The Worst Deception In Existence

The Worst Deception In Existence

By The Late Elder B. E. Echols
I cannot think of a deception that could be any more tragic and far reaching than one leaving a person thinking and believing he is saved when he is totally lost. This group today far exceeds them that are saved. Such people are going to face a very serious and shaking-up experience when they come to the end of life’s journey in this condition. Of all things that a person should make sure of, it is his eternal destiny.

The Apostle Peter had this to say about one’s eternal welfare in II Peter 1:10 “GIVE DILIGENCE (or be as careful and painstaking as possible) to make your calling and election SURE” (certain positive unquestionable etc.). One should not be guessing about where he is going to in eternity. Oh God! Help us to be more concerned about our future destiny than about anything else. This is something that should be of vital importance to everyone. (Matt 16:26; Heb 10:31)

The next point for consideration is how can we make sure of “our calling and election?” This is where many people stumble blunder and make serious mistakes. I know God has people who can help us but we should read our Bibles and SEARCH the scriptures for ourselves like the people of Berca did when Paul preached the gospel to them. It is also advisable to do some sincere praying to God, asking Him to help us find the “Bible Plan of Salvation.” When a person becomes serious about his eternal destiny and goes to God about it the Lord will help him find someone who can scripturally show him the ONLY WAY to be saved. (Acts 17:10 11; Luke 11:9-13; 11 Peter 3:9-14)

We should keep in mind that there are “Many deceivers … (that have) entered into the world.” The devil is a master deceiver. He succeeded in beguiling Eve in the garden of Eden and he still employs this same trickery method today. The Apostle Paul warned the Colossian church folk to “BEWARE lest ANY man SPOIL YOU (for heaven) through philosophy (or human reasoning) and VAIN DECEIT or BEGUILE YOU (deceive you with enticing words) ” (11 John 7; Titus 1:10.11; Matt. 24:4,5,11).

Again Paul says “But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse DECEIVING and BEING DECEIVED.” Then James says “If ANY MAN among you (Pentecostals and other church folk) seem to be religious and bridleth NOT his tongue … deceiveth his own heart … (and his) religion is vain,” or worthless. (II Tim 3:13; James 1:26,)