The Power of a Choice


Sometimes it’s the smallest things that tug on the heart of a backslider. It could be a card that was sent at the right time or a phone call. Reaching out to a backslider can be something very simple and require very little time, and yet the Holy Ghost can take your sincerity and use it to bring conviction.

By David S. McKemy

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The power of a choice is amazing. You’re reading this book right now because you chose to. Nobody made you buy it, pick it up, and read it. You chose to! This author is grateful you did!


The shirt you have on right now is one you picked out for the day. If your shoes hurt your feet; it was you who put them on. If you don’t like your car, no one made you buy it. Life is made up of two things when boils right down to it – good choices and bad choices. Usually from one of those come the experiences you have in your life.


If you’re successful in life, it’s no doubt because you educated yourself in a plan to get a good job. If you’re unsuccessful, it could be due to poor planning or bad choic­es you’ve made. If you’ve received the Holy Ghost and been baptized in Jesus name, I rejoice with you in the wise decision you made. This was also a choice. It didn’t hap­pen all by itself. It was a very calculated choice on your part.


In Selma, Alabama, the civil rights movement began because a little lady by the name of Rosa Parks decided she was not giving up her seat and going to the back of the bus. Who would’ve dreamed that a decision such as that one would end up starting a chain reaction of events that still affects us to this day? It’s all in the power of a choice.


The Lord made a powerful choice in our salvation. He decided to leave the heavens, wrap himself in flesh, and dwell among men. He came knowing the incredible price He’d pay and made up His mind to save us. That’s the most powerful choice ever made.


The Lord is powerful, and there is nothing He cannot do. There are no words to describe His greatness and His majesty. There are no limits to what He can do…or are there? I’m afraid there are some limitations! They are self-imposed limits, but there are some. And that is simply this, over pow­ering our power of choice. He’ll never violate your will and stop you from doing anything. He won’t force you to live for Him.


The most powerful forces on earth are the forces of nature – wind, waves, storms, etc. Yet He more than proved Himself when with one word from Him the winds and waves ceased. There is no effort at all by God. Just speaking or thinking it, and it is done. His power is endless and lim­itless. Yet by His own choice, He will not violate the will of a man or woman.


And what He has chosen not to do, He won’t allow the devil to do. This means since the Lord won’t force you to live for Him, He won’t allow the devil to force any decision or lifestyle on you either. The choice is left up to the indi­vidual. Regardless of what anyone wants to admit, our eter­nity is determined by each individual’s decision. It’s a con­scious choice that has been weighed out and calculated. The only one responsible for the destiny of your soul in eternity is you alone.

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