The Plan

The Plan
Albert & Mark Friend

God’s Seven-Step Plan—-Introduction

In the beginning, God had a seven-day plan with which He worked. The first day, the second day, the third day, the fourth day, the fifth day, the sixth day, the seventh day. He did certain things on each of these days to reach His goal on the sixth day when He would make man. There were things He had to do before He made man. Like any other plan, there are steps you must take before you can complete your product. The way God does His work is the way we should do our work.

On the first day, God made light. Everything that comes into this world starts in darkness. Notice each of these days begin with an evening before a morning. Everything comes out of the darkness. At the beginning of any plan you must first discover what you want. You need the idea. The idea must come into your mind. Once you receive this idea you need to treat it like a little baby because it can die very easily. It is brand new. It is the first days of life. In the beginning God made the light on the first day and the evening and the morning were the first day. God is working toward the sixth day when He will make man.

On the second day, the earth was without form and void. He needed some atmosphere for His man to breathe. He divided the waters above from the waters beneath, and made a firmament. He made the air that we breathe. He started with the light (the idea) and then separated things that would work with His idea. He decided to create the kind of air His man would breathe.
God had in mind to make this man out of dust. He had an earth with water all over it. He needed dry land. On the third day, God caused the dry land to appear along with the trees and things He would use. Incidentally, this plan is not just a plan for the beginning. Looking into the future, He saw He would need a tree to make a cross. On this third day, He made the trees. All of this is built into His plans.

He does not do everything all at once, but takes time separating. The dry land appears. This is the physical side. We must take care of our natural body. A sick man cannot do much. Poor people cannot help poor people. They have to develop themselves to where they can be of help not only to themselves and their family, but also to others. Preparation must begin. In this third day, you take care of the natural side.

The fourth day is when the sun, moon, and stars were made. This goes up a little higher into the thinking process. There is a discipline. You must discipline yourself to your plan. You cannot decide and just let the dream float in the air. You must bring yourself to a place where you follow your plan. You can tell then where you are along the road to arriving at your destination.

There is a place here for discipline. You discover in life, and you separate and keep only what you want to work with. You take care of the physical part (dry land and trees) then you take care of the mental part (sun, moon, and stars).

On the fifth day, water animals and song birds were created. The first sound of love was heard.
The fifth day is when you make a decision to love what you do. No matter how challenging, no matter how hard, you love it because you are doing the work of God. The fifth day is where you decide that you will love. If you love what you do, you will never work another day in your life – you will always do something you love.

On the sixth day, God made man. You now have in order the first five essential steps and on the sixth day, you are ready to do what you have set out to do. You saw it on the first day; this is when you got the mental picture. By the time you get to the sixth day, you have all the ingredients necessary to put it together. You made a decision on the fifth day to love what you do and on the sixth day, you determine that at whatever cost, you will produce the product. God made man. He made the man on the sixth day. He put everything together on the first five days and made man on the sixth day.

On the seventh day, the Bible tells us He rested. There is an area of life we need to understand, and that is the necessity of rest. Rest is when you sit down, relax, and think about what you did on the first six days. You rejoice in your accomplishments. You enjoy them. David killed the lion and the bear, and when it came time to take care of the giant, he had these early victories stored in his memory. He told Saul that the giant was no different than the bear or the lion. He told Saul he could take care of the giant.

David took the seventh day and rested and thought about his victories. He had good mental pictures and rejoiced in his accomplishments. Too many times we do not take this time in our life. We go one, two, three, four, five, six, like Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and then we do not take off Sunday. We just keep right on going. A man who wants a good plan and wants to do right has to have a time of rest when he regroups, puts it all together in his mind, and sees what he has done. He realizes he actually accomplished what he set out to do. Then when he is ready to go back to work on Monday, he knows he can do it. Whatever comes along, he realizes he has done it before and knows he can do it again.

Memorize Seven Words

1. DISCOVER. Get an idea; know what you want.
2. DIVIDE. Separate distractions and the unnecessary things from the idea so that you are able to concentrate on what you want. Focus.
3. DEVELOP. Get together the physical things (dry land and trees).
4. DISCIPLINE. Obtain the mental things (sun, moon and stars). Set your mind.
5. DECIDE. Make a decision to love what you do.
6. DETERMINE. Go to work!
7. DELIGHT. Rest and reflect on what God has helped you to accomplish.

Those are the seven steps that God used to show us His plan. In Habakkuk 2:2, God told Habakkuk to write the vision. You need to write your plan, line it up 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and then use it as your plan.

The first thing you need to determine is what your new idea is. What is exciting you? What new thing do you see in your mind that you can do? Take the idea and work through all seven steps that God has revealed to you.

First, you have discovered a new idea. Second, divide the good from the bad. Third, develop the material you will need. Fourth, discipline to adjust your mental attitude to fit the occasion. Fifth, decide to love the work you are doing. Sixth, determine to accomplish what you have set out to do. Seventh, take time to sit down and rest. Talk to God. Thank Him for all the knowledge and understanding He has given you. Make some good memories of the journey. You will need them for the next good idea you receive from God.

Now let us take a closer look at the seven steps in God’s plan…in the beginning.

Step One-Discover

In God’s plan there is a need to discover.

How To Discover.

There are two types of discovery. One type is when it is dropped on you. Either you see it or it is spoken to you in a word. Instantly you see it.

The second type is when you have a need and you go searching for it. This could take some time and it requires patience. To get your answer, you must ask the right question. For the purpose of this book the right question is a prayer question: “God, what are you asking of me?” When God answers this prayer for you, you will receive, out of the darkness of your mind, a picture of yourself, full of desire and actually doing what He is asking of you. You will feel this desire.
You will have this desire in you. The only way you will be able to satisfy this desire is to do the thing that created it.

This becomes your moment of truth. You have heard from God. God has painted a picture for you in your mind. Grab it! Quote Genesis 11:16 “and now nothing will be restrained from them which they have imagined to do.” Then say “Thank you LORD. I will begin immediately by writing it down to make plain this picture I just saw. I will refer to it often.”

Get alone with God. Let Him talk with you. You listen! Stare into the darkness. He will say, “Let there be light.” Give your mind over to God. Submit to Him. You shall reap if you faint not.

Follow this pattern plan God used to make you.

It fits your lifestyle. It feels good. It is a pattern with which you can be comfortable. It is a plan for all your needs. It gives you a track upon which to run. You know when you are off track. You know what to do to get back on track.


Light=Discover a new thing. Substance it. This is the beginning end. Know what you want. This is your responsibility. Every man is the author of his own
success. Once you see it, you can do it. Substance it. A new idea will create a new desire
inside you. The only thing that will satisfy that desire is the thing that created it.

To discover means to lead with prayerful imagination. God gives you a word. God points you.
Don’t let the darkness discourage you. Not knowing is the right place to begin. God designed it that way. We must depend on Him. Our sufficiency is of God. He wants you to pray with an open mind. God speaks in pictures-visions-dreams. God’s word is a picture that points you. Use prayerful imagination.

Step Two-Divide

In God’s plan there is a need for dividing.

How to divide:

The pattern you follow to build your life determines the outcome. Therefore, you need a plan that will become a habit. The Bible plan is more than words on paper. It is God’s word working in you. He becomes your partner in business. He is the reason nothing which you have imagined to do will be restrained from you.

There are things in our life that have nothing to do with what God is asking of us. These must be separated out. You must divide the good from the bad. Focus on one thing. Don’t try to do too much. Sacrifice the things that are worldly from the things that are spiritual because they oppose each other. You cannot have both. To choose both is to choose the world. God will withdraw.

Day 2 – DIVIDE

Air to breathe=Divide good from bad. Evidence it.

When you see the picture God has given you, divide it from all else. You cannot do everything so concentrate on this one thing. You will always have more dreams than you can do. Don’t scatter your shot. Focus on one thing. Make this one thing clear in your mind. Evidence it. To divide means to give that Word prayerful concentration. Narrow all your interests. Concentrate on the word picture God has given you. This is what God is asking of you. Don’t get sidetracked with another idea. Obey God! Let God be true. This is it!

Obedience to the Word of Life is not a forced requirement. It is a self-discipline requirement.

With self-discipline, you can obtain your goal by being a doer of the Word, and then nothing that you have imagined to do will be restrained from you. The key is, it has to pertain to you personally and you must clearly see it in your mind. Using self-discipline, you “become” the Bible story.

The Bible teaches us to be a doer of the word. If are not a doer of the word, we deceive ourselves. It is by doing the word that we control it. God’s word He will perform if we do it right.

Discipline yourself to the pattern of the word. This key to His plan. Let your dream tell you God wants. Do it.

Step Three-Develop

In God’s plan there is a need for developing.

How to develop:

At this point you have established a mind set which is, ‘I will follow God’s dream for me.’ In doing this, you must think about your body. A sick man can’t do much. Food, rest, sunshine, exercise and clean air are necessary. Take care of your body because there will be times when your body will be put to the test in adverse circumstances and you will need a strong body. God will send you into a bad situation to win the lost. They will need to lean on your love. You must be strong for their sake or you will let them down.


Dry land, grass, herbs, trees=Develop body of it. Agree with it. Start to gather together the material for the body of your idea. Ask and it shall be given unto you. Seek and ye shall find.
Knock and it shall be opened unto you. God has given you His dream for your life. Agree with God.

To develop means to live in prayerful expectation. God’s code is in the Word. It will accomplish its purpose. Prepare with the end product in mind. Put together the necessary ingredients. Know for sure that what God has shown you will work. If you don’t inspect you can’t expect. Inspect what you are doing so that you can expect. Use prayerful expectation.

Step Four-Discipline

In God’s plan there is a need for discipline.

How to discipline.

Self discipline is the key to success. It is a mental attitude. The quitter does not have discipline. He is lazy. He will fail. The discipline of God’s plan is given by the inspiration of God. He puts the “to will” in you. He inspires you with his word. He motivates you with a renewed picture in your mind. His plan is motivation not legislation, grace not law, inspiration not condemnation. He will give you grace in the time of need. Discipline yourself to reject the negative. Discipline yourself to wait on God. They that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength.


Sun, moon, stars=Discipline to do it. Submit to it. Prepare your mind for the journey.
You must discipline yourself to perform the details. Doing the details is the thing that gives you control. God gives the increase. Walk in step with God. Submit to it.

To discipline means to make prayerful intercession. Ask, seek, knock. You are not depending on your own ability. God must walk with you to His completion. You will continually be asking-seeking knocking. It is His work you are doing. It is His word you are obeying. You cannot serve God and man. Use prayerful intercession.

Step Five-Decide

In God’s plan there is a need to decide.

How to decide:

The inspiration of love is very strong. It is what faith works by. If you keep your mind on God and love Him you will accomplish His dream for you. Love gives you unstoppable faith. Love is courage. Love suffereth long and is kind. Make the big decision! I will love what I am doing. I will love the good because it is easy. I will love the bad because it is necessary to get me to where I am going. I will love in the good times. I will love in the bad times. I will love at all times.

Day 5 – DECIDE

Fish and fowl=Decide to love it. Commit to it.

The first sound of the song bird was heard. Faith worketh by love. Decide to love the discipline of your work. Keep the “want to” in you. Success is a decision.

Start! Don’t Stop! Commit to it.

To decide to love means to yield to prayerful transformation. Assurance. We are transformed by the renewing of our mind. The carnal man wants his own way. The spiritual man trusts God.
The spiritual man does not lean on the flesh. He thinks differently. His faith is not in self but in God. This gives God the freedom to work. Yield to prayerful transformation.

Step Six-Determine

There is a need to determine in God’s plan.

How to determine:

To determine means to have a made up mind. You have prepared for this day. To lose this day is to lose all your pent up energy and material. This is the time when you are going to produce your product. Everything is in order. Now you will assemble.
The rule for today is: START! DON’T STOP! The first word is begin. Let there be movement. Start the ball rolling. Go for it.

You saw the details on Day One. In your mind you have already done it once. Now you are going to bring your dream into reality. Up until now it has been a virtual dream. Today, others will see what you have been dreaming about. You experienced the excitement of this day on the day God spoke to your heart. Then, the excitement was only a desire. Now, you are going to satisfy that desire with the thing that created it. Today the real thing. Faith made whole. God made visible.

Past made present. Prophecy fulfilled. Word made manifest. The appointed time has arrived. Waiting is over. It did not tarry. It surely did come. It is here. NOW!


Animals and man=Determine to do it. Materialize it. Now you are ready to produce your product. Be determined to overcome all obstacles. Production to perfection is the rule.
Make your dream a reality. Be a doer of the work. Use your assembled material. Make your product. Bring into existence what was only a dream. Materialize it. To determine means to work with prayerful authorization. God authorizes this risk, so do it. Faith is a risk. We take the risk because by giving us the mental plan, God authorized the project. When we have a setback, we do not worry. God has authorized this project and He will see you through it. Use prayerful authorization.

Step Seven-Delight

In God’s plan there is a need for delight.

How to delight:

The first thing you must do after finishing your sixth day is to shut it down. The Jewish Sabbath lasts from 6 PM on Friday until 6 PM on Saturday. The evening and the morning is the length of their day. It starts in the evening. Don’t wait until the next morning to begin your Sabbath of rest.

Begin by preparing on the evening before. Wake up the next day to a rest you began the evening before. Then at the dawn of the new day you are already twelve hours into your rest.

You wake up fresh and ready to spend a day with God. You give God a clear mind to talk to. You make it easier for God to get through to you. He will show you the last thing at your work that you did not get done and how to do it. This lets you rest and relax. You don’t worry about what to do when you go back to work. It’s very clear. Pick up where you left off. Drop it right there. Enjoy a day filled with diversions of worship and rest. Make the day last as long as you can. This is the perfect will of God for you. This is your day.

The Sabbath was made for man. Don’t let anyone upset this day with turmoil. It is your rest. Guard it. Your productivity depends on it. Recharge your energies with the inspiration of God. You will then begin your week with confidence.


Rest=Delight-rest in it. Rejoice in it. This is a very important part of the process. STOP! SIT DOWN! RELAX! You and God need to communicate. Check and see how you are doing.
The seventh day of rest was designed for man. When you skip this, you leave out a vital part. Worship God on this day. Store good memories. YOUR RECALL IS WHAT STRENGTHENS YOU IN TIME OF BATTLE. Delight in it. To delight means to rest in a prayerful completion. Indulge in elation. It makes good memories and gives you courage to do the next big thing.
Not only do you memorize your successes, but you memorize this day. There is a seventh day of rest. It will come so hang in there. Your vision of a day of rest will keep you going. Make good motivational memories for recall. Use prayerful completion.


Gen 11:6—“and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.”

Memorize this verse of scripture. Let God be true in your life. The word “nothing” in this scripture means nothing.

You must believe in your own thoughts. You must have confidence in God and yourself. Why should we believe in God? Because He believes in us. Use your imagination to seek after God.

The above article, “The Plan” is written by Mark and Albert Friend. The article was excerpted from Part II of Mark and Albert Friend’s, A Light SHINING Out of Darkness.
The material is most likely copyrighted and should not be reprinted under any other name or author. However, this material may be freely used for personal study or research purposes.