The Real “Secret” to Growth

After 40-plus years of working with pastors in church growth, I have come to the firm conclusion that church growth has more to do with attitude than process. Oftentimes pastors will press me for the “secret program” or “process” that will make their church grow. They are then somewhat taken aback with my emphasis on the basics: a solid team ministry approach that is well organized and managed, a strong, consistent application of proven outreach ministries actively embraced by a majority of members, and a comprehensive and aggressive assimilation ministry that retains your gains and makes soul winners of your new converts. These are the same fundamentals I was taught by well-known Apostolic leaders in our movement and the same principles I have seen in almost every growing church.

The real “secret” is not a program at all. It’s an attitude. Revival pastors see their churches grow because of their bulldogged focus upon doing “whatever it takes” to reach souls. Not doctrinal compromise, not a watered-down gospel – for they stand strong in faith and doctrine. But they refuse to take “no” for an answer when confronted with the obstacles that Satan will inevitably throw at them: leadership challenges, location problems, capacity struggles, financial deterrents, city government roadblocks, you name it. They meet every barrier with the confidence that God can solve any problem, and they go to their knees knowing that it’s God’s will for them to grow and God has a solution to every problem.

Attitude. A revival spirit. Faith to move mountains. A passion for souls. These are the real “secrets” to church growth. So what’s holding you back? Why isn’t your church growing? Make a list and tackle each obstacle one-by-one and refuse to be deterred from your God-given purpose.