The Power of a Liquid Fast

By Stephen Forkum & Jacole Forkum

Once you are born again truly at that point the battle for the mind and soul begins. You need to understand three things–yourself, the Lord and your enemy–fallen Lucifer. 3 programs live inside your brain, your spirit, the flesh (fallen nature), and the Spirit. The Lord only gives one recommendation for the flesh. Kill it.

It takes time to grow up in Christ between your ears that is true. You are justified by faith and His righteousness is yours so be patient with yourself and forgive yourself if you mess up. No false guilt.

Next, begin a consistent prayer and fasting life. That is up to you how you discipline yourself with this. There are several methods for this. This study is to focus on a liquid fast. This type is “easier” but for those that would assume that it is a piece of cake I invite those to go about two weeks and come back and tell me it was easy. The Lord honors you drawing near to Him however you do it. Many weaknesses are conquered through the Spiritual tool of fasting and prayer.

The part of our brain that comprises what is called the mind’s eye are the visual, parietal, and prefrontal cortex. These are the higher cognitive processing centers of our brains. In this specific area are the main components of what makes you. Our cognitive I.Q. either for the natural or Spiritual exists here. Our thoughts are electrochemical in nature. This is where the battle takes place between the flesh against the Spirit. Your spirit of course is willing but your “flesh” is weak.

As you fast the flesh begins to die in small increments. This allows your spirit and the Spirit to make full interface in much the same way as you would try to tune in to a radio station to eliminate any static. I am only trying to give a simplistic parallel and not to over simplify by any means. It is the Lord’s will that we truly understand Him, His Word, and progress so that we not only sanctify ourselves successfully but that we become a blessing and stepping stone to others. Dying to ourselves between the ears will enable us to do just that.

The number one brain food is oxygen. Number two is glycogen from glucose conversion. Protein and fats (healthy ones) follow. The ingredients that I personally use for the liquid fast are a mocha coffee, cream or water (I have done both), juice of choice, water, supplements, and stimulants such as ginseng or kola nut products(high in natural caffeine).

I have medical school in respiratory therapy and have been studying nutrition since the late 70’s. I am still learning for sure but the main areas of my focus are energy, weight loss, and stamina. When I first in 1988 began to do this I knew that the body would require a minimal amount of support while going on the fast for a long period of time. Your metabolism will adjust to how you train it.

First of all, if you have any medical condition, please consult your last blood work if you have it. Ask for it if you have a physician that has it. Actually the fasting will detox your blood, lower your blood pressure, and improve many simple and maybe even complex ones. A lot of people in the American culture eat way too much and drink too little water to clean out the colons and liver, etc.

The Lord said that the life of the flesh is in the blood. To clean out the blood is to improve the quality of oxygen getting to every area especially the brain and heart, etc. This type of fast is “easier” for those who have hypoglycemia. You may work with the fast as you will. Learn what works best for you and work with that.

I enjoy fasting on service times now because of the increased anointing of the Holy Ghost that I enjoy. In the morning drink a coffee mix and take B complex, B6, 27 milligram Iron, ginseng, or Kola nut product. I would do the same at about lunchtime and again in the evening. Iron is fat soluble and stored in the body so be careful. I have worked full time while doing this type of fast so I took iron according to the need. It is my experience that people that do average type work such as office or maybe even some type of delivery work may use about 100 milligrams of iron a week. Obviously harder work may require more but you have to evaluate yourself with accurate insight because of the nature of iron. The overdose symptoms are the same as deficiency ones. Weakness, pallor, paleness, headaches for sure, etc. The oxygen molecule bonds with every breath with the quality of iron that is stored on your blood cells. Too much or too little produces what is called a shunt–not allowing the oxygen to bond-in the air sacs.

Also add to your energy mix B 12. All of the supplements that I mentioned increase oxygenation to the brain and body. When you begin the liquid fasting your mind and body may “respond” by feeling hungry, weakness, etc. This is all related to the lowering of amount of oxygen and glucose that eating otherwise would increase. This is a normal process for everyone. It truly is a cross but the rewards spiritually are well worth the cross and pushing yourself through to have this type of Spiritual intercourse with Him between your ears.

If you choose to go more than a few days you will notice that your “flesh” will quit screaming after a while. Our bodies, as mentioned previously, will adjust to the way you are feeding it. I have heard that the stomach will actually stretch about 4 times its size and shrink also to the same parameters. Please be sure to drink water to assist the body to clean itself out. Try not to take the Kola nut energizers after the early afternoon for caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and may try to keep you awake. Valerian and Melatonin will help you to go to sleep. Very strong for most people and take only as directed on the label.

It is interesting to note that people in other cultures such as Asians, Chinese, etc. have used herbs for strength and healing, etc. for centuries. They are safe for the most part if used wisely. All of the horror stories that we have heard about for the last 20 years or so came from someone doing something very foolish and ignorant. All of the B-complex is water soluble and the body does not store it. You may use safely everyday with the milligram that works the best for you. B12 is awesome and comes in micrograms (mcg) as you will note on the label. B3 or niacin can cause what is called a flush (heat wave, etc) in high doses but they now make a buffered type that will not. This is not important unless you just wish to do so. Use with wisdom.
There are several buffered iron types on the market which will cause no nausea at all. Again, find out what works the best for you. You can have ten men or women the same age and because of genetics, thyroid strength, etc. all of them would be different in supplementation needs.

During the fasting be sure to read the Word and pray fervently in the Spirit. Allow the Holy Ghost to flow through you freely. Be careful not to get self-righteous and be on guard against deception. There is no such thing as a “new revelation” that is not in His Word. What the Lord gives you and I will always agree with His Word.

I saw this type of deception hit some people in the 70’s and you must stay submitted to your pastor and to the Word. Spiritual Warfare will increase for sure. You would not be taking flak if you were not over the target. I tell people, “Yes, it is war.” You are still justified by faith and His righteousness is yours. That is a fact and not a feeling.

The main thing for people is to repent quickly and not to allow themselves to fall into what is called a ‘settled rebellion.’ The four main areas to guard your self against offending the Spirit within is your eyes, ears, hands, and feet. This is how to increase the anointing of the Spirit within. The liquid fasting allows the “death” to the program of the flesh within and the Spiritual impetus that you apply feeds your inner Spirit on the minds eye to intercourse with your spirit therefore revelations from His Word are yours. You will increase sensitivity also and that is excellent to maintain and progress to a cutting edge. Over a period of time it will become easier to fast consistently and you may want to go longer. That is up to you. The more that you and I die daily the more that the Spirit is exalted within. To live is Christ and to die is gain.

God bless you and yours. If something about this does not seem clear to you, please do not hesitate to e-mail me for clarification and I will get the answer to you. Fasting truly is an adventure. There are so many things in the supernatural that God wishes us to experience

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