The World Cries “Save Us!”


By Phillip E. Hudson

Beneath the roar of commerce and industry there is a sound that can only be heard by those who are attentive in the Spirit. This sound is one that, once detected, cannot be ignored. It is the subliminal sound of billions of voices crying out, “Save us!” Millions of people in this world go to bed hungry every night, and millions more have little or no shelter from the harshest elements of life, but what is more startling than those who lack food and shelter is the staggering number of people who are crying out for truth! The numbers are overwhelming if considered as a statistic alone. Our vision must not be precluded by what is, but rather by what can be with God’s insight and empowerment. The task of purveying provision to the masses is one that is quite familiar to the infinite Creator of our universe. God’s arithmetic has a way of adding up to more than we could ever imagine! Five loaves and two fish equals feeding five thousand with twelve baskets of leftovers.

Our challenge lies not in having the tools for world evangelism; our challenge is being sensitive to the voices and willing to use the tools. The world around us is in desperate need of our greatest humanitarian efforts. It has been said in this manner: “Give a man a fish and he will have food for the day; teach a man to fish and he will always have food:’ The needs are great, but God is greater! We must see our efforts to reach our world, not as one individual trying to save the masses, but rather as one individual empowered by the unconstrained, uncontainable, infinitely unstoppable Spirit of God!

In the midst of the clang and clamor of world events there is the subliminal voice of truth that cannot be silenced. Now is the time for the gentle rumblings of truth to become the anthem that noble men and women of faith proclaim to the far reaches of our planet. We have a responsibility to the world around us, to reach them with the message of healing, hope and rescue! Millions have cried out and some of us have heard their cries. Now is the time for us to respond! We alone are no match for the overwhelming need of man, but we are not alone. God is ready to meet the need, if we are ready to respond.

As editor of the Apostolic Sentinel I compel you to listen with your heart, hear the voice of the many, and believe in the power of the One who can answer their cries. Let us join together in a most noble cause, for the battle for the souls of men is underway and there has never been a more important time for reinforcements. The leaders of the Texas District United Pentecostal Church are on the frontlines leading the way to supply the message and the provisions needed to respond to the world in need. Will you join us? Together we can respond to the call and silence the voices of a world that cries, “Save Us!”

The above article, “The World Cries ‘Save Us!’” is written by Phillip E. Hudson. The article was excerpted from The Apostolic Sentinel.

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