The Name Of Jesus

The Name Of Jesus
“The Good Report”,1913

God gave unto Him that Name, marvelous Name, the Name that is above every name in the three worlds, heaven, earth, and hell, that at the Name of Jesus every knee should bow of the beings in Heaven, and of the beings on earth, and of the beings under the earth.

The soldiers who bowed before Jesus in mock humility will bow again. They who plaited the crown of thorns, and placed it upon His brow will see another crown there soon. Every being in Heaven will bow the knee to that Name. That Name in Heaven stands above every other name that has ever been in the archives of glory, or in the Westminster Abbey of eternity.

Every knee shall bow on earth. They who have denied His Deity, despised His pity, reviled His dignity, will bow the knee. Kings and emperors, presidents and governors, generals and their captains, masters and their servants, every knee shall bow. Some will bow in adoration, some will bow in consternation, but bow they must. Preachers who have denied His claim, educators who reviled His name will bow their knees with trembling heart, and downcast eyes, with shrinking step and bitter groans, will bow the knee.

Every being under the earth, proud rebellious demons who have triumphed over the Church, foul, unclean, but mighty in wickedness, will bow the knee.

See them, angels and archangels of heaven with covered faces worship prostrate before Him. Look, men of all of all raves are prostrate before the Name. The saints with joy, the sinners in fear, but they bow the knee. It is no wonder that Paul says, “He both died and liveth again that He might be Lord both of the dead and the living.” The Lord of Hell, and the Lord of earth.

Hushed is every cursing lip, no blasphemy now in His name. No man cursed in Jesus’ Name now.

See them, see them bowing, multitudes on multitudes that have never prayed, on their knees before the Son of God and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father.

Listen, the beings in heaven continually sing aloud the glories of that Name. They vie with each other in singing. All heaven is filled with their anthems of praise. The redeemed, too, have a song that the angels cannot sing, they are singing their songs of redemption around the throne. Yes, yes, the lips of the redeemed praise Him with love, and on the earth their songs the arches of the sky have filled. Praise to the Matchless Son of God, Jesus of Galilee.

Men who blasphemed Him most, with shaking lips and bating breath confess Him Lord. Lips that never prayed before, lips that blasphemed and cursed Him, are praising Him now, but it is the praise of the damned—it is too late. They bow the knee.

I feel a shudder through the lower world. A shudder of fear, a shrinking of horror. Demons and lost men and women of all ages are confessing Him Lord of all. Oh, that these confessions might have come before. It is the confession of judgment. It is the confession of the helpless criminal who, knowing that there is no use of longer withholding the truth, speaks out, not to save himself, but to get the burden off his conscience.

How great must Jesus be in hell! How mighty that Name that men have ignored while ages rolled on. They have trampled it beneath their feet. They have used it as a toy, as the Kaffir did that great diamond in India, playing with it to see it sparkle in the sun, not knowing that he held in his hand a diamond whose value transcended the very dream of avarice.

Can you ask me now why this Name is so great? Great in prophecy, yes, but greater in heaven, greater on earth, and greater in hell, than any name that has ever been named.

This article “The Name of Jesus” by is excerpted from The Good Report, Vol. 12, No. 4, September 1, 1913, p.1913