The Voice in the Wilderness

December 7.916 – G. T Haywood writes of the expulsion of the Oneness brethren from the Assemblies of-God over the issue of Jesus’ Name baptism and the Oneness of God. Here we have Haywood’s famous quote: “I shall endeavor to press on with the Lord ‘without the camp, bearing His reproach, fin- here we have no continuing city…”

In the midst of the sessions, one preacher called Haywood the “voice in the wilderness” of the Jesus name advocates. He also stated the proponents of Jesus name baptism were building on “hay, wood and stubble.” The Apostolic pioneers persevered, nevertheless, and the rest is Apostolic history.

Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.A


Since our last issue we had the privilege of visiting several places preaching the word
of the Lord. Our first trip was to St. Louis where the general Council of the Assemblies of God was in session. it was announced to be an “open Bible council,” but upon our arrival we were informed that the announcement conveyed the wrong impression, as it was to be “open” to those who were in perfect harmony with the operation of the General Council. It was taken for granted by some of the Council that we were riot in harmony with them, according to the report published in the “Voice” concerning the Council of 1916, and for that reason we were not permitted to partake in any of the doctrinal discussions that took place. Several others were denied the privilege because it was known that they were standing for the “Revelation of Jesus Christ, and baptizing in His Name.”

There were quite a number who withdrew from the Council at the close of the session, because there was a spirit of drifting into another denomination manifested, when they began to draw up a “creed, – which they termed “fundamentals.” It is no doubt the same thing under a different name. I have no complaints to make, but by the grace of God I shall endeavor to press on with the Lord “without the camp, bearing His reproach, for here we have no continuing city, but we seek one to come.”

We were entertained at the home of Mother Moise, and preached several nights at the Assembly that is conducted in connection of the home. In her home she has a pool where those desiring to be baptized in Jesus’ name may do so. G. T. Haywood