The “Son of God” vs. “God the Son”

The “Son of God” vs. “God the Son”
By Elder M.E. Burr

Trinitarianism teaches, and I quote, “God the Son is very God of very God.” (Nicene Creed) `’In this Trinity there is not first nor last, nor greater nor less.” (Athanasian Creed) “God the Son is very and eternal God equal with the Father.” (Westminister confession of Faith)

Permit us to assert that Jesus Christ was GOD and he was the SON OF GOD, but he was not “GOD THE SON.” There just isn’t any such Being recognized by the scriptures. In setting forth their theory of “God the Son,” Trinitarianism has sadly muddied theological waters. Most of the confusion and contradiction of Trinitarian Doctrine, along with the uncomfortable dilemmas they find themselves faced with, stems from
their efforts to set forth a “GOD THE SON.”

Readers, listen to Paul in I Cor. 8:6�”FOR UNTO US (meaning the church in Paul’s day) THERE IS BUT ONE GOD THE FATHER and One Lord Jesus Christ.” But no–Trinitarianism takes issue with Paul; they teach there is a “God the Son” and a “God the Holy Ghost.” If Trinitarianism would only heed, Paul clarifies I Cor. 8:6 by his statement in I Cor. 5:19–“To wit THAT GOD WAS IN CHRIST reconciling the world unto himself.” But no–to be consistent with their Trinitarian theory, I Cor. 5:19 would have to read, “GOD THE SON WAS IN CHRIST.” Thus they face another uncomfortable dilemma of having a Son in a Son, and not the Father in the Son as the Bible everywhere teaches.

Here is the absurdity of Trinitarian Theology, a theory that they themselves confess is unexplainable. This is also what Thomas Jefferson called “THAT INCOMPREHENSIBLE JARGON.” They profess to believe in only ONE GOD. Yet they teach a “God the Father,” a “God the Son” and a “God the Holy Ghost”–each a distinct and separate Being or Person. DOES TRINITARIANISM BELIEVE THAT EACH IS A THIRD OF GOD?

THE SON WAS NOT GOD. The Son was human, and inferior to the Father, even as flesh is inferior to Deity. The Son (Flesh or human part of Jesus) by himself never healed the sick or raised the dead or performed miracles. Jesus, as Son, distinctly stated that THE FATHER IN ME HE DOETH THE WORKS. (John 14:10) Jesus speaking of His second coming, in Mark 13:32, said, “Of that day knoweth no man- NEITHER THE SON BUT THE FATHER.” We ask, “If he were ‘God the Son,’ as Trinitarianism teaches, Very and Eternal God, equal with the Father, WHY WOULDN’T HE KNOW?” Can anyone intelligently dispute the conclusion THAT THE SON DID NOT KNOW BECAUSE HE WAS MAN OR HUMAN, thus inferior to the Father. ONLY THE FATHER (The Eternal Spirit or Deity) COULD KNOW SUCH THINGS.

In John 14:8-10, Phillip, like many other people today, was confused as to the Father’s identity. One day he asked, “Lord show us the Father and we’ll be satisfied.” Jesus replied, “HAVE I BEEN SO LONG TIME WITH YOU, AND YET HAST THOU NOT KNOWN ME, PHILLIP? HE THAT HATH SEEN ME HATH SEEN THE FATHER.” We have heard all the flimsy arguments about the God-Head here being like husband and wife–One, but two Persons. We challenge our readers to read this text over slowly six  times with an open heart and still cling to this foolish theory. (And we further challenge those who remain unconvinced to consider what their reaction would be to the assertion of a wife who says, “He that hath seen me hath seen my husband!”–Ed.)

Jesus explains the matter perfectly in Verse 10: “Believest thou not that I am in the Father AND THE FATHER IN ME?” Here he states simply that GOD THE FATHER (the eternal, invisible spirit) dwells IN THE SON (Christ’s human body). Reader, every confusing scripture on the Godhead will fall into its place like pieces of a Jig-Saw puzzle if you will always keep in mind that when the Bible speaks of the Son, it is talking of the Man or human part of Jesus. When it speaks of the Father it is referring to Deity or the Eternal Spirit, that indwelt the Son. THUS WE HAVE ONE GOD AND ONE PERSON.