. I’ve watched Brother Bean, and if he doesn’t have a message, he does something else, that’s what I ought to have been doing. ” This is a man that had preached many, many years before I got the Holy Ghost. He said, “From here on out, if I don’t feel a message, we’re going to do something else.”

If I would have conformed to the spirit of that church, that man would have never learned that message, and he needed to learn it, because he had one of the deadest churches in Pentecost.

I had told him, “Before God gets through with the church you won’t know it. Any direction you’ll want them to go, they’ll go.

He said, “I hope so, I haven’t got an ‘Amen’ out of them since I’ve been here.”

By the time the Holy Ghost got through with that bunch, you could sing a slow chorus, and they’d squall like babies! You could sing a fast one and they’d shout until they were dangerous!

That’s the way people need to be, sensitive, and quick to the Holy Ghost.

I’ve seen times when silence did more than talking. I walked to the pulpit, either so burdened or I didn’t feel the direction, so I just stood. Nothing draws their attention more, and when you do come out with it they’re ready for you.

In the first place, confidence must be established in your ability to follow God. I don’t care how old you get, when you go to a new church, for a week or two, you’ll spend time establishing faith in your ability. Don’t promote yourself by stating what you can do. Do what you feel, and let the results follow. First thing you know, they’ll start believing you.

I went to a church even after I felt like a veteran, and man, you talk about a difficult situation! They looked at me as if they expected me to come onto the platform performing flips, after hearing so many wild tales about me! There wasn’t a human there that believed in me, except the pastor, and he wasn’t sure! It took the Holy Ghost about three or four nights. If you follow God, He knows how to avenge you. Let God do the work.

They started coming to me, “Forgive me. The first night you came here I doubted you, but now whatever you say, I believe it. ” I don’t know how many came to me and said something similar. If you’ll pray, fast, and walk before God, He’ll handle it.

“Behold I have made thy face strong against their faces, and thy forehead strong against their foreheads ” (Ezekiel 3:8).

You’re supposed to have a stronger will than theirs. In this one place, they screamed at me every night. Not audibly, but their spirit preached, “We want to hear you! ” What they wanted to do was compare me to every other preacher they’d heard.

I told them, “I know what you’re doing, you’re trying to compare me. You’re not going to compare me with anyone! I’m not going to be the main actor in this show, you’re going to be a part of it too. Let’s wait on God.” I started pleading with them. By nine o’clock they hadn’t broken yet.

They were sitting there, and I could feel their spirit, “What in the world is the matter with this guy? Didn’t he pray today? Here we went to all the trouble to bring friends out to hear him, and we are treated now to a display of standing and staring.”

But I knew God wanted to do something. Finally I closed my Bible on purpose. I wanted them to see I had closed it, and shoved it to the top of the pulpit. I told them, “My head is harder than your head. I can out wait you!”

After a while they surrendered. They turned the Spirit loose, and when they did, the altar was lined from wall to wall! There wasn’t a sermon preached, there wasn’t a song sung, there wasn’t anything done, except waiting on God.

That church hadn’t had a revival in years, and it was lined from wall to wall! It was about a week later, they tried it again on me, and all I had to do was remind them. “Remember the other night when I- asked you to wait on God? Didn’t the altar fill up?” It didn’t take but a minute, and they were ready to go with me.

A sinner is in the congregation, and you start to preach to him, and during the message he walks out on you. Now what do you do? You finish the sermon, because God called you to preach, whether he hears it or not.

What can happen, you can get so hungry for sinners. You may have gone for weeks, and nobody has prayed through. You can get so hungry that your mind will start reaching for sermons to sinners. You’re that burdened for them. It’s reacting on you through sermon-thoughts. The Spirit of God that comes on you will create sermon-thoughts in you, for whatever attitude you’re in. I’d get hungry for sinners, and the church wasn’t getting them out. I’d go there feeling like I felt tonight sinners were going to be there, and wouldn’t be. That was a product of my own hunger, that created that thinking. And as a product of my thinking, I naturally reached for a subject on sinners, hoping they’d be there.

Men, if I could get in your minds what I’m thinking, and then you could take it and use it in your way. It’s not that I know all that much, but I know what God wants. I believe God’s going to make you see, understand, and operate it.

There is a point of human emotions that I want to discuss. This is infringing on our subject of human reactions to the Spirit. For you individually, the more emotional you are, the more susceptible you are to the Spirit. On the other hand, an emotional man can be a dangerous man.

I cry easily. I consider myself an emotional man. I laugh fairly easily. If I’d yield to myself, I’d be a joker. I like to laugh. And I’ve watched that to be to my advantage, because when the Spirit moves I can respond quicker than some men. On the other hand, that emotional ability can be to your damage. I’ve seen men who are some of the best at reaching other people. Because people are moved by emotions, you might as well face it.

The extremely emotional man might be on top tonight, but he’d better be careful, because he could be on rock bottom tomorrow.

My point is, learn to harness your emotions. If the Spirit moves you to cry, cry quick and easy. But on the other hand, if things look discouraging, don’t give to that. In my controlling my emotions, I balance myself to control it in one area, and turn it loose in another.

For instance, if there was a great victory, I never made a big show over it. I could have, and I felt like it. I kept a moderate pace. If
there was great defeat, I wouldn’t show it, just kept a moderate pace.

On the other hand, if the Spirit’s speaking to you, or moving, I’ve found that if I walk to the pulpit and start crying, the whole audience would start crying. I’m not practicing psychology, I feel it. I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t feel it. I have found my emotions to be an advantage to me, if I don’t give to it to the point where I lift them up one night, but the next night they’re defeated. If you can carry them high, you can also carry them low, don’t forget that. Don’t give to emotions that would be of an hinderance to you. Learn to develop the emotions that are a blessing and an asset.

Truly, the men that find it hard to break loose, don’t reach people as quickly as the others. I’ve found it good that I can rejoice easily, and good that I can weep quickly.

In the lesson that I taught on prayer, I mentioned that the men at God used were crying men. Not sissies, but men that could cry easily, and not at their own problems and troubles. I hardly cried at all at my daddy’s funeral, but when the Holy Ghost moves on me, I’ll cry at the drop of a hat.

I’ve seen preachers that couldn’t control their emotions. They’re overgrown kids, whatever they felt they gave into it. That poor
audience has to wait on him to pick it back up. Sometimes, the saints have more stability, emotionally, than the preacher. It’s not good for a saint to have anything better than the preacher.

It seems that there’s a general opinion among some of our preachers, that if you yield to the Spirit of weeping or you are easily touched, that it’s a weakness. I don’t believe that, because it’s worked for me. When the joy of the Lord comes through, I respond to it. I’m provoking others to do the same. But, if I stand there like the statue of liberty, how am I going to say, “Come on folks, let’s worship!” when I haven’t done anything?

The best way to get people to respond to the Holy Ghost is for you to respond to the Holy Ghost. But for God’s sake, don’t let that emotion get away from you.

I am strongly opposed to the use of psychology. However the Spirit uses it, so let it be the Spirit. I have been accused of being a master of psychology, and I don’t know anything about it. How did that come about? Because I simply said, “God, here I am, a little country boy, would you speak to me.” And he spoke to me what was needed, and it happened to be what was needed.

One night a sinner man said, “He’s a master of psychology.” You know why? Because I was reading his pedigree in the Holy Ghost! God knows I didn’t know a thing about him. If the Holy Ghost uses psychology, fine, but if you start attempting to operate the gifts mechanically, you’re going to get in trouble. You’ll start having faith in that, rather than in the moving of the Holy Ghost. But there are some things you can know in the response of an audience.

For example, while talking tonight, the Spirit might tell me somebody there may be receiving their last call, or there’s a backslider
present. It has been a help to me, but it doesn’t always work, so don’t totally depend on it. There are some things you can use with other things, but never by itself. You can use an accumulation of things to support you, but to pick one of them out by itself would be dangerous.

There’s a backslider present, and all of a sudden, I see a woman crying back there. What does that tell me? I shouldn’t be blind to the audience. That’s going to help me. I can then, more or less, put my cross marks on her. Whomever you focus your attention on, you’re going to get results.

She responded to the Spirit. She heard me say there’s a backslider and something’s going to happen, and I saw an expression change. That told me, “There she is!” That helps me in dealing with her. As I talk, I am now learning what hits the hardest. When I find what hits the hardest, I may go back and say it again. Why not? It’s working!

It is a valuable thing to learn human response to the Spirit. They will react normally, not always, but normally. I’ve seen it dealt with them so greatly, maybe in the preliminaries. I watch through the whole service for any opportunity to throw the net in. I’ve seen times, while sitting in the song service, the Spirit fell on one in the back, and they started crying. The majority of the time, I’ll go back and talk to them. I don’t always say, “Come on, Pray. ” I talk to them, and feel them out. How far along are they? And if they’re pretty far along, then I say, “You can get the Holy Ghost right now!” But if they’re not right, I let them go ahead and cry, and I go right back up to the platform, and let them sing some more, because you can pick them when they’re green.

When I go back to a visitor, I speak strictly spontaneously, nothing premeditated. Anything I do in a service, you can pretty well figure it is spontaneous. The Spirit tells me right then what to do. This is my admonition, say what comes to you.

I will tell you what the Holy Ghost has had me say at times. When they’re crying, I may ask, “Have you ever had the Holy Ghost?” This gives me an answer as to whether they’re a backslider, or not. That’s valuable to know. If they say “No,” I may respond, “It’s the greatest thing, and I want you to have it too! You don’t know what you’re missing. I feel God right now! He’s on you right now!” If they start cooling off, I finish the conversation, and go on. I don’t expect much of an answer to begin with. I usually do most of the talking.

If they say they’re a backslider, I say, “Do you ever get hungry to feel God again?” You might trigger it to where he might not be able to stand it any longer.

“And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works” (Hebrews 10:24).

I’m trying to provoke them to go on to what they feel. If they cool off, don’t press it. In fact, I’m sensitive to that. You can stay with
them until they get disgusted with you, and it will kill them for the rest of the service. Sometimes, I’ll say, “Please, don’t think I’m
trying to embarrass you. I feel that God is dealing with you tonight. And you could know how good the Holy Ghost is. I’ll pray with you whenever you want to pray.” And if their crying has increased, as a response, “Why, you don’t have to wait until altar service. Man, you can come now if you want. Do you want to go with me? I’ll go with you up there.” They may shake their head, no. Leave him alone. Let him sing some more.

This is in the preliminaries, not in the altar call. At altar call, this is a little more dangerous, because you don’t have any more time
to recover from it. I wish people would be more careful about going to people at altar call, because that’s the final say, and whatever they feel, they can leave there feeling that.

It’s not as embarrassing for me to walk back during preliminaries, instead of at altar call. I walk back in the audience a lot anyhow, talking to saints. So, they don’t pay any attention. They get to where they don’t care where I’m at, “He may have gone outside!” I go back talking to no telling who, so they continue worshipping.

It can be dangerous, if God is dealing with you about a sermon to backsliders, and you go back there and ask him if he’s a backslider, and he doesn’t come, and you go back up there and preach that sermon to backsliders, he’ll hate you the rest of his life! “That man came back here to find out if I was a backslider, then went up there to preach on it!” Don’t ever do that

I’ve found it a valuable thing to show a personal interest in the sinner. But if they show negative signs, I don’t shove them.

I have found that when the power of God is flowing, you can get by with about anything. I believe if a man is walking with God as he ought, his presence brings God. I believe I can stand by a man, and he can feel God if I’m where I ought to be in God. I’ve stood by them, and the Holy Ghost would come on them, without saying a word. I’ve gone to saints like that. It’s nothing in me.

It’s like Moses when he had stayed so long in God’s presence, he had absorbed enough of God, that his face shone. You can stay in God’s presence until your very presence brings God.

Charles Finney walked through a factory one day, and left everyone in the factory on their face, screaming for mercy, and he hadn’t said a word. He walked in a barber shop one day, and nobody knew him. They were laughing and joking, but when he walked in everybody hushed, and didn’t say a word until he left. Then one looked at the other and said, “Who was that?” The power of God with him, arrested everything in that room.

Tom Barnes was stopped by the president of a bank, and he said, “I want to know what is it that every time I shake your hand, it feels like an electric current going up my arm? ” Just shaking hands with him! There is a place in God if you want to go there, that your presence will bring such anointing, that men will weep.

(Student) How could God use Charles Finney, when he didn’t have all the truth?

(Bean) God honors faith in anybody. Faith moves God. We have to believe that, or we couldn’t believe that the multitudes were healed, and never did turn around one time to follow him until they needed another healing.

The sweetest place on earth is when you feel that anointing on your shoulders, and your body’s a crawling with it. You’re not trying to be big, or portray yourself. You’re not going to be cocky because of it. In fact it makes you more humble. The more of God is working the more humble it’s going to make you, if you’re right.

I’ve walked on that platform with the anointing so heavy, until I didn’t want anybody saying anything to me, because I felt it would disturb me. I was fixing to land me some fish.

It’s difficult, but it’s important not to become offensive, and unkind. I’ve had men walk up on the platform, and shake my hand, and I got plum aggravated at them in my mind. “Man, get out of here! Leave me alone! I’m feeling God! Every word you say is disturbing! ” Old preachers used to say, “Don’t talk to your wife on the way home from church, if you’ve been under the power, because the Spirit of God so takes you away from human things, that you become another person. I’ve had to make myself be friendly, because the anointing would enclose me to where I didn’t want to speak to anybody, even after church. You have to be careful.

“Brotherly kindness” (II Peter 1:7).

Be like the prophet, when that woman came and fell at his feet, and began to cry. Gehazi grabbed her to pull her away, and the prophet said, “Leave her alone. ” He had developed a patience with humanity.

How am I going to help the human family, if I can’t be patient with them? And yet the Spirit will make you impatient, if you’re not
careful. It will react on you that way. The anointing on that old prophet could have made him say, “Woman, turn my feet loose!” But he recognized, “Here’s a woman in need, and I need to be patient with her.” Your zeal and burden can make you cut people short if you’re not careful. You’d better add brotherly kindness, charity, and some long-suffering.

I wish the Holy Ghost would settle on every one of you. It’ll make you strange, don’t ever think it won’t. People will think you have lost your mind. That pastor may say, “What’s wrong with you? You never go anywhere?” Every time they’d leave, they’d say, “Do you want to go to town with us?”

“No sir, I don’t believe. Thank you.”

They could not stand it. They were used to every evangelist trailing all over the country with them. I can’t stay in touch with God, and trail all over the country with the pastor. I’m going to stay alone with God every once in a while. But, you’ve got to learn how to be kind while you’re doing that. Don’t make them think you’re stuck up, proud, trying to be some strange creature. They’ll resent you. Be kind, but on the other hand, be independent. You can walk with God that way.

I know of a great man, when the anointing would come on him, and use him mightily, an air of sarcasm would come over him, “You’re dirt under my feet. I’m under the anointing now!” And it wasn’t long until he was looking for revivals, and couldn’t find one. He told me, “The anointing doesn’t come on me, anymore.” You’ve got to learn to have the balance. Always be kind and affectionate, one to another, preferring one another.

We’re emphasizing the fact that in the will of God, in the right channel, we can accomplish much more. I believe God honors his word, and he’ll bless, but I believe sometimes not his perfect will to go that direction.

“…Prophesy according to the proportion of faith” (Romans 12:6).

A lot of what we do in a service is according to the measure of your faith. How far can you launch out into the Spirit? If getting them to worship is all you know, that’s what God will give you. If your measure of faith reaches beyond the preliminaries, and goes deeper, then that’s what God will give you. The further out you can go into it, naturally the greater results you’re going to receive. Results are what we’re after.

I would hate to know that I’ve been so clumsy, and so unable to find the will of God, that I’ve stood in the way of souls. Believe me, it’s been done many times. The reason I know this, I have seen when God did work with divine accuracy how easy souls were brought in. Then I back off and imagine, what if I hadn’t found God that night? How many times didn’t I find God, and they walked out on me? When I didn’t hit the key note for them, because I wasn’t strong enough in faith, close enough to God, or have knowledge enough in the Spirit realm to launch on out, and give them what they needed to stir them.

I have found that by my yielding to God, I got quicker results than by standing there saying, “Folks, why don’t you ever cry? Why you all ought to be crying right now!” You can tell them to do a lot of things, and they won’t necessarily do it, but you can lead them into it, and get a lot further with them, quicker. I want to emphasize, it is as important to get the minds of the people into the channel that God is showing you, as it is for you to find the correct channel