The Things Hell Hates

By Pastor Wilmoth

Job 1:1 – There was a man in the land of Uz whose name was Job; and that man was perfect and upright, and one that feared God, and
eschewed evil.

Job 1:6-8 – And there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan came also among them.

And the Lord said to Satan, Whence comest thou? Then Satan answered the Lord, and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and from
walking up and down in it.

And the Lord said unto Satan, Hast thou considered my servant Job, that there is none like him in the earth, a perfect and an upright
man, one that feareth God, and escheweth evil?

Job 2:1 – Again there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan came also among them to present himself before the Lord.

And the Lord said unto Satan, From whence comest thou? And Satan answered the Lord, and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and
from walking up and down in it.

And the Lord said unto Satan, Hast thou considered my servant Job, that there is none like him in the earth, a perfect and an upright
man, one that feareth God, and escheweth evil? And still he holdeth fast his integrity, although thou movedst me against him, to destroy
him without cause.

Now in our text here there are certain things that I would like to bring to your attention. There is no doubt about it, first of all there is a spirit world. The spirit world is comprised, composed of two different teams of individuals that are battling on one arena.

One of course is the forces of God that are good. Two, The second is the forces of evil, which is of course, the devil and the fallen
angels, spirits, imps, whatever you would like to call them.

Now when I make reference today to hell, I’m not talking about the lake of fire. The devil does not live in the lake of fire first of
all, he doesn’t want to go there. So when I talk about hell today, I’m literally talking about that key or that place, that location, that
underworld where Satan lives. He contemplates, he dreams and where his place of operation is. So I want to preach this morning on this
subject “Things That Hell Hates”, “Things That Hell Hates.” Amen, God bless you.

It’s extremely interesting today as we look at the Word of the Lord. That we would understand that there are two distinct captains that are
there at the chess board. If you are a student of chess you would understand that chess is just not game. It has all of the components
that make up the world. First, there is the rooks or the castles, they are literally representative of the buildings, they are representative of the materialist items that are there. You have those that would be the warriors, those generals, those individuals that we would commonly refer to as the higher political figures, such as the knights. You have also religion, you have bishops that are there and then, of course, you have a King and a Queen. You have representatives there of power of position. You also have pawns, or just the common everyday individual that is interested in making it to the other side so they can become more than something common, a Queen. And thus it is
as the chessboard of life there are two individuals that sit on either side.

For everything that God does, the devil does also. For every item that God tries to bring out goodness in the heart of men the devil tries to
imitate it. Just by the definition of antichrist we understand that literally there is resemblance to Christ but yet at the same time there is another item that is there he is opposed to the things of

So as we look at this chess board and as we begin to think and begin to tell we understand that in any game when the opponents stand
against one another certain attitude that is there. They will snarl at one other, they will try to intimidate one another, they will literally wait to be the last one to walk into the ring and there begin to battle.

It goes even to the political arena, when during the time and age when Douglas McArthur was to be called back from Korea over the
Hawaiian islands, there his plane would circle and Truman’s plane would circle, trying to find out who would be the first one to land
first. Minute after minute hour after hour they battled a fit with one another.

So thus it is that there is not alot of love between heaven and hell, their not kiss’n cousins, they don’t have much in common, and in fact
I kind of feel like both of them snarl against one another. Yes, heaven hates the thoughts of what hell does to peoples’ lives and at the same time hell hates what God does to men and womens lives. There are certain things that hell hates with extreme measure.

I believe that one of the things that hell hates more than anything perhaps to a certain extent, is this one item that the church has that
in the quiver that she can pull out at any time and that’s this word called PRAYER.

Prayer is powerful, and hell hates prayer. Hell hates when men and women get down and there begin to call upon God. Hell hates when hot tears stain the cheeks and there repentance is made. Hell hates it when the angels rejoice at the repentance of one that is praying. Oh
friend, there is something in my bosom this morning that says because hell hates prayer, I want to pray like never before. I want to get a
hold of God, I want to expose my heart to the King of Kings.

Hell hates prayer, hell hates everything that prayer does, because prayer has the ability to literally move mountains, prayer has the
ability to move obstacles. When a man or a woman begins to pray it doesn’t matter what Satan puts in front of them. When they begin to
pray all heaven begins to respond. Oh today, because hell hates prayer, I want to pray, I want to be a man that knows how to get a hold of God, I want to be a man that knows where the prayer-rooms at. I want to be a man that knows how to call on God.

I have no desire at all to literally friend sit back and let hell have the power. Because I know it hates prayer he hating me preaching
this right now about prayer. He hates every message that’s preached. He hates every prayer meeting that goes on. He hates what prayer can do.

When you look at prayer, you will find that prayer has the ability to literally open up gates that would stand in front of people.

There’s times that hell has lied, shekled and chained, that they feel like they cannot get out of the prison that they are living in. Hell
wants every man and woman to think that the failures that they experience are final and are fatal. That a man that has come to God,
friend and there has sinned after that he can never be the instrument that God wants him to be.

But if we confess our sins he’s faithful and just to forgive us. If we’ll go down in prayer all of a sudden that old condemnation, that
guilt will leave because prayer produces it. Prayer has the ability to move on people when they don’t even know that anyone’s is praying for them.

I think of the life of Peter and when I look at his life, I see him in a prison with chains and fetters about him. I see literally a squad of
soldiers encircling him, I see three gates that are between him and the dungeon and the street of liberty. I see a man that’s asleep, I
see a man that’s unconscious, he literally asleep. What does it mean to sleep? Sleep is the unconscious state, you don’t know what’s going
on around about you. I’ve noticed in my own life, I know as a father in the middle of the night how to turn off the crying of my baby in
the other room to let my wife be the first one up to get that baby and put a bottle in his mouth. I know how to be asleep and there morning
she would say did you hear the little-one? I would say “I didn’t hear a thing” because that’s how it is when your asleep., Notice where Peter
was he was unconscious, he was asleep. He didn’t know anybody was praying. He didn’t know, that friend, that there was a way out of the

But when the church begin to pray, all of a sudden there God sent an angel down the chains begin to fall off, the doors begin to open up,
the gates begin to open up and there a man came out to a place of liberty.

What am I telling you? I’m telling you today, you need to keep praying for that lost husband, you need to keep praying for that lost child.
You need to keep praying for that lost wife. It doesn’t matter, you might say their asleep, they don’t even know that I’m praying, bit
deal, God’s moving on the situation. Hell hates that. Hell hates a praying church, pastor. Hell hates a praying Bible College. Hell hates
praying musicians. Hell hates praying people.

There no doubt about it, “If my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves and do what? seek the face of God. To do what? To pray? There’s going to be something that goes on. I’ve been in enough ball games, I’ve stood in enough floors, and there I have had that round ball in my hand where I was looking for the hoop. Friend, when I was doing it, it didn’t matter who was there it could have been my friend or it could have been someone who didn’t like me. But I made my mind up, I’m on the other team, and because I’m on another team I have got to score that basket. I’m here to tell you we are on different team. Because hell doesn’t like it, I’m going to do it,
because doesn’t like it I’m going to pray, because hell doesn’t like to hear someone call upon God it makes me want to do it even more! I
believe it!

Now not only does hell hate prayer, but there’s not doubt it, hell hates the BLOOD. Hell doesn’t like the blood, No sir. Hell does not
like the Blood. Hell does not like to remember Calvary. Hell, friend hates the blood. Because hell understands that man a is not redeemed
by corruptible things like silver and gold. But it’s redeemed by the precious blood of Jesus Christ. Hell understands that sin literally
does this, it gives you garments that are filthy, that are as rags. Hell understands that sin strips you literally of inner happiness.
Hell understands that sin destroys you, it puts within your heart a lack of confidence even in yourself. It puts a lack of confidence in
what God can do for you. Hell knows that when sin comes it brings depression, it brings despare, it brings doubt. Hell knows that when
sin comes that a man will finally be pulled down and there in a firely pit, but while hell knows that there is another thing that hell
understands, that when a man begins to call upon the blood of Jesus Christ that the garments that were rags, all of a sudden you become
white, you become a child of God you begin to get confidence in yourself and in God, you begin to get rid of despair, you get rid of
doubt. You get the Holy Ghost, what is it? It is joy unspeakable and full of glory. Hell hates the blood. Hell hates every message that’s
preached about the blood. Hell hates the thoughts that the blood will never loose it’s power. Hell hates the thoughts that you would sing
about the blood. Hell hates the thoughts that we would gather together and in one mind and one accord and begin to sing Have You Been Washed In The Blood, Thank God for the Blood, hell hates that. That makes me want to sing it like never before, that makes me want to preach it like never before, that makes me want to say, Hell, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood. Blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood! You hate it hell, but I love the blood, I love the blood, I love the blood. I love the blood, thank God for Calvary!

Hell doesn’t want young people to know that you can be redeemed by the blood of God. Hell doesn’t want the Druggie to know that you can be set free by the blood of God. Hell doesn’t want the Drunkard to know that the blood of God will change you, it will give you hope where there was no hope, it will give you faith where there was no faith. You may be seated. Hell hates the WORD. Hell hates the Word of God. Hell does not want one of you to crack this good Book. Hell wants to close down this Bible College. Hell doesn’t want the Word of God being taught. Hell doesn’t want Bible Studies. Hell doesn’t want that at all. Hell doesn’t want you with your Search For Truth, Your Light For Living or whatever else you got walking down the road, walking into somebody’s and showing them the Word. Hell wants people to keep their Bibles closed. Hell wants people to think that only the Priest can read the Word of God. Hell wants people to think that it’s only you know, the father that can have the Bible. Hell tries to get people mixed in the Word of God. But friend, the reason hell hates it, it’s because hell understands that literally that he and all of his imps have been predicted and promised in the Word that he shall fall. The
reason the devil hates the Word is because number one is that he has  already been defeated by the Word of God. It was the Word of God thatm Jesus quoted, when Satan came to him to tempt him. Hell doesn’t want young men, young ladies, moms and dads to read the Word, to memorize the Word hell doesn’t want Bible Quizzing, hell doesn’t want anyone to have a Bible. But friend, hell hates it, but while hates it, I love the Word of God. It’s the Word that keeps me going! It’s the Word that when I’m down and out I pick up and read. It’s the Word that brings me salvation! And because hell hates it I’m going to read it. Because hell hates it I’m gonna love preaching. Because hell hates I’m going to bring my Bible. Because hell hates it I’m going to study to show myself a workman that’s approved of God.

Hell knows, hell knows that the Word has been magnified above his name. Hell knows the Word has been magnified above the name of God. Hell knows, “Forever Oh Lord thy Word is settled in heaven.” Devil your here today but I want you to know big boy, it’s already recorded, it’s already been settled your going to bite the dust for the final time! And I and this church am going to be victorious over death, hell and the grave because I am standing on the Word of God. God can’t lie. He has already promised me that I’m a winner!

Hell hates the WORD. Hell hates the Word!

Not only does it hate the Word, hell hates the name. Hell wants every person to be baptized in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy
Ghost. Hell will satisfy a craving in the heart for spiritual things by literally letting people to have titles instead of in the name.
Because hell understand what? “Neither is there salvation in any other for there is no other name under heaven given among men where by we must be saved.”

Hell cannot stand the name of Jesus. Why? Because it was the name of Jesus that represented the man Christ Jesus that when he walked down and went to the center of operation he kicked! Who was it! Jesus did the devil in the teeth, he grabbed the keys to death, hell and the
grave and he went out! The devil hates the name. Because everytime the name is mentioned it reminds him that he lost his valuable position. You say what are you talking about. The Word of the Lord let’s us understand this. That what? Men were bound by fear of what? Death! It was death that’s what the devil had people afraid of. But I’m not afraid of death now, because I understand that in the book of
Thessalonians that the dead in Christ are going to rise first. If I die I get a short cut to Glory. What did Paul say? “Comfort one
another with these Words.” Don’t be afraid if you have to face death. It’s gonna be alright because your Creator is going to meet you
there. You don’t have to be afraid! He hates the name because the name reminds him of who gave him the black eye, the bloody nose, the hit in the stomach that laid him out and stole the keys. That’s why when you say the name of Jesus, the demons tremble at the name of Jesus. It’s when you say the name of Jesus, that all of a sudden the devil has got to flee. It’s when you say the name of Jesus that that one that is oppressed or possessed all of a sudden there, their liberated because of the name of Jesus. The devil hates the name of Jesus. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, I love Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. I love the name of Jesus! You hate it devil? You hate it devil? I’m going to say it! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!

Now, not only does the devil hate the name of Jesus, prayer, the Word, the blood, but he hates praise.

First of all he has an ego problem, he wants praise. “I will ascend in the heaven, I will set myself up”, it shows what he really wants, is that everyone to praise him. So thus, as children of God, when we begin to praise God, the devil literally begins to put his so called fingers in his ears and there he begins to hate it. The only thing he can do is leave when he hears praise. Why? Because the Bible says that
God inhabits, what does that mean? He lives in praise. There’s not a big enough place for God and the devil to live at. And when God knows that there are people that are praising him he say’s I’m coming, I’m coming right now, he says I got to live in that area, I got to live in that attitude, I’ve got to be right there. And the devil all of a sudden begins to run. I’ve watched it a hundred thousand times, well
that a evangelistical speaking, but I’ve watched it alot! When folks begin to praise God things begin to happen. Why in the world are we so
afraid to praise God? Friend, I want you to know, I’ve got a church full of folks they just come in off the streets, their just dopers,
their just people that didn’t have anything, but when they came in they come praising God. I’ve got them that do jumping jacks at the
front, you just about have to have a sign that says “Yield to the right away when you get in the isle.” They like to run they like to
shout, they like to praise God. Why? Because when they were in the world that used to do that at the Rock Concerts, but now that they are
in the church they understand when I praise God now, the devil can’t stay there, the devil can’t stay there, he’s got to leave, he’s got to

I’m telling you that if you would praise God we could see miracles, we could see revival like never before. Hallelujah.

What does that mean? Because hell hates praise, I’m going to praise. Because hell hates praise, I’m going to lift my hands up, because hell
hates praise, I’m going to praise God in a dance. Because hell hates praise, I’m going to lift my voice up, in the voice of a shout, of triumph.

Hell you hate this, but heaven loves it. I’m going to keep praising God, I’m going to keep magnifying God. I’m going to keep my hands
raised, my voice lifted up.

I’m praising my Creator, I’m praising my Savior, I’m praising my Healer, I’m praising my Keeper, I’m praising my lover of my soul, I’m
praising the one that is great and greatly to be praised.

Notice, why does the devil hate praise? Turn to the 149th Psalm. Began to read the 149th Psalm.

The reason the devil hates praise is this, notice verse 5: Let the saints be joyful in glory: let them sing aloud upon their beds. Let
the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a two-edged sword in their hand. Why? To execute vengeance upon the heathen, and punishments upon the people; To bind their kings with chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron;

Ok, what is that saying? When you begin to praise God you execute and you put chains around the heathen. Now who are the heathen? Those without God. And it says what? To bind up their kings with chains, and their nobles with fetters iron. When you begin to bind up with praise, you are binding up the heathen. The king of those that are unsaved, who is that? That’s the devil, and who else? The nobles, all of his imps, all of the fallen angels, all of those spirits. When you begin to praise God. That’s why he hates praise. Because when you praise, he can’t work, he can’t work, he can’t work! I don’t like the devil working, so I’ve got to praise God. I don’t like the devil working, so
I’ve got to bind him with praise.

Now, we’re going to take a little vote. I’ve given you five things that hell hates, that heaven loves. Which one do you think that hell
hates the most? Because we’re going to find out which thing hell hates the most. Because if hell hates that the most, then that’s what I want to do the most! I don’t want to just be in the ring with him and give him a rapid punch in the side, I want to connect with that chin of
his. I want to lay him out. I don’t want him getting up. So we’re going to find out.

If you think hell hates praise the most, I want you to raise your hand real quick. Great good, be honest.

If you think hell hates the Blood the most, raise your hands.

If you think hell hates the Name the most, raise your hands. Ok, Good.

If you think hell hates the Word the most, raise your hands. Oh yes. Let me see what am I missing? If you think hell hates, oh, prayer the
most, raise your hands real quick.

Ok, I want to get to what I want to preach at, that was all introduction to be truthful. I’ve got 15 minutes and we’re going to go
for it.

I’ll tell you what hell hates the most. Do you want me to say it? None of what you voted for.

I’ll tell you what hell hates the most of. Now we’re going to talk about our text a little bit. The thing that hell hates the most is a
righteous man! You say why? I’ll tell you why. The reason that hell hates a righteous man is because a righteous man frustrates hell like
nothing else.

Notice, this is the only time, one of the few times that we are introduced and we see the spirit world. Twice what happens? The devil
comes and what is he doing? He’s walking to and fro upon the earth. What is frustrating him? It is the righteous life of an upright man by
the name of Job. You say, oh no pastor, Bro. Wilmoth you don’t know what your talking about. The reason he hates the righteous man the
most is because those five things that I just said, if it wasn’t a righteous man, then those things would not have been available.

The blood, there was alot of blood of bulls and goats. Blood is not the most powerful thing. I’ll tell you what is more powerful. It was a
righteous man that lived, that died his blood. But the blood would have had any power until it was a righteous man that lived.

You say, the Word, I’ll tell you it’s not the word. Because we would have never had the Word, if it wasn’t holy men wrote as they were
moved on by the Spirit of God. It was a righteous life that gave power to the Word. Praise? Paul said “Enter in with holy hands”, “I would
that every man lift up holy hands unto God.” I’ve seen alot of people come and praise and shout and live like the devil and walk out friend
of mine and never make to heaven. It’s not in high you jump, it’s not in how fast you run, it’s not in how much you shout. It’s in your

You say it’s the Name. No it’s not! Matthew records that there were some men that came and what did they do? They tried to cast out demons in the name of the Lord. But their lives did not match up with it. And the Bible says, those devils stripped them naked and they ran off. I don’t care how much you say the name of Jesus, not everyone that says Lord is going to enter in. It’s not just in saying the name,
it’s in living this thing friend, it’s in living this thing on Monday, on Tuesday, on Wednesday, on Thursday, on Friday, on Saturday, on

You can pray 24 hours a day, great! James writes and says what? The effectual fervent prayer of who? Of who? A righteous man availeth
much. The thing that frustrates the devil more than anything is a righteous life that lives upright. Because a righteous life will do
all of these things that I preached about and they will do it in such a powerful way that the devil gets frustrated!

I’m here to tell you, friend, the thing that this whole church is built upon was the righteous living of a man. The thing that makes this school so great, was that there was a man. I never met him, I never met him, he had already passed on when I came. But everything that I know about Clyde Haney is this, they never talked about his praying, I never heard anybody talk about him saying the name of Jesus.
But I’ve always heard them talk about that he was a righteous and a holy man, that’s what made this school great. It was the righteous
living of a man.

Why do people become heroes? What stories are written about our great political heroes? What was the first thing you hear about George
Washington? He was the first president. I have a boy in kindergarten, the first thing he learned about George Washington was this, he
chopped down a cherry tree and he couldn’t tell a lie. He was righteous.

What makes Abraham Lincoln such a powerful individual? Because he borrows a book and walks miles to return it. We learn and hear of
what? The righteous living, the action of honesty, of purity, and of cleanliness. I’m here to tell you young man, I don’t care how much you
can step in this pulpit and how many fancy sermons you can quote, I don’t care if your mouth is full of alot of verbage that’s alot of
words, because that a kin to garbage, their just cheap. But the thing that gives an anointing to a man of God is the life that he lives
outside of this pulpit. It’s the life that he lives. You want anointing? I’ll tell you how to get anointing. You start dedicating, you start consecrating, you start to love God. You start to say, Hey, I’m not going to lie or cheat. I’ll going to be truthful, honest and clean.

Folks love to talk about how much they pray. Folks love to shout. I’ve got them they love to shout in the front, I got them that like to
do all those things. Folks like to stand up and testify and quote about 40 scriptures and say you know, show how much they know. “I know
the Word, I’m great aren’t I”.

Friend, that doesn’t mean a hill of beans to me. There’s alot of people that know how to quote the Word of God but they don’t live one
day of it. It’s the steps of a good man that are ordered by the Lord. It’s the steps of a man that is righteous. Whose the blessed man
in Psalms the first chapter? It’s the righteous man that’s blessed. I’m here to tell you we need a revival the thing that will give the
church triumphantness, the thing that will make it an overcomer, it will not be the prayers, it will not be the praise. It will be nothing
more than people living what they believe and pastor’s living what they preach, being separate and holy and clean and righteous. Don’t
think that you can lay in some motel room and turn on the boob tube and all of a sudden come up and preach. You won’t have the anointing. You’ve got to get some conviction in you. Such as I am a man of God, I don’t do that.

You were shouting when I was talking about praying, you were shouting when I was talking about praising. But too many times we don’t want to hear this.

Sodom could have experienced revival, not because of prayer. There was a man praying by the name of Abraham. Not because of praise. Not because of anything. He couldn’t find righteous men in the city. That’s all it was. Righteous men, upright, truthful, clean, separate,
holy men. They would have been saved if there would have been righteous men. Not a prayer meeting, if there were righteous men there
would have been prayer. You see the whole thing is this, when you live righteous you receive an anointing that comes from God, when the Word of God flows from you it is not tainted by sin and carnality. It’s not tainted by pre-conceived ideas, it comes bold and through you natural. What makes John the Baptist so right so powerful, it was his righteous living. He was rough and crude when he preached but all of Jerusalem was moved, because he was holy. He wasn’t afraid to speak what was right. He wasn’t a wimp, he wasn’t a spiritual limp wrist. He said “This is right church” we got to do this, we can’t do that. Righteous living and preaching that builds churches.

I’ll never forget standing up and listening to an Elder on a Conference floor stand up and all of a sudden quote a scripture that
I’ve never forgotten. “If I build again the things I once destroyed, I make myself a transgressor.”

How many folks start out so great, and want to be so separate, holy and pure and then all of a sudden I know that they taught and preached different things and all of a sudden now it begins to happen and I begin to say God what in the world is going on? And I begin to understand that God it’s nothing more than we’ve got to have more preaching of righteousness. More preaching that says you got to live right. They used to tell me that Clyde Haney would say “Jump as high as you want to jump, run as fast as you want to run, but when you come down walk in a straight line.” In others words what was he saying? I don’t care if you want to worship but go right ahead but when you come done you better be living. Friend churches are full of people that like all the excitement, but they don’t want to live for God they don’t want to be clean, they don’t want to be a holy nation, they  don’t want to be pure, they want the world and they want the church at the same time. They cheat on their taxes, they want to steal, they want to lie, they want to mess around on the side, they want to have
all those things but they don’t want to live righteous. You say, “I noticed in my own church, I’m not opposed to having a Nintendo, my
boys have one, they love it. I remember how tough it was to buy a monitor. Because everywhere I walked into they said “Hey here’s a TV,
it’s cheaper buy the TV. Plug it into that Nintendo for that boy it will be alright.” I said no friend, I’ll pay twice as much it’s alright don’t’ worry about it. Why? I was taught as a child don’t you have a TV, don’t do those things. You know the devil has a way of
slipping entering in the so slyly. Not too long ago, I found out, I had taught, I had literally told the experience I thought that would
be enough. A couple families got a couple of Nintendos, and all of a sudden they thought that it was cheaper to get a TV, they got a TV,
they weren’t going to watch it. I found and watched them they begin to regress spiritually they begin to waiver and when they did, I was in
Michigan preaching, I don’t even know why I was there, it was the duddiest I had ever preached in my life I think. I mean it was worst
than this, it was bad. It was bad, bad. And when I got there everytime I’d begin to pray, I begin to see these people, they were just in my
mind. I came home, friend, I’m just not normally a guy that you know that gets kicks out of bumping heads, thumping people on the head and doing all those things, I’m a nice guy really. And I got up and I mean God was all over me and I preached, man I preached hard just about that one thing.

What had happened is they got a little discouraged and one of them unplugged the Nintendo and started watching just the “News”. And then when he would be gone to work his wife would begin to watch something else. And then what happened was “The Earthquake” everybody wanted to see the “Earthquake” and another family said we never watched anything pastor but “The Earthquake” we just had to watch that.

But they were coming knowing that I had taught against it. And what had happened was they were loosing their salvation. They were still
praying, they were still worshipping or trying to. They still knew the Word, they still knew the Name but the power was gone because they
weren’t living right. They came to me, they said, I’m getting rid of it, it’s out. I watch them now, I watch them. You should see the
spiritual change. If you would had brought one in and set in the middle of the living-room they would have said “No get that out of
here”. But slyly and slowly the devil slipped in and caught them off guard. What am I saying? I’m saying, you had better get some
conviction in you young man and young lady, this is not just something  that we do, this is something that “Thus sayest the Word of God”. Friend if the Word of God says it, I gonna live it. I got to be upright. My anointing is more important than anything to me. The
devil hates righteous living. Because righteous living gives power to my preaching. Righteous living gives power to my praying. When I
preach the Word, righteous living gives anointing. Righteous living, the devil hated Job. why? It’s just about verbatium the second time
that they talk. The Word is used again. It’s just about verbatium the whole verse. But finally he says his integrity. Though you move me
against me, his integrity. We have got to be holy and clean.

(The above material is a preaching sermon of Pastor Wilmoth.)