The Movies

They move our youth away from God
From Christian paths our fathers trod
From honor, honesty and right
To deeds that curse, corrupt and blight;
From beautiful, uplifting truth
To falsehood hurtful to ouryouth;
From morals fine and grand and dean
To passions low and base and mean.
They move our youth to sin and crime,
From sacred things and things sublime;
They move to nudity in dress
And take much virtue girl’s possess;
They move from modesty in style,
And lead to evil all the while;
From traits that we delight to trust
To lewdness and destructive lust.
They move our youth to rob and steal
To lie and cheat and falsely deal;
To think it matters little how
They stoop to wrong and yield and bow
To get a living out of life;
Or whom they court and choose for wife;
That if they want to separate
They’ll find some other for a mate.
The movies move,揺ear this, oh please!–
They move the church from off her knees,
And rob her of her grace to win
Lost souls from wreck and ruin and sin;
They move the money from the poor
And send the beggar to your door;
They move and move and surely get
The cash that ought to pay some debt!
They move the youth to pleasures wild,
And start to ruin many a child;
They move from children clothes and bread
And send them hungry off to bed;
They move and sway a mighty throng,
And always lead from right to wrong;
Who named the movies named them well
For fast they move our youth to hell.