By: Pastor D.W. Warren

“And I will set up shepherds over them which shall feed them: And they shall fear no more, nor be dismayed, neither shall they be lacking, saith the Lord.”

Christian Leadership is one of the greatest area’s of God’s work in our generation. To be a staff member of a Church, is a great privilege and opportunity for any child of God. As a Leader, this is
an exciting day to be working for the Lord.

I. “The Shepherd and the Shepherd’s Staff”

A. The Purpose of the Shepherd’s Staff

1. The staff is to help and assist the shepherd.

2. The staff is to maintain balance. Heb. 11:21

3. The staff helps in support, while laboring. Ex. 17:9-12

4. The staff helps provide rest during weariness. Heb. 11:21

5. The staff helps point the right way. Ps. 23:3

6. The staff helps defend against attackers. Ps. 23:4

7. The staff helps establish and maintain the authority of a Pastor. Ex. 14:27

8. The staff helps give comfort and security to followers. Ps. 23:4

9. The staff is a key to success and victory. Ex. 17:12

II. “Developing a Proper Working Relationship with your Shepherd

A. I Cor. 12:4 “Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit!”

1. Realize the importance of unity with your Pastor and other staff members.

2. Oneness of vision, purpose and effort is essential.

3. Remember Christian Education is a calling of God, not a job.

B. Exod. 17:9-12 “Moses, being strengthened by Aaron and Hur.”

1. No leader, Pastor etc. can do it by himself.

2. Strong leadership…..Needs a strong staff.

3. Backing up your leader will bring success and victory.

III. “Four Essentials for a Successful Work Relationship”

A. “Remember, you are a servant, a subordinate.” I Tim. 6:1

1. Meaning of subordinate: Below another in rank, secondary, subservient.

2. The chain of command:

3. A servant is: Unselfish, a giver, a forgiver, in submission.

4. Realize that God has placed you, in your position….to serve.

5. Be an “accompaniment” to the Pastor.

6. Be “always there”, but in the background.

7. Remember, before you can be a great leader, be a great follower.

8. Work according to God’s chain of command.

B. “Remember to be Obedient in Your Labors” Eph. 6:5-8

1. Being obedient to authority is being obedient to God. Ex. 4:16

2. Obedience and a right spirit is essential for harmony.

3. Perform your responsibilities and tasks without murmuring or disputing.

4. How to handle your responsibilities.

a. List your daily duties.

b. Establish your priorities.

c. Delegate where appropriate.

d. Do it now!

e. Finish what you start.

C. “Remember to be a loyal staff member” I Thes. 5:12-13

1. Meaning of loyality-Faithful, consistent, a supporter, reliable.

2. Always support the Pastor’s programs whole-heartedly. Nu. 32:12

3. Work out disagreements in private, never disagree in public. I Sam. 26:23

4. Never undermine the Pastor, Pastor’s policies or program, to another.

5. Stand with you Shepherd through every task.

6. The rewards of loyalty are great…..Elijah and Elisha.

D. “Remember your personal consecration to God” Ex. 32:29

1. Your life must be an example of good leadership; Purity

2. Be worthy of your position.

3. You may be called upon to wear several hats.

4. Keep your spiritual life above reproach.

IV. “Practical Advice for the Shepherd’s Staff”

A. “Be right in your relationship with your church.”

1. Visitation, Home Bible Studies, prayer, tithing and giving.

2. Just because you work in a Christian School does not exempt you from other church responsibilities.

B. “Beware of criticizing are gossiping”

1. Prov. 6….Teaches us, this is sin.

2. Complaining before other staff, students, etc.

C. “Beware of jealousy toward the Shepherd or other staff members.”

1. It always looks easy from the sidelines.

D. “Beware of blurred vision.”

1. Failing to realize that God wants you to remain #2 indefinitely, to hold up his arms in battle.

E. “Beware of financial entrapment.”

1. Pay your bills on time.

2. Salaries should not be discussed.

F. “Beware of slipping rules for your own child.”

G. “Beware of Discouragement!”

H. “Know where the fences are……..Set by the Shepherd.”

I. “Understand clearly…..what your responsibilities are.”

1. A job description is very valuable.

J. “Learn how to apologize when in error.”

K. “Be enthusiastic about God’s work and God’s leader.”

Conclusion. Be the kind of staff member that you would want, if you were the Pastor. Each of us should strive to be his or her best as a Christian Educator, and support the Shepherd. You are the Shepherd’s Staff.

(The above material was a seminar taught at a P.A.C.S. Seminar, Nov. 18-19, 1983.)

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