The True Meaning Of Christmas

Robert Henson


I was saddened a few days ago as I began to think about the Christmas season; and it suddenly dawned on me that my first though was crowded malls, frenzied masses, symphonies playing Christmas tunes, airports
packed with people going home for Christmas, beer parlors bulging with revelers, and post offices overflowing with mail, suddenly it dawned on me that this is not what Christmas is all about.

The Journey had been long, he was tired, for he had walked so his wife could ride the beast of burden, being great with child. It was not his weariness that mattered, he was worried. Birth pains were already coming to his young wife. With hope for a bed and some comfort for his wife to give birth, he knocked on the door of the inn. When he had told the innkeeper of his need, it was then that the innkeeper made the mistake that men have continued to make throughout many generations. For he uttered these fateful words, “There is no room for you here.” If the innkeeper had only known whom Mary would give to that day, he would have asked someone to give up a room, or he would have given his own room. His inn would have been immortalized and changed and his whole life would have been different. Men are still making that age-old mistake. For in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, they have found no room for Jesus in their hearts. The greatest story that was ever heralded was when Gabriel shared it with the world the first time, what a joy it must have been for Gabriel to get to share the greatest news the world would ever know. The messiah has come. That my friend is what god is looking for in this season. There is a world that’s too busy. That’s too full. That’s overfed, overblessed with too much riches. Who have not found a place in their lives and hearts for Jesus Christ. Someone must tell them, Jesus has come you must make time for Jesus.

A certain senator in Washington invited the ambassador of Belgium to his home for dinner. The senator’s father was an old Christian man and he never missed a chance to tell somebody about Jesus. The senator warned his father. “Be careful what you say when the ambassador comes, but when the ambassador came in that evening. It wasn’t long until the old man came down the stairs, the senator introduced his father and the old man forgot the warning of his son, blurting out, “Do you know Jesus?” The senator was so embarrassed, as the old man began to tell the grand story of the birth and life of Jesus Christ. Months later the old man died. Many flowers and many cards came, but one large wreath said “In memory of the only man in America who spoke to me about my soul,” and it was signed, the ambassador from Belgium.

Friend of mine I’ve come to share with you this Christmas season that people are receiving input from every angle of life about everything. But who is going to tell that the Messiah has come? A Chicago
businessman came out of his office one cold, blustery day, the snow, sleet, rain and wind whipped around him, he rolled up his collar and ran for his car, but he never reached it, for standing in the doorway of a
store he saw a shivering cold little boy. The boy’s lips were blue from cold and he was crying. He looked so pitiful. He stopped and asked, “son are you alright?” The boy said, “I’m alright mister, I’m okay.” The man
spoke kindly, “No tell me son, why do you cry?” The boy said, “My father gave me a dollar and sent me for groceries, on the way, my had got so cold the dollar blew away and I didn’t know it. Now I’m afraid to go
home.” The man said, “Just go on home son and tell you dad. He’ll understand.” The boy said, “But you don’t understand, my dad will be drunk and he’ll kill me. I’ll have to wait until he goes to bed or leaves the house to go home.” The took the boy in the store. Bought the groceries and paid for them and then told the boy, “Go home, and don’t tell your dad that you lost the dollar.” The boy thanked him with a big smile and started out. All of a sudden, the boy sat down the sack of groceries. Ran back to the man and put his arms around his waist, and in a choking voice he looked up at him with big eyes and said. “I wish you were my daddy.” The businessman said. “I walked around for blocks in the rain, sleet, and snow if I could find another little boy who needed help.”

Friend, if you want to have fulfillment this Christmas, if you want to find the true meaning of Christmas, find someone who has a no vacancy sign ganging on the door of their heart, who has said, “I have no room
for Jesus,” tell them the greatest story ever told. Let them know that the messiah is alive forevermore. The story was told to the shepherds, you will find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger. I want you to notice something beautiful when someone told them about Jesus, when someone told them who he was and where to find him, the spirit of the shepherds was this: they said, “Oh! Let’s go to
Bethlehem and see this great thing that is happening!: There was a great desire within them to see Jesus. The bible says that they made haste. They did not put it off. They did not ignore the message. They did not
question whether it was real, but they ran to find Jesus and fell at His feet. This Christmas, why don’t you allow that same desire to grip you heart? I want to see Jesus for myself. I want to receive this for myself. I find out where Jesus is and fall at His feet, for there is a great desire. And above all, don’t put it off. Make haste to find Jesus and fall at His feet to worship. When the shepherds found Him, they fell down and worshiped Him. All our Lord desires this Christmas season is for someone to worship Him. To forget about Christmas trees and Santa Claus. Forget about holly wreaths and gift wrapping. If you want to have a beautiful Christmas season, fall at the manger and worship the Christ child. This a good year to allow worship to have a place in your heart. The heathen look at the sun and worship. The dog worships as he looks into the face of his master. The lover worships his sweetheart. The baby worships, his mother. But God’s greatest creation does not find time to lift its heart and praise Him. Let it not be that way this season, but let there be a people who will find a way and a place to worship the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

If I were to have a message to you this Christmas, as your pastor, I would tell you three things:

1. Make room for Jesus in your house and in your heart.
2 Take the time to bow down and worship him.
3. Take the time to tell someone else the sweetest story ever told.

And I close with this. It is said Longfellow can take a worthless sheet of paper and write a poem on it worth $6,000. Rockefeller can sign his name to a check, and it would be worth millions. A mechanic can take $5
worth of material and make it worth $50, $75, or even $100. The artist can take a cheap piece of canvas and paint a picture, which in the future will be worth of hundreds of thousands of dollars. But my friend,
let me tell you what Jesus can do. He can take a sinful life that is worthless and broken and without hope, wash it in his blood, cleanse it form its sins, and make it a valuable blessing.

May God Bless You!


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