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Section Eight: ANGELOLOGY


I. The ORGANISM of Angels

A. Their Created Estate

Angels are designed to bring glory to God.

1. They are “Spirit” creations

They are not necessarily bound by space and time (Heb. 1.7; Psa. 104.4).

2. They were created “Holy”

More exactly, angels were created in a state of unconfirmed righteousness.

This was apparently characteristic of all angels, though some are cursed because of their disobedience
(Ezek. 28.15; Matt. 25.41; Rev. 12.4).

3. They are “Human-like”

On specific occasions angels have appeared in the form of men (Gen. 18.1-2; Acts 1.8-10).

4. They are “Masculine”

Regardless of opinion, there is not one angel in the Bible record who is declared to appear as a female angel (Matt. 2-3; Mark 16.5-6; Luke 1.26)

5. They are “Deathless”

The Scripture suggest that angels do not die (Luke 20.35-36).

6. They are “Personal beings”

By Their minds (1 Pet. 1.12; 2 Pet. 2.4).

b. By their emotions (Luke 2.10-14, Job 38)

c. By their wills (Jude 6,9, 2 Tim. 2.26)

B. Their Communication Service

Angels are designed for declaring the glory of God

1. Their praise is frequently “visible” (Matt 4.3,11, Luke 24.4-7, Rev 15.6)

2. Their praise is frequently “vocal” (Mk 16.5-7, Luke 1.28-38, Rev 4.6-8)


All angels may be categorized into two classes of spirit creation.


These are angels who kept their first estate and are designated as “Holy Angels” (Matt. 25.31).

1. The Archangel Michael, whose name means “Who is like unto God” (Dan. 10.21, 12.1, Jude 9, Rev. 12.7-10).

The angel Gabriel may fall in this category, but is not so distinguished in the Scriptures. His name means “the mighty one” (Dan 8.16, 9.21, Luke 1.19)

2. The Elect angels, chosen angels (1 Tim. 5.21)

3. The Cheribim, living creatures (Gen. 3.24, Ex. 25.17-20, Ezek. 1.1-18)

4. The Seraphim, associated with fire, Isa. 6.2-7)


These are angels, who left their created estate. Subsequently, they are judged and condemned to the lake of
fire (Matt. 25.41).

This category includes those who are currently confined and those who are free to do their master’s bidding.

1. Those who are currently confined in Tartarus (2 Pet. 2.4, Jude 1.6), The place of the abyss, in chains.

2. Those who are not currently confined, but permitted by God to exercise what freedom He permits.

Satan seems to be their chief.

Satan’s aids, demons, “devils” (KJV) (Mark 5.9, 15, Luke 8.30).

In future studies we will consider such features as the ministry of angels, Satan, his fall, his forces, the
believer’s defense against Satan’s opposition.

However, it should be clearly declared, that apart from the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ every individual on the face of the earth is subject to Satan’s direction.

He is the prince of this world “Who has blinded the eyes of them that believe not, lest the light of the
glorious gospel of Christ should shine unto them.”

Trust the Lord to stand between you and Satan eternally, trust Him as your Lord today.

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