Sanctuary Choir Applications

Sanctuary Choir Application

Name___________________________ Birthdate___________

Address________________________ City_________________________

Zip Code_________ Phone(home)_________________(work)________________

Which part do you sing? Soprano Alto Tenor Bass-Undecided

Please consider the following commitment. If you feel drat you meet these requirements, mien sign below, get Pastor Jones’ signature, and bring it to your audition. This form is an application only and anyone wishing to join the choir must first meet with Pastor Jones and audition for Lindel M. Anderson, Minister of Music.

As a member of the Pentecostal Church of Humble, I make a commitment of my calling, gifts, time, talent and ability to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. I understand with this calling upon my life there are privileges as well as responsibilities. I am prepared to fulfill my commitment and will faithfully endeavor to:

* Obey the teachings of the Word of God

* Follow the leadership of Pastor Jones praying for him and all those in leadership.

* Uphold the standards of the choir and of the Pentecostal Church of Humble

* Follow the leadership of the choir director, Lindel M Anderson.
be faithful to the church in attendance, tithes and offerings.
maintain a consistent prayer life.

* Live my life as an sample for others to see the grace, mercy and glory of our Lord


Faithful attendance is required. Absences are excused for reasons such as work, out of town, etc., but whatever the reason, you must contact your section leader or the choir director in advance. Chronic absenteeism will result in suspension from the choir.

I am commuting myself to the ministry of the Sanctuary Choir for a period of one year. 1 promise to abide by the rules and standards. At anytime that lam unable to fulfill my commitment, I will communicate this to the Choir Director and take a leave of absence.

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