The Prayer Room

The Prayer Room
Teri Spears

Ideally, the importance of prayer would afford a room solely dedicated to the purpose of prayer. However, many churches do not have this much space. The following suggestions can be modified for a multi-purpose room. At times of special prayer meetings some of the things suggested can be added to the auditorium.

* Arrange the room so that there is as much space as possible to move around.

* Set chairs up in small groups rather than around the walls.

* Altars can be set out in various areas of the room.

* Soft, worshipful music on continual play produces a prayerful atmosphere.

* Softened lights are more conducive for people to enter into the spirit of prayer.

* Posters on walls or easels are useful prayer helps. (Examples: the prayer clock, home missionary lists, foreign missionary maps and lists, maps designating un-evangelized countries, pictures of cities or people groups, lists of leaders, new converts, Sunday school teachers, teenagers, and children.)

* A bulletin board or a write on/wipe off board can be used for requests.

* Several boxes of tissue should be placed in the prayer area.

* A nice table, centered with a plant and displaying a Bible, books on prayer, Promise Books, oil (fragrant oil in decorative bottles), basket of cloths for anointing, a basket of note paper and pens for requests to be deposited in another basket – all make a nice and useful center for the room.

* A local and state map and world globe are nice additions.

In a multi-purpose room a wall shelf and bulletin boards can probably be left intact during various functions.

The prayer room should be well maintained, kept clean and attractive. Changes should be made periodically to offer new and fresh approaches.

Job Descriptions

The following job descriptions are for local level Prayer Minister/Coordinator/Leader, Pastor’s Prayer Force Captain/Leader, District/Divisional Coordinator and National Coordinator.

* Local Church Prayer Minister Or Prayer Coordinator

• Works under the supervision of the pastor, assisting him keeping people and prayer focused.

• Assists in organizing prayer groups/meetings.

• Assures that all requests receive serious prayer.

• Disperses prayer needs among individuals/groups.

• Receives and records answers to prayer (praise reports).

• Raises awareness of world-view praying (praying beyond local work – for missions, leading governments, other cities, other nations, etc.).

• Assures prayer covering for local city, community, state.

• Assures prayer covering for all efforts of local church.

• Assists in planning, promoting, and to be responsible for setting up and maintaining a prayer room conducive to prayer.

• Plans for special times/days of prayer, such as National Day of Prayer (first Thursday of May), World Day of Prayer, special week of prayer and fasting at the beginning of the year, etc.

• Participates and represents church at civic prayer events at pastor’s discretion.

* Prayer Force Coordinator

• Assures at least one person praying/fasting each day specifically for the pastor and his family.

• Develops a prayer agenda or offer instructions and suggestions on praying effectively for the pastor.

• Responsible for having a small group of Prayer Force meet with pastor prior to each service for special prayer if the pastor desires it.

• Assigns at least one prayer warrior to be in prayer for pastor and his ministry during each service.

* National Prayer Coordinator

• Assists the national leader in planning and promoting prayer among the churches. This should include special times (or days) of prayer and fasting.

• Specific focus of prayer.

• Assigned prayer covering for national and international leaders and all major meetings including business and planning meetings.

• Promote prayer partners leaders, pastors and churches. Offers suggestions to pastors and local prayer coordinators which will enhance prayer.

• Works in harmony and cooperation with leadership and its specific goals.

• Receives, records and relays answers to prayer.

• Develops prayer evangelism in field/regions.

* Divisional/District Coordinators

• To work in harmony and cooperation with the World Network of Prayer and their division, relaying specific prayer needs and answers to prayer concerning the plans, projects, endeavors and meetings of the division.

• To assure inner networking between divisions/districts and the World Network of Prayer.

Article “The Prayer Room” written by Teri Spears and Thetus Tenney is taken from First Of All: Prayer by Teri Spears and Thetus Tenney.

This article may not be written by an Apostolic author, but it contains many excellent principles and concepts that can be adapted to most churches. As the old saying goes, “Eat the meat. Throw away the bones.”