Three Different Manifestations-Father-Son-Holy Ghost

Three Different Manifestations-Father-Son-Holy Ghost
By: Theodore Fitch

The Most Controversial Doctrine

THE GODHEAD is the most controversial bible doctrine in this world.

Here is an easy, childlike explanation: The ONE God has always existed in TWO different ways. (1) “God is Spirit” (present everywhere) John 4:24-l Kgs. 8:27 – Jer. 23-24 – Psa. l39:7. (2) God also existed in angelic form called “Jehovah-Christ-Word”. He alone was worshipped by his angels, 1 Kgs. 22:19 – Dan. 7:10 – Rev. 20:11 – Heb. 1:6.

Before creation started, before anything was made, Jehovah (the Christ) came forth from omnipresent Spirit. Jesus said, “I came out from God. I came forth from the Father” (om. Spirit) Jn.16:27. “(I am) the BEGINNING of the creation….” Rev. 3:14. “I am Alpha….the BEGINNING….the FIRST (creature)” Rev. 1:18-11-22:13. “In the BEGINNING….the Word was God” Jn. 1:1.

THE WORD (Jehovah, the Christ) said, “Before me there was no God formed” Isa. 43:10-48:16-17. Before the Lord was made flesh (Jn. 1:14) He had the form of God, Phil. 2:6. The Old Testament Lord appeared in the form of a man 43 times before He became incarnated in His Son Jesus.

“The Lord JEHOVAH….is become my salvation” Isa. 12:2. That verse reveals that Jesus really is the Old Testament Lord.

“Jesus Christ (the Old Testament Lord) is come in the flesh” l Jn 4:2-3. “Unto you is born….Christ the Lord” Luk. 2:11.

Christ the Lord was “the FIRST BORN of every creature….”He was before all things” Col. 1:15-17. He was the FIRST BEGOTTEN by the Spirit (the Father) Heb. 1:6. He was the ONLY BEGOTTEN by the Spirit (the Father) Jn. 1.

Jehovah (the Christ) created the angels before the world was made, Job 38:7. And those angels worshipped Him, Heb. l:6 – Dan. 7:10 – Isa.6:1.

Jesus Pre-existed As The One Lord

In the O.T. and in the N.T. we read, “The Lord our God is ONE LORD” Mk. 12:29. An angel said this, “Unto you is born….a Saviour….which is….THE Lord Lk.2:11.

Jesus often said that He was the Lord, and He is called “Lord” over 800 times in the New Testament.

On Mount Carmel Elijah said, “If the Lord be God, then follow Him.” All the people said, “The Lord, He is God. The Lord, He is God” l Kgs. 18:21-39.

Christ Himself gave the law on Mount Sinai. Paul warns, “Refuse not Him who speaks today….whose voice then shook the earth” Heb. 12:25-26.

Jude declares, “Jesus Christ….saved the people (of lsrael) out of the land of Egypt” Jude 4-5. “They drank of that spiritual Rock that went with them, and that Rock was Christ”.

Paul warns us, “Let us not tempt Christ, as some of the Israelites did, and were destroyed by serpents” l Cor.10:9 R.V.

Therefore, it was JESUS who tells us NOT to harden our hearts as Israel did….in the wilderness. He said, “Your fathers tempted me….and saw my works for forty years” Heb. 3:8-9.

Moses could have become the king of Egypt, but he refused to be called a member of the royal family. Instead, he thought it better to suffer reproach in the service of CHRIST, rather than to be a ruler….with the riches of Egypt, Heb. 11:24-26.

MOSES SPOKE TO JESUS, “Thou Lord art seen face to face….and you go before them….in the cloud by day, and in the pillar of fire by night” Num.14:14.

John tells us that it was JESUS whom Isaiah saw sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up. Jn.12:41–Isa.6:1.

Jesus spoke to omnipresent Spirit and said, “Father, glorify me….with the glory which I had with you before the world was”

THIS ONE LORD was God from of old, before time was, (Mic-5:2). He is now called the Timeless One, the Lord of time, the Ancient One, perpetual, eternal, everlasting.

The First and Only Person of God

Men speak of Jesus as the second person of the Godhead, but in these seven verses Jesus declares that HE is the FIRST and ONLY person of God. Rev. 1:11 – 22:13 – Isa. 44:6.

Think of it! Our own Lord Jesus was the very first Being to come forth from (om) Spirit, Jn. 1:14. He was the first begotten, Heb. 1:6, the first born of every creature, (Col.:15) and the first Person to exist BEFORE creation started. He said, “BEFORE me there was no God formed”. Isa. 43:13. “BEFORE time….was….there am I….the Lord thy God”. Isa. 48:16. Our wonderful Lord Jesus was BEFORE time began, and He will be when time is no more.

John the Baptist was six months older than Jesus, yet he said, “Jesus was BEFORE me”. Jn. 1:15. Yes, as LORD, He was millions of years older than John the Baptist. And John wrote that we have seen and heard and felt of Him who was from the beginning, BEFORE time and creation started. 1 Jn. 1:1.

Paul wrote, “Now consider how great this Man Melchisedec was”. Heb. 7:4. Yes, that Melchisedec, who met Abraham, was none other than Christ the Lord, Gen. 14:18 – Ps. 110:4. Only God Himself is the King of righteousness and Kind of peace; without father, without mother….having neither beginning of days, nor end of life. Heb. 7:2-3.

In O.T. times, Jehovah, the Christ, was positively the ONE AND ONLY God in human form. He kept repeating over and over again, I am the Lord….thy Redeemer….who made the earth….alone….by myself, Isa. 44:24 – Jn. 1:10. There is no God BESIDE me, Isa. 45:21 – No God WITH me, Deut. 32:39 – No God LIKE me, Isa. 46:9 – No God BUT me, Hos. 13:4. There is NONE ELSE, Isa. 46:9. I am God from of old and from now on. Isa. 46:9. “(My) goings forth have been from of old, from everlasting – from the days of eternity” Mic. 5:2.

In 165 A.D. Callistus wrote, “There is one Father and God who is the Creator of this universe, and this very One is now called by the title ‘Son'” A.N.F. v. 5.

Christ, As Lord, Created The Worlds

“In the beginning God (made the world)” Gen. 1:1. In the beginning….the Word was God….and the world was made by Him” Jn. 1:1-10. All things were made by Him…..Jn. 1:3. “By Him (Jehovah the Christ) were all things created…..All things were created by Him and for Him. He is before all things and by Him all things (are held together). And He is the Head of the body the Church” Col. 1:16-18 – Heb. 1:10.

In 275 A.D. Methodius wrote, “When the Creator and Framer of all things….laid hold of the seed of Abraham….He was made man for ever….We sing our praises to Him saying, “You are….the one Lord….Before you assumed humanity you were that One who was adored by the angels.

Just the reverse: Every man is a son, and most men become a father. The Lord Jehovah was the Father and He became a Son.

Because the Man Jehovah dwelt in Jesus, He was a dual person. He had two distinct minds. He thought and spoke as the Son of God. He also though and spoke as God. As a man, Jesus often prayed to His Father (omnipresent Spirit).

Do you know that the capital “T” in “The” means “that one” or “the only one”. See Webster dictionary.

Study the capital “T” in Isaiah 9:6. It means that Jesus is The (only) mighty God, The (only) everlasting Father, and The (only) Prince of Peace.

Jesus said to His disciples, “Whom do you say that I am?” Peter answered, “Thou art Abba-Ben” Mk. 8:29 – Lk. 9:20. The word “Abba” means Father and “Ben” means Son. “Thou art BOTH Father and Son.” When Jesus said, “My
Father which is in heaven” He really said, “My Father which is in the
heavens (present everywhere).” See 2Chr. 6:18 – 1 Kgs. 8.

The Father is omnipresent Spirit: Therefore, each time that Jesus said “My Father” He could have said “My Spirit.”

The man Jesus is the only Person of God. Therefore, each time the words “The Son of God” appears, it could read “The Person of God”.

Here is the reason why most Christians do not KNOW WHO JESUS IS: They think of Him ONLY as the Son of God. The result is this: They do not study, or even notice hundreds of verses that IDENTIFY our Lord Jesus as the one and only Lord.

Same Lord Did the Same Work

In 1000 B.C. our Lord filled the temple and the temple grounds with His glory (Shekinah). Eze.10:4. When He was born that same Lord Jesus lit up the whole countryside around Bethlehem with His glory. Lk. 2:9.

In 1161 B.C. our Lord ascended to heaven in a cloud of fire. Jud. 13:20. In 29 A.D. that same Lord Jesus ascended to heaven in a cloud. Acts 1:9.

In 1491 B.C. our Lord turned the water of Egypt into blood. Exo.7:19. In 26
A.D. that same Lord Jesus turned water into wine. Jn. 2:10.
In 900 B.C. our Lord healed Naaman who was a leper. 2 Kgs. 5:14. In 28 A.D. that same Lord Jesus healed ten men who were lepers. Lk. 17:12.

In 975 B.C. our Lord healed the withered hand of a king. l Kgs. l3:6. In 28 A.D. that same Lord Jesus healed the withered hand of a poor man. Mat. 12:13.

In 910 B.C. our Lord raised a widow’s son from the dead. l Kgs. l7:22. In 28 A.D. that same Lord Jesus raised a widow’s son from the dead. Lk. 7;15.

In 895 B.C. our Lord multiplied food and fed 100 men when there was enough for only 10 men. 2 Kgs. 4:43. In 28 A.D. that same Lord Jesus suddenly multiplied food and fed 4000 people – Mk. 8:1-8.

In 1451 B.C. our Lord caused the sun to stand still for a whole day. Jos. 10:13. And when He comes back to earth again that same Lord Jesus will cause the sun to go down at noon. Amos 8:9.

In 1491 B.C. our Lord caused three days of darkness to cover Egypt. Ex. 10:22. In 29 A.D. that same Lord Jesus caused three hours of darkness to cover the whole earth while He hung on the cross. Lk. 23:44.

In 2247 B.C. our Lord caused those on the tower of Babel to speak in a language they never learned. Gen.11:1-9. On the day of Pentecost that same Lord Jesus caused many to speak in a language they never learned. Acts 2:4-12.

Many Lovely Titles of Jesus

The omnipresent Father might be likened to a gigantic corporation. He has set up His Christ as President, Overseer, and Foreman over all the worlds in the universe.

IN THE O.T. fifty verses speak of the one supreme Being as the Holy ONE. In the N.T. Jesus is often called the Holy ONE in Acts 3:14 – 2:27 – Mk. 1:24 Lk. 4:34 – 1 Jn. 2:20 –

IN THE O.T. God said that He was the ONE Master (MI. 1:6) but Jesus said, “ONE is your Master, even Christ” Mt. 23:8.

“YOUR MAKER is your Husband” Isa. 54:5. Paul tells us that there is only ONE HUSBAND who is Christ, 2 Cor. 11:2.

IN 1015 B.C. God Himself is exalted as the ONE Head above all, l Chr. 29:11. Paul declares that Christ is the ONE Head.

IN THE O.T. God is the ONE lawgiver who is able to save, Isa. 33:22. James tells us that Jesus is ONE lawgiver who is able to save, Jam.4:12.

IN THE O.T. God is the only Judge, Psa. 50:6. In the N.T. Christ is the only Judge of all mankind, 2 Tim. 4:1 – 1 Pet. 4:5.

IN THE O.T. God Himself was the ONE Shepherd, Psa.23:1. Jesus said that He was the ONE Shepherd, Jn.10:16.

IN THE O.T. God was the high and lofty ONE, Is.57:15. That ONE is Jesus who is higher than the highest, Hb. 7:26.

IN THE O.T. God is the true and faithful WITNESS, Jer. 42:5. Jesus said, “I am the true and faithful WITNESS” Rev.

IN THE O.T. God said, “I search the heart” Jer. 17:10. Jesus said, “I AM HE which searches….the hearts” Rev. 2:23.

IN THE O.T. God shuts and no man can open, Job. 12:14. Jesus said, “I AM HE that shuts and no man can open” Rev. 3:7.

IN THE O.T. God said that He was the LIGHT….Isaiah 60:19. Jesus said, “I am the LIGHT” John 8:12.

IN THE O.T. God Himself is the….TRUTH, Isa. 65:16. Jesus said to Thomas, “I am….the TRUTH” Jn. 14:6 – 18:37.

JESUS is very, very wonderful. Ten thousand titles, adjectives, types and symbols cannot portray Him as He really is.

What Is Your Name?

In 1143 B.C. CHRIST APPEARED TO MANOAH. Manoah asked, “What is your name?” And Jesus answered, “Why ask….my name, seeing it is SECRET?” In the margin we find that the word “secret” means wonderful Jud. 13:1-18.

ISAIAH TELLS US HIS NAME. “Unto us a child is born…..and His name shall be called “WONDERFUL” that is, secret. Isa.9:6. An angel told Joseph to call His name JESUS, Mat.1:21.

IN 1739 B.C. JACOB WRESTLED WITH A MAN, and that Man was Christ. When Jacob asked His name the Lord replied as it were, Why do you ask my name, since you KNOW who I am. In the very next verse Jacob said, “I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved” Gen. 32:3O – Hos. 12:4-

IN 1898 B.C. CHRIST SAID TO ABRAHAM, “I am the Almighty God; walk before me, and be perfect” Gen. 17:1. To John also Jesus said, “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending….which is….was, and….is to come, the Almighty,” Rev. l:8 – 4:8 – 11:17.

IN 1530 B.C. GOD SAID TO MOSES, “I am the Lord (Jesus Christ). I appeared unto Abraham, unto Isaac, and unto Jacob by the name of God Almighty, but by my name (YHWHJHVH) JeHoVaH was I not known to them” Exo. 6:2-3.

IN 1530 B.C. CHRIST APPEARED TO MOSES. From a burning bush He said, “I am the God….of Abraham….(Go to Egypt and deliver my people). Moses answered, “What shall I say when they ask, ‘What is His name?’ And God said, ‘I AM THAT I AM’….Say unto them, I AM sent you” Exo. 3:14.

To the Jews Jesus said, “Before Abraham was I AM.” To that mob in the garden, He said, “I AM” and they fell backward to the ground,” Jn.18:6. Study verses Jn. 13:19 – 8:24 – 8:28.

On the road to Damascus Paul saw the same Lord who had appeared to Abraham and Moses, And Paul said, “Tell me your name,” and the Lord said, “I am JESUS.”

David wrote, “Holy and reverend is His name. Blessed be His glorious name. Sing praises to His name. Give Him the glory due His name. For His name shall endure for ever” Psalms.

The Lord Jehovah Became A Son

The tetragrammaton: That is, the four letters YHWH APPEAR IN THE ORIGINAL Scriptures 6823 times. YHWH stood for the secret, unpronounceable name of God. YHWH in English is JHVH, “Jehovah (Jesus).

According to Jonathan’s report, on pages 64-78 of the Archko Volume, the only Lord (Jehovah, in any form of man) descended from heaven with a great multitude of angels (Lk. 2:13). Just before the birth, Jehovah Himself actually became incarnated into Mary’s unborn Son. A moment later Joseph and the mid-wife heard a cry.

Then an angel spoke these words to some shepherds, “Unto you is born this day….Christ the Lord (Jehovah)” (Lk. 2:11 – Isa. 9:6 – 12:2). At that very moment multitudes of angels were circulating overhead, and all around the town of Bethlehem (Lk. 2:13).

Not one bible verse says that God had a co-eternal Son, or that God sent a Son down from Heaven. It is true that God sent forth His Son, but that was 30 years AFTER He was born of a woman (Ga1.4:4).

You can see, therefore, that Mary did NOT carry God in her womb for nine months, as some teach. Instead, God Himself came into her baby just before birth (l Tim. 3:16). THAT is why Isaiah wrote, “A child is born….a son is given…and His name shall be called…The mighty God, The everlasting Father” (Isa. 9:6 – 7:14 – Mat. l:23). “Call His name….God with us” (Mat.1:23).

QUESTION: How could God (in form of man) come into a baby about to be born? If a demon spirit (in the form of a man) can come into a baby then surely God could do it. With Him not one thing is impossible, (Lk. 1:37).

QUESTION: How and why is the Son of God also called GOD and FATHER and LORD? It was the incarnation of the O.T. Lord in the Son that made Him both LORD and Christ (Acts 2:36 – Lk. 2:11).

It was not the Spirit of God in Mary’s unborn Son that made Him God, as some teach. It was the incarnation of Jehovah IN the Son that made Him God (l Tim. 3:16 – 2 Cor. 5:19).

“When (the O.T. Lord) cometh into the world, He said (to omnipresent spirit) a body hast thou prepared for me” (Heb. 10:5). The Father (as spirit) said to the O.T. Lord, “Thou are my Son, this day (the day He was born) have I begotten thee….I will be (not have been) to Him a Father, and He (the O.T. Lord) shall be to me a Son” (Heb.1).

From the above, you can see that the Sonship of the O.T. Lord (Jehovah) started the moment that He came into that baby (the body prepared for Him) (Heb. 10:5). “The Word (God Himself, Jn. 1:1) was made flesh, and dwelt among us” (Jn.1:14). Therefore, the Old Testament Lord and the New Testament Lord is the same identical Person.

Christ the Lord (Jehovah). the Father (omnipresent). the Holy Ghost (om.Spirit).
God exists in TWO ways.

(1) As ONE Person (Jehovah – Christ) now a Son.

(2) As ONE Spirit, everywhere at the same time.

Notice that God is ONE Person and ONE Spirit.

Notice the division of Spirit into TWO parts.

(1) The Father, omnipresent Spirit, cannot be seen.
(2) The Holy Ghost (Spirit-Glory) can be seen.

Christ Jesus is the ONLY Person in this whole universe whom Scripture refers to as ONE Master, ONE Husband, ONE Shepherd, ONE King, ONE Lawgiver, ONE Head, ONE Lord, ONE Father and the ONLY wise God our Saviour (Jude 25 -l Tim. 1:17 –

In 165 A.D. Callistus wrote, “There is one Father and God who is the Creator of this universe, and this very One is now called by the title ‘Son’ A.N.F. v. 5.

One Thing Jesus Does Not Know

Our Lord Jesus is omniscient (all wise). That is, He knows everything that is known, or that can be known.

However, here is one thing that our Lord does NOT know. Christ said this: “Is there a God beside me? yea, there is no God; I know not any I am the first, and I am the last; and beside me there is no God”. Isa. 44:6-8. Three times Jesus said, “I am the first and the last”. Rev. 1:11 – 1:17 -2:8.

Our Lord Jesus Is God Almighty

All Christians know that Jesus is coming back to resurrect his saints, and to establish His Kingdom on earth.

Notice that this One who is to come is GOD HIMSELF. Paul wrote, “We look for the appearing of the Great God…. Jesus Christ”. Tit.2:13. “We are the sons of God….When He appears, we shall….see Him as He is”. l Jn.3:2. Yes, “Our God shall come”. Psa. 50:3. “The Lord God will come”. Isa. 40:10. “The Lord my God shall come”. Zech. 14:5: “Your God will come and save you”. Isa.35:4.

The One who is to come is the ALMIGHTY. Jesus Himself said this, “I am….the Lord which is, and which was, and which is to come, the ALMIGHTY”. Rev. 1:8 – 1:4. “The Lord God ALMIGHTY, which was, and is, and is to come”. Rev.4:8. “We give thee thanks….O Lord God ALMIGHTY, which art, and wast, and art to come”. Rev. 11:17 – 16:5-7. “Even so, come, Lord Jesus”. Rev.22:20.

Jesus is the Author of life, Acts 3:15. He gives life to all, Acts 17:25. Therefore, Job wrote about Christ saying, “The ALMIGHTY has given me life, (33:4) and all mankind”. Job 12.

Balaam prophesied, “I saw the vision of the ALMIGHTY….I shall see Him (again). I shall behold Him (as) a Star out of Jacob (Judah, David and Mary)”. See Numbers 24:16-17.

“They sang….the song of the Lamb, saying, “Lord God ALMIGHTY….thou King of saints….thou ONLY art holy”. Rev.15.

Jesus said to His saints, “I will be (your) God….I….will be a Father unto you, and you shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord ALMIGHTY”. See 2 Cor.6:18.

According to the above, that tall, slender young Man from Nazareth actually was the Lord God ALMIGHTY, the only God that men or angels have seen, or ever will see.

In this book, I have tried to show that Jehovah, the Christ, is the ONE Lord from Gen. 1:l to Rev. 22:21. Therefore, the LORD is both Father and Son – both God and the Son of God, and both God and the Lamb on the same throne.

Who is He on that glorious throne,Who rules the whole universe alone?JESUS

Stephen Did Not See Two Men

“Stephen looked up…..into heaven, and saw the glory of God (the glory IS God) and Jesus standing on the right hand of God (the glory).” Acts 7:55.

God exist three ways: (1) As FATHER (omnipresent Spirit)
(2) as SON, and
(3) as the HOLY GHOST (the visible glory of God). Lev. 9:23 – Num. 14:10.

There Is No Man Above Jesus

As you know, the great majority of Christians honestly believe that the Father of the Son of God is another man, a real person. This little book reveals that Jesus’ Father is NOT a man.

“Jesus Christ….is the….ONLY Potentate (Ruler), the King of kings and Lord of lords. He ONLY has immortality” 1 Tm. 6:15-16.

Jesus is the ONLY Man who has immortality, l Tm. 6:16. If the Father is another Man, then He does not have immortality.

Jesus is the ONLY Man who is King of kings, l Tm.6:15. If the Father is another Man, then He is just one of the kings.

Jesus is the ONLY Man who is Lord of lords, l Tm.6:1-5. If the Father is another Man, then He is just one of the lords.

Jesus is the ONLY Man who is God of gods, Deut. 10:17 . If the Father is another Man, then He is just one of the gods.

Jesus is the ONLY Man who is the only Potentate. l Tm. 6:15. If the Father is another Man, then He is not omnipotent.

Jesus is the ONLY Man who is above all men, Jn.3:31. Col. 1:18. If the Father is another Man, Jesus would be above Him.

Jesus is the ONLY Man that has all the power, Mt.28:18. If the Father is another Man, then He does not have all power.

Jesus is the ONLY Man that is holy, Rev. 15:4. If the Father is another Man, then He is not holy.

Jesus is the ONLY Man who is called the only wise God, l Tm. 1:17. If the Father is another man, then He is not omniscient.

Jesus is the ONLY Man that can walk on the waves of the sea. Job 9:8. If the Father is another Man, then He can’t do that.

Jesus is the Only Man who is called “Everlasting Father” Is.9:6. If the Father is another Man, then He is not an everlasting Father.

Jesus is the ONLY Man who is called “The Lord God Almighty” Rev. l5:3 -11:17 – 4:8 – 1:8. Can the Father be another Man?

Eternal Christ Was – Is The Father

God the Father as Spirit has no form, but His very own person (the Christ) is the Father in form of man.

God said that He was both the Father and the Master, Mal. 1:6. “One is your Master, even Christ” Mat. 23:10.

Isaiah wrote, “Thou, O Lord, art our Father (and) our Redeemer”. 63:16. Our Lord is the only Redeemer. Lk.1:68.

“O Lord, thou art our Father….and our (Creator)” Is. 64:8. Christ is the Creator of all things. Jn. 1:3 – Cl. 2:16.

David wrote, “Thou art my Father, my God and (my) Rock”. Psa. 89:26. Our Lord is the only one called “Rock”. l Cor. 10:4.

“Lord God….our Father….you are the Head above all”. l Ch. 29:10. Jesus is the ONLY Head above all. Jn.3:31.

“There is….one God and Father….who is above all, Eph.4:6. “He that came down from above is above all”. Jn.3:31.

The paragraphs above reveal this secret – That Christ actually is the Father in the form of man. However, Isaiah tells us in plain words that Jesus is the everlasting Father. Isa. 9:6.

Jesus said, “No man has seen God (om. Spirit) at any time”.

“He that has seen me, has seen the Father”. See John 14:9.

“He that seeth me, seeth (the Father) that sent me”. Jn. 12:45.

“Henceforth, you know the Father and have seen Him”. Jn 4.

“Jews have seen and hated both me and my Father”. Jn. 15:24.

John wrote this about Jesus, “You have known the Father who is from the beginning” (before all things). l Jn.2:13.

He that knows who the Son is, knows who the Father is. Lk.

If you know Jesus, then you also know the Father. Jn. 14:7.

If you have known me, you have known my Father also Jn. l4:7.

“(The Jews) have not known the Father, nor me”. Jn.16:3.

To this day, the Jews reject our Lord as Father. They imagine that they can know the Father apart from Him.

“No man cometh unto the Father, but by me”. John 14:6.

“He that learns of the Father, cometh unto me”. Jn.6:45.

John says that the Father is now the Son of man. Jn.5:27.

“(The Father, now a Son) shall save His people”. Mat. 1:21.

The Father is now a Son over His own house. See Heb.3:6.

The Father is Omnipresent Spirit

As we are completely surrounded by air or by water while swimming, so we are completely surrounded by the Spirit of God the Father all of the time. “For in Him we live….and have our being”. Acts 17:28. As Spirit, the Father is everywhere. 1 Kgs. 8:22 – 2 Chr. 2:6 – Psa. 139 Chapter -Jer. 23:23 – Eph. 4:6.

THE MYSTERY VERSE EXPLAINED: “The works that I do shall (you) do also; and greater (far more) works than these shall (you) do; because I go to the Father.” Jn.14:12.

The mystery words are: “Because I go to the Father”. Where is the Father? He is everywhere at the same time. Four times Jesus said, “I am going to the Father”. That is, As the Word, I will be omnipresent with the Father. l Jn. 5:7 – l Cor. 3:16 – 1 Cor. 6:19. As Son of man, I am not omnipresent, but I will be.

Notice that all of these statements mean the same identical thing. The statement, “I go to the Father” means the same as “I will come to you”. “I will manifest myself to you”. I will not leave you”. Jn. 14:18-21.

“I go to my Father” means this, “(I, as Spirit) shall be IN you”. “You in me and I IN you”. Jn. 14:12 thru 21. In other words, when I come to dwell in millions of my saints, YOU shall also be able to do the same works that I am doing.

As that Man from Nazareth, and as the Man of Galilee, our Lord did great and mighty works, but He said, “The works that I do, shall (you) do also….because I go to the Father”. Jn. 14:12. From the time that Christ became omnipresent with the Father He has been doing great and mighty works through millions of His believing saints. Jn.14:10-11-12.

Three times Jesus said, “I and the Father are one”. In other words, Jesus said, I and my Father are ONE person, and I and my Father are ONE Spirit. Though we hold two offices, you cannot separate me from my Father as a Person, or as Spirit. I am the Father in the form of a man, and I am with my Father who is everywhere at the same time”. Jn. 14:12-14:28-16:16.

Each time the Spirit (the Father) said, “My Son” He could have said, “My
Person” or “My very own Person”. Matt. 3:17.

That Is NOT All There Is To It!

We often hear good, honest, sincere Christians say, “Jesus is NOT God”. He is the Son of God. and that is all there is to it.” But that is NOT all there is to it.

The following verses plainly state that Jesus IS GOD; that is, He is the only God in human form. As stated, The Father is God in every place. His Son is God Himself in one place.

Notice that all these verses are in the New Testament: “Jesus Christ….(is) the ONLY wise God” 1 Tim. 1:17. “The ONLY wise God our Saviour….” Jude 25. “They deny the ONLY Lord God….Jesus Christ” Jude 4. “Emmanuel, or God with us” Matt. l:23. “Christ….the everlasting God” Rom.16:26. “The Son….is the true God” l Jn.5:20. Christ is God over all, Rom.9:5.

Luke tells us who Jesus is, “Our God….from on high has visited us” Lk. 1:78. God….visited and redeemed His people Israel” Lk. 1:78. God has visited His people” Lk.7:16. “God….did visit the Gentiles”. Acts 15:14.

“The Word was God…,The Word was made flesh” Jn.1:1-14. “God….took on Him flesh and blood” Heb.2:14. “God….laid down His life for us.” 1 Jn 3:16. “God….gave Himself for us”.

Check these verses to see each if each quotation refers to our own Lord Jesus: “The Lord our God”. Mk. 12:29. “My Lord and my God”. Jn. 20:28. “The God of my fathers”. Acts 24:14. The God who built all things”. Heb.3:4 Jn.1:3. “The living God”. l Tim. 6:17. “Thy throne, O God”. Heb. 1:8.

These quotations show that Jesus IS GOD in all His fullness. “God was manifest IN the flesh”. 1 Tim. 3:16. “God was IN Christ….”. 2 Cor.5:19. Six verses say that God was IN Jesus. Seven times Jesus said that the Father dwelt IN Him. “IN Christ dwelt ALL the fullness of God”. Col. 1:19 -2:9. If the above is true, then, other than the Man Jesus, there is no God in human form, See Isa. 43:10 – Phil. 2:6-8.

Martin Luther said, “Never let thyself be persuaded to seek God elsewhere than IN the Lord Jesus Christ”.

The Son and Father must be styled one God….This Person being one, cannot be two….A.N.F. v. 5, p. 130.


God the Father has always existed as Spirit (everywhere) ALSO as Jehovah–the Christ. When our Lord became incarnated in that Holy Thing (Lk.1:35) the Spirit became His Father, Heb. 1:5.

Therefore, Jesus Christ is NOT A JEW. God is His Father. The Man Jesus is NOT half man and half God. He is both GOD AND MAN. He is NOT a hybrid, nor a demigod,

AS GOD the Holy One, He came down from heaven, John 3:31. As a MAN, He came forth from a woman, Gal.4:4.

AS A MAN, Jesus is God in one place, but as Spirit, He is God in every place, Jer. 23:23 – l Jn.5:7.

AS A MAN, He was lonely, but He said, “The Father (omnipresent Spirit) has not left me alone”, Jn.8:29.

AS A MAN, He prayed to His Father (the om. Spirit) but as GOD, He answers the prayers of millions, Jn.14:13.

AS A MAN, He was tempted in all points as we are, but as GOD, He alone was holy – without sin, Rev. 15:4.

GOD ALONE can forgive sins, Isa. 43:25. Jesus forgave sins, and the Jews said, “He blasphemes. Who can forgive sins but God only” Mk. 2:7.

AS A MAN, He slept in a boat, but as GOD, He arose and spoke to the raging winds, and they obeyed Him, Mk. 4:41.

AS A MAN, He got tired and needed rest, but as GOD, He said to fifty billion (alive and not yet born), “Come unto me…. and I will give you rest” Mt. 11:28.

AS A MAN He said, “I can do nothing….” (Jn.5:19). But as GOD, He is still saying, “Without me you can do nothing”

AS A MAN, He could do nothing (Jn.5:19) but as GOD, He had all power in heaven and earth, Mat. 28:18.

AS A MAN, Jesus walked to His destination, but as GOD, He would suddenly disappear, and then appear somewhere else, 1 Cr. 15:5 – Mat. 26:32 – Jn. 8:59 – Lk. 4:30.

His Mighty Power As GOD

AS A MAN, He ate common food which we eat today, but as GOD, He could have brought down manna – angel’s food.

AS A MAN, Jesus had to eat and keep warm or perish, but as GOD, He fed and clothed all the people on earth.

AS A MAN, He dressed in common cloth, but as GOD, He could have dressed in gold leaf and silver, made without hands.

AS A MAN, He wept at Lazarus’ grave, but as GOD, He raised him up from the dead. See John 11:44.

AS A MAN, Jesus was arrested as though He were a criminal, but as GOD, He could have called 12 legions of angels to help Him, Mat. 26:53.

AS A MAN, He appeared to be cool and calm, but as GOD, He has majestic and dramatic beyond any man who ever lived.

AS A MAN, Jesus was quiet and mild, but as GOD, everything He said or did was sensational and exciting.

We talk from babyhood until we die, but the most sublime words we utter are those that exact Jesus.

Christ was the only person of God in O.T. times, not a son.

The Word was God, not a son. The Word became a son. Jn. 1:1.

In O.T. times Jesus was God the Saviour, not a son. Is. 45:21.

He was God the Redeemer of Israel, not a son. Isaiah 44:6.

In O.T. times Jesus was God the Rock, not a son. 2 Sam. 22:32.

AS GOD, He laid aside His power for thirty years, but as a MAN, He received it all back again, Mat.28:18,

AS A BABY, He could not walk or talk, but as GOD, He had created all the worlds and suns of the universe.

Exalting Jesus as the CREATOR will do more to build faith IN HIM than anything else you can say.

Not many appreciate the works of nature until they discover that the Creator of nature actually walked on earth as a Man.

All nature was as obedient to Jesus’ words as a slave to his master. The elements, in His hands, were as clay in the hands of the potter.

What Men Did To God

Not many know that our CREATOR was stricken, smitten, afflicted ,wounded, bruised, whipped ,nailed to a cross, and cut off in death FOR US, Isa.53.

Though He was crucified as a criminal, He now controls destiny of all nations. He holds the whole world in His hand, and of His coming kingdom on earth there will be NO END.

Men put to death the only One who can save men from death. Men took the life of Him who had given life to all men.

This One who had healed them and stopped their pain was wounded, and made to suffer pain and agony.

Though He was the judge of all men, yet men judged Him as guilty. Though He had established the law on Sinai, they slew Him as a law-breaker.

Though He was absolutely faultless, and the most sacred Being that ever walked on earth, yet wicked men hated and cursed Him without a cause, Psa. 22.

ONE HAD TO DIE. A choice was made between Jesus and Barabbas. One was the most noble man ever born of a woman. No doubt the other was more base and vile than any man ever born of a woman. Jesus was the Lion of the tribe of Judah (Rev. 5:5) yet Lion was led as a Lamb to the slaughter, Acts 8:32.

While He hung on Calvary the soldiers took all that He owned; that is, His clothes and His seamless robe, Jn. 19:23.

HOW STRANGE that the King of Heaven should suffer agony and die. The Ancient of days was cut off in the midst of His days, Dan.9:27. His throne on earth was a cross of wood.

A Bible teacher wrote, “GOD visited His creatures….but behold what they did to Him. They slew their benefactor. They returned evil for good. The judge of all men was judged by men. He who frees men from sin was bound by men. He who stretched out the heavens was stretched out on a cross. They held with nails the very One who held the worlds in place. Heb. 1.

WHAT MEN DID TO HIM was horrible indeed, but what He did for men was great, and grand, and glorious.

What God Did For Men

TWO VEILS – the veil of His flesh, and the veil in the temple. Both veils were torn at the same moment while He hung on the cross. Mat. 27:51 – Heb. 10:20.

THE CREATOR OF MEN veiled Himself in flesh and died for each one of us. That is, He took our place in death.

His death and shed blood redeemed and bought back the whole human race from endless death and the grave.

THE CREATOR of all men gave His dead body in exchange for 100 billion dead bodies. See John 6:51.

HOW STRANGE! The very Author of life became a living man, and then gave up His life for us, Jn. 6:51 – Ac. 3:15.

Our Maker pulled back the curtain of ETERNITY, stepped out on the stage of TIME, and sacrifice Himself for all men.

Millions of our soldiers have died to keep us FREE, but our Lord died and shed His blood to set us FREE from sin, also to set us FREE from death and the grave.

The Jews said that He could not save Himself. However, by His death He saved all men from death and the grave.

Two of His disciples said that He died in vain; that all was lost. Instead, all was gained-the greatest victory ever known.

While He was on the cross and in the tomb, evil men, demons, and Satan rejoiced with great joy, Eph. 4:8. BUT, He arose triumphant over death, and over all evil powers, Col. 2:15.

Because of His death on Calvary, you and I will be raised from death with a glorified body, and our life will never end.

From a NATURAL standpoint, Jesus was the victim of the most cruel and criminal injustice that this world has ever known.

From a SPIRITUAL standpoint, what He accomplished for us on Calvary was so great and glorious that we can never thank Him enough.

For all the great things Jesus has done for us, we will praise and exalt Him now, and in the ages to come.

Our Lord is unique, for ever the Great Unlike, glorious and majestic above all, and worthy of all our adoration.

Do Many Exalt Jesus As O.T. Lord?

YES, JESUS IS LORD. But in all the years that you have attended church services, did you ever hear a minister come right out and say that Jesus was the ONE Lord and Father in form of man in O.T. times? THAT Jesus created this world, the sun and all the stars? THAT Jesus created Adam in His own image? THAT Jesus is the creator of the human race? THAT Jesus was the ONE Lord whom Moses, David and Isaiah wrote about?

Did you ever hear any one say THAT Jesus appeared in the form of a man 43 times during the Old T. period? THAT Jesus appeared to Moses as the angel in the bush? Exo. 3:2. THAT Jesus appeared to Abraham as the Almighty God? Gen. 17:1. THAT Jesus appeared to Daniel in the lion’s den? Dan. 6:22. THAT Jesus appeared with the three Hebrews in the fiery furnace? Dan.6:22. THAT Jesus wrestled with Jacob? Gen. 32:24. THAT Jesus was the Angel of death to the firstborn in Egypt, Exo. 12:12 and THAT Jesus was the angel who brought death to 185,000 Assyrians in a single night? Isa. 37.

STOP AND THINK: In all the years you have attended church meetings, did you ever hear any minister say THAT Jesus told Noah to build the Ark? THAT Jesus brought the flood upon the earth? THAT Jesus raised up Abraham, Isaac and the 12 tribes of Jacob to worship Him? THAT Jesus brought the ten plagues on the Egyptians? THAT Jesus delivered three million Israelites from Egypt? THAT Jesus parted the Red Sea and the Jordan for them? THAT Jesus gave the law to Moses? THAT the voice of Jesus shook the earth?

Did you ever hear anyone teach THAT Jesus was with Israel in the wilderness? THAT Jesus won many battles for His people Israel? THAT Jesus caused the sun to stand still for a day? THAT Jesus often caused the earth to quake? THAT Jesus performed every single one of the Old T. miracles? THAT Jesus is the author of all Scripture in both the Old and New Testaments? THAT Jesus was the ONLY TRUE GOD worshipped by men and angels in O.T. times? THAT Jesus was the ONE Lord to whom all the Old T. believers prayed?
He Often Appeared In O.T. Times

A thrilling thing usually happens when any one sees the Lord Jesus. It is an unforgettable event. When He appears to any one it is either a glorious, sensational experience, or a terrible, physical ordeal.

Here is a quick review of what happened to men when our Lord Jesus drew near to them, or appeared. Fear and trembling came upon them. Their minds reeled. Their bones quaked, and they shook and shuddered. They turned pale, and the hairs of their body stood up. They were overwhelmed and unable to move at all. Some felt a physical pain, or pangs like a woman in travail. Others swooned, or fainted, or went into a deep sleep,

What Caused Men To Fall Down?

When the wise men saw the baby Jesus they fell down. Mt. 2:11.

Unclean spirits fell down before Jesus and cried out. Mk. 3:11.

When Paul saw Jesus he fell down and became blind. 1 Cr.15:8.

When John saw Jesus he fell down as one who was dead. R. 1:17.

When Daniel saw Him he fell down on his face in a faint. When Ezekiel saw Jesus he fell down on his face. Eze. 3:23.

Those who fell down when Jesus appeared did not intend to fall. They fell because they could not help it.

When that mob saw Jesus in the garden, they all fell down.

When that mule saw Jesus, she fell down under Balaam. 22:27.

When Balaam saw Jesus, he fell flat on his face. Num.22:31.

When David saw the Angel (Jesus), he fell on his face. 1 Cr.21:16.

Peter and John saw Jesus transfigured and fell on their faces.

The 24 elders fell down at His feet and sang a song. Rev.5:8.

Many good people fell down at the feet of Jesus. New Test.

If holy men of old fell down when they saw Jesus, then surely all evil men will fall down when they see Him.

In the O.T. our Lord said, “Unto me every knee shall bow”. Is.45.

Again, “As I live….every knee shall bow unto me”. Rm. 14:11.

“At the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of (all) in heaven and (all) on earth”. Phil.2:1 – Isa. 45:23.

The Beauty and Majesty of the Man Jesus

Many writers of Scripture often speak of His glory, beauty and majesty. Ps. 27:4. David said, “To Him belongs honor, majesty and beauty,” Ps. 96:6. He is clothed with….majesty” Ps, 104:1. Job said that our Lord (Jesus) can clothe himself with majesty, glory and beauty, 40:10. “With Him is terrible majesty.”

When Jesus was transfigured, Peter James and John saw His face shining like the sun, Mat. 17:2. Paul saw Jesus in a light that was above the brightness of the sun, Acts 22:13. John saw Jesus and His face was as the shining sun, and His eyes were as a flame of fire, Rev. 1:14-16. When Daniel saw Jesus His face had the appearance of lightning, and His eyes were as fire, Dan,
If men dare not look at the sun, how much less could they look at Jesus who is brighter than the sun? He is for ever the Great Unlike, glorious and majestic, far above men and angels,

Paul declares that no man can approach the fearful, blinding light in which Jesus dwells. Without a vail of flesh (Heb. 10:20) no man has seen, or can see Him, l Tim. 6:16. Jehovah (the Christ) told Moses, “You cannot see my face: for no (natural) man can see me and live” Ex. 33:20.

Because of the fierce, blinding light in which Jesus dwells His person glitters like Jewels in a bright light. His person flashes like a topaz gem, (Eze. Am. Trans.). He is an object of dread to His angels. Even the seraphim covered their faces and feet from His terrific, burning brightness, Isa. 6:2. Without a doubt our wonderful Lord is the most colorful, flashing object of beauty and majesty ever seen by men or angels.

Isaiah said that we will see the King in His beauty, 33:17. He will be a diadem of beauty (Isa.28:5) the perfection of beauty (Ps. 50.1:2) beautiful and glorious, (Isa. 4:2) so grand and majestic there is no one to compare with Him, (Isa. 46:5).

The coming of Jesus to resurrect or change His saints will be a glorious climax and the grand finale of this age. It will be the most spectacular event since this world began.

During the 1000 year kingdom on earth, natural people will see Jesus as He was after He arose from the dead but the resurrected, glorified saints will be able to see through the vail of His flesh. We will see Jesus as He really is in all of His shining, flashing splendor, l Jn.3:2-Hb. 10:20-Mat. 17:2.


In many Bible verses the two words POWER and GLORY appear in the same verse. In order to show that our Lord does all of His miracles and mighty works by means of His GLORY (Spirit) I will quote a few of these verses.

Jesus dwells in the GLORY which is so bright that no man can approach Him. “To Him be honor and POWER.” l Tim. 6:16.

“To the only wise God our Saviour, be GLORY and majesty, dominion and POWER, both now and for ever. Amen” Jude 25.

“Thine, O Lord is the greatness, the POWER, the GLORY, and the victory, and the majesty” l Chr. 29:11.

“Worthy is the Lamb….to receive POWER….and riches, and wisdom…,and honor, and GLORY and blessing.” Rev. 5:12.

“Thou art worthy, O Lord (Jesus), to receive GLORY and honor and POWER, for you created all things.” Rev. 4:11.

The word “POWER”, meaning the supernatural power of His Spirit, appears over 100 times. Christ said, “Not by (your) might or power, but by my Spirit (that is, by my glory).” Zec. 4:6.

Many in heaven will say to Jesus, “Alleluia….GLORY and honor, and POWER be unto the Lord our God. Rev. 19:1.

Every creature….in heaven, and earth….said, “GLORY, and POWER, be unto (Jesus) that sits on the throne.” Rev. 5:13.

All the angels said, “Blessing, and GLORY, and wisdom….and POWER, be unto the Lord our God for ever and ever.” 7:12.

Instead of using His hands to do His work, our Lord uses His glory to do miracles and supernatural work. For instance, when Jesus changed the water into wine, He manifested forth His GLORY, or as we would say, His POWER, Jn. 2:11. When Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead He displayed His GLORY, that is, His POWER. Jn. 11:40.

Paul often said that the Spirit of Christ is the POWER of God, 1 Cor. 1:24 Rom.l:4. “Mighty signs and wonders (were done) by the POWER of the Spirit” Rom.15:9. “The Holy Ghost….(is) the POWER of the Highest”, Lk. 1:35.

HOW Our Lord Did Most Miracles

“The WORD was God”, Jn. 1:1. Christ the WORD spoke words and His omnipresent Spirit brought atoms together an created every thing that was made, Jn. 1:1 – Col. 1:16.

To us, a miracle is a mysterious work which we do not understand. The moment we discover how it was done, it is no longer a miracle.

In the first place, our Lord made all things with atoms. There are about 100 different kinds of atoms. The fill all matter and space. The air (wind) and the ether waves are made up of atoms. They are packed so close together that they can be likened to a telephone wire. That is, scientists can use the atoms of the atmosphere or ether waves to send messages for millions of miles.

Every created thing, visible or invisible, and every thing that we can see, hear, touch, taste or smell is made up of atoms, Heb.11:3.

This is the way that our Lord did most of His miracles: By collecting invisible atoms in one place, He suddenly produced visible things, such as food, or water, or oil, or fire, or soil, or salt, or wine, or blood, new eyes, new ears, new flesh, a budding rod, etc., Rom. 1:20.

To any substance, Jesus can add, or subtract, or exchange atoms. He performed many miracles by adding atoms to a substance, such as turning water into wine, or water into blood, Exo. 7:20-25. By adding one certain atom to lead He could make pure gold. Jn.1:3 – Col.1:15.

By subtracting atoms from a substance, our Lord turned rocks into dust, Josh. 6:6-20. He turned solid ground into a cloud of dust, Num. 16:32. By changing the atoms of His body Jesus could disappear (Lk. 24:31) or walk through walls of stone, Lk. 24:36.

Our Lord Jesus performs most of His miracles by means of His power to change the natural laws of nature, and to do that which is supernatural. When He reverses His own existing laws, and suddenly creates something new, THAT is a miracle.

THE MOST EXCITING EVENT: When the Creator of men became a baby, it was the most thrilling historical event since He made this world over three billion years ago. John l:10 – 1:3 – Col. 1:15-18.

The Father is Omnipresent Spirit He is NOT a man. Therefore our Lord Jesus is the Supreme Being – the only living, walking, talking Person of God.

Jesus Spoke And It Was Done

Jesus spoke to a sick man and he became well. Matthew 9:6.

He spoke to a well man and he became sick. Acts 12:23.

Jesus spoke to a blind man and he could see. Mark 8:23.

He spoke to seeing men and they became blind. 2 Kings 6:18.

Jesus spoke and a man’s servant was healed of palsy. Mt.9:2.

He spoke and the servant of Elisha became a leper. 2 Kings 5:27.

Jesus spoke and a man with a withered hand was healed. Mk.3:5.

He spoke and the hand of a king became withered. 1 Kings 13:4.

Jesus spoke to a dumb man and he could talk. Matthew 9:33.

He caused Zecharias to be dumb so he could not talk. Lk. 1:20.

Jesus spoke to a deaf man and he could hear and talk. Mk. 7:35.

He spoke to a crippled man and he could walk. John 5:8.

It was Jesus who said this: “Who made man’s mouth? Who made the dumb, the deaf, the seeing, or the blind? Have not I the Lord?” Exo.4:11.

I afflict and make well. I wound and I heal. I kill and I make alive. Deu. 32:39-1 Samuel 2:6.

Jesus spoke to a fever and it left a woman’s body. Lk.4:39.

He spoke to one bent over and she stood straight. Lk. 13:12.

Jesus spoke to a dead girl, and she lived again. Mk.5:42.

He spoke to a dead stick and it became alive. Numbers 17:8.

Jesus spoke to a live fig tree and it died. Matthew 21:19.

He spoke to a dead man and he became alive. John 11:43.

Jesus spoke to a raging sea and it became calm. Matthew 8:26.

He spoke to a calm sea and it began to rage. Jonah 1:4.

Jesus spoke to a gourd vine and it grew in a night. Jonah 4:6.

Then He spoke to a worm and it cut down the vine. Jonah 4:7.

Jesus spoke to a fish and it picked up a coin. Matthew 17:27.

He spoke to another fish and it picked up a man. Jonah 1:17.

How very wonderful! When our Lord speaks to any thing, it obeys His voice. For instance, He spoke to demons, dead men and dumb creatures. He spoke to inert objects, the elements, and to atoms, and ALL obeyed His voice.

Today, Jesus is speaking to these things through His saints, and they obey our voice. Our Lord spoke with authority, and we speak with HIS authority. That is, we speak in HIS name.

Believe And See His Miracles

Every one of these wonderful promises was made directly to YOU.

“Whatsoever you ask (that is, command) in my name, that will I do. . . If you shall ask (i. e. command) anything in my name I will do it (Jo. 14:13).

“If two….agree on earth as touching anything they….ask (for), it shall be done” (Mat. 18:19). Note: Jesus Himself said, “It shall be done.”

“If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, you shall ask what you will and it shall be done unto you” (John 15:7).

“What things soever you desire, when you pray. Believe that you receive them, and you shall have them” (Mark 11:24). “All things, whatsoever you shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive” (Mat. 21:22).

“(If he) shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he says shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he says” (Mk. 11:23).

“With His stripes we ARE healed” (Isaiah 53:5).

“He bore our pains and our diseases” (Isa. 53:4 RV).

“He took our weaknesses and bore our sickness” (Mt.)

“Lay hands on the sick and they shall recover” (Mk.)

“He sent His Word (promise) and healed them” (Ps.)

“I am the Lord that healeth thee’ (Exodus 15:26).

“Serve the Lord…and I will take sickness away” “He healeth all (a-l-l) thy diseases” (Psalms 103:3).

“The Lord delivereth him out of them all” (Ps. 34:19).

“The Lord shall raise him up; (i.e. heal him)” (Ja.)

“Thy sins are forgiven.” “Arise, take up thy bed” (Mt.)

“Whatsoever you ask in my name, that will I do.” “If you ask (healing) in my name,I will do it” (14:14).

Jesus redeemed us from the curse of sickness (De28ch).

He has made us free from sin and sickness (Gal. 5:1).

All The Dead Will Live Again

THE COMING RESURRECTION of all the dead is one of the most important doctrines in the entire Bible, Heb.6:2.

It is the most thrilling and comforting message ever heard by mortal ear. To die is horrible, but to be made alive will be the greatest thing that can happen to any one.

A LITERAL RESURRECTION of all who have been dead for a short time, or for hundreds of years, will be a grand exhibition of our Lord’s mighty power.

Jesus will raise ALL the dead. He said, “I am the resurrection and the life” Jn. 11:25. “By Adam came death, by Christ (will) come the resurrection of the dead” 1 Cor.15:21. “In (by) Christ ALL shall be made alive” 1Cor.15:22. “(He) makes alive whom He will” Jn.5:21.

WHEN JESUS COMES He will resurrect His sleeping saints first, then change His living saints, l Cor. 15:51 – 1 Th. 4:17. Soon after that, there will be a gradual resurrection of ALL the unsaved dead, Jn.5:29-Dan.12 – Acts 24:15-Isa.26:19. As rapidly as the unsaved are raised up, they will be judged by the saints. See 1 Cor.6:2-1 Jude 15.

GLORIOUS PROMISES by Him who can’t lie, Heb.6:18. “Marvel not at this: for the hour is coming, in the which ALL that are (asleep) in the graves shall hear (My) voice, and shall come forth….” Jn. 5:28. “Many that sleep in the dust shall awake….” Dan. 12:2.

“AWAKE AND SING, you that dwell (sleep) in the dust, for….the earth shall cast out the dead….Dead men shall live, together with my dead body shall they arise” Isa.26:l9. “The earth….shall no more cover her slain”

OUR LORD PROMISED, “I will ransom them from the power of the grave. I will redeem them from death. O death….O grave, I will be your destruction” Hos. 13:14.

THE COMING RESURRECTION of all who have died will be glorious beyond words to explain. In the ages to come we will talk about it, and sing about our Lord’s wonderful plan for us.

He Made All The Bible Promises

Christ the Lord made this world (Jn. 1:10) and all mankind, Isa. 45:12. He is the Author of all Scripture and all the promises in the Bible. 1 Pet. 1:23.

FOR INSTANCE: Jesus is still saying to all who obey and serve Him, “All who continue to talk to me for a few minutes each day will inherit this world and all its riches, Psa. 37:9. All who continue to seek my face and my will shall inherit my coming kingdom on earth, Dan. 7:27. All who draw real close to me and talk to me, and come to know me as an intimate friend shall rule and reign with me for 1000 years on earth. Rev. 5:10-3:11. All who exalt me and preach my Gospel now will become priests (Rev. 1:6) that is, teachers, pastors, and evangelists in my kingdom, Eph. 4:11. Those who are careful to keep my commandments will become judges. After the resurrection they will execute judgement upon all the ungodly.

Our glorified Lord has promised to give us a glorified body like His own, Phil. 3:21. It will be a bright shining body the cannot be hurt by an injury, or by heat, or by cold, Dan. 12:3. We will have no need of food, water, sleep, or rest. Our body will have no need of blood, or air to breath, or natural clothing. Instead we will wear a beautiful shekinah robe. (Glory in different colors) Rev. 10:1. Like the angels we will be filled with His glory light. We can move about without walking, or ascend and descend. Like the angels we can disappear and appear at some other place.

Jesus made many promises concerning the rewards He will give us in the next life, Rev. 22:12. To those who overcome He will give a crown of glory (a white halo over the head) that will never fade, 1 Pet. 5:4. We will walk with Jesus clothed with a robe of white glory, Rev. 3:4. During the 1000 year kingdom, we will live in mansions in paradise, Rev. 2:7 – Jn. 14:2. However, our work will be on earth.

The above reveals that our great rewards in the next life depends entirely on how close we walk with Jesus in this life.

Angels Worship Jesus On His Throne

Notice the singular: His face….His name….His servants. “The throne of God and the Lamb shall be in the New Jerusalem; and His servants shall serve Him. They shall see His face; and His name shall be intheir
foreheads”. Rev. 22:3-4.

Micajah said, “I saw the Lord sitting on His throne and all the angels of heaven standing….” 1 Kg. 22:19 – 1 Pt. 3:22.

Ezra said, “His throne is inestimable. His glory cannot be borne. Before the hosts of angels stand trembling.” Apo.

“I saw a great white throne, and Him that sat on it. From His face heaven and earth fled away” Rev. 20:11.

Daniel said, “His throne was like a fiery flame….and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before Him.” Dan. 7:10.

Isaiah said, “I saw the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and (glory) filled the temple” 6:15-Jn. 12:41.

John said, “One (not two) sat on the throne….and there was a rainbow round about the throne….”. Rev. 4:3-10:1.

Study Rev. 4:3 – 4:9 – 21:5-6. Every one of these verses speak of ONE person on one throne. And in every case that ONE Person is Christ the Lord. Rev. 3:21 – 4:2 – 7:10.

Our Lord tells us that His throne and His Father’s throne is the same identical throne. Jesus speaks of that ONE throne as His throne, Rev. 3:21. Six times He said, “My Father dwells IN me” Jn. 14th chapter. “I am set down with my Father in His throne” Rev. 3:21.

In these verses the one God is spoken of as God and the Lamb. Therefore, God and the Lamb are the same identical person. See Rev. 7:10-14:4-15:3-19:6-7-21:22-22:3.

These verses identify Jesus as the ONE on the throne: “A throne was set in heaven, and ONE sat on the throne” Rev. 4:2. And that ONE is Jesus, Rev. 3:21. Glory and honor to HIM that lives for ever” Only Jesus lives for ever, Rev. 1:18 – 4:10. Four angels identify the ONE on the throne. They said, “Lord God Almighty who was, and is, and is to come” Rev. 4:8. “He that sat upon the throne said, “It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end….” Rev. 21:6-7 – 1:8. Therefore, the one who sits on the ONE throne in the New Jerusalem is Jesus.

Jesus Is Our Only Object Of Worship

I sincerely believe that it is a great error to attempt to worship the Father as though He were another Man apart from Christ the Lord. Why? Because it takes away the glory, honor, worship and praise that belongs to Jesus.

As stated the Father exists as omnipresent Spirit, also as our Lord in the form of man. We dare not worship the Father AS Spirit.

The word “WORSHIP” means to honor, glorify and reverence with great respect. Over 50 verses in the N.T. tell us that individuals, small groups, and crowds worshiped Christ the Lord, Lk. 24:52 – 1 Cor. 15:6. A countless multitude of angels worshiped Him as a baby. Lk. 2:10-13.

The following verses reveal that HE is our sole object of worship. They show that of all the men and angels in this universe. ONLY Jesus is worthy of adoration and worship.

The Spirit often spoke through the prophets saying, “Worship the Lord” Psa. 96:9. “You shall worship no other God, for the Lord….is a jealous God” Exo. 34:14. Exalt and worship the Lord, Psa. 99:5-9. “Worship Him who made the earth” Rev. 14:7. Jesus made the earth, John 1:10. Worship Him who lives for ever” Rev. 4:l0. Only Jesus lives for ever, Rev. 1:18-4:9-5:14-

The om. Spirit said, “Let all the angels of God worship Him” Heb. 1:5-6. David wrote about His second coming, “All nations whom you have made shall come and worship before you” Psa. 86:9. “All the kindred’s of the nations shall worship before you” Psa. 22:27. “All the earth shall worship you” Psa.66:4.

The wrong method of prayer and worship.

As you know, about 90% of all Christians worship the Father as being a man, apart from Jesus. They even pray to the Father as being a man seated on a throne in heaven. THAT can’t be done because Jesus said so. In plain words He said, “I am the Way….no man cometh unto the Father, but by ME” Jn.14:6. In other words, “I am the Way to God, and you can’t pray to the Father, unless you talk directly to ME.”

In Jn.10:1, Jesus said, as it were, “I am the Door to God. He that tries to contact God the Father in some other way is a thief and a robber” Jn. 10:7-8. “Enter in by ME, Jn. 10:9. Come unto ME, Jn. 7:37. Call on ME, Jn. 14:13. Ask of ME, John 14:14, Seek ME, Mat. 7:7. Pray to ME, Lk. 10:2. Draw near to ME Mat 15 :8.

The only way that we can draw near to Jesus in a close, personal, intimate way is to talk to Him. That is, pray often every day. Tell Jesus about every problem, little or big. For every good thing that happens say, “Thank you Jesus”.

A parable has a hidden meaning.

The term: “Ask the Father in my name” is a parable. See margin of Jn. 16:25 & 29. When Jesus said, “Ask the Father IN MY NAME” He meant this: “CALL ON MY NAME”. For proof read Jn. 16:24 to 29. Jesus is the one Lord, Mk. 12:29. Thirty one bible verses command us to “Call on the Lord by calling on His name-JESUS, Acts 4:12-Rom.

Except two doubtful cases every prayer in the New Testament was spoken directly to Jesus. Not one disciple prayed. “Father God we come to you in the name of your dear Son”. Not one of them prayed, and then said, “In Jesus’ name we pray”.

The Old Testament Lord is actually incarnated in the Son of God. Study John 14:10-11-13. When we call on Jesus, we are praying to the Father in the form of a man.

All of Jesus’ followers prayed directly to Him. Notice: Stephen called on God and said, “Lord Jesus” Acts 7:59. When Paul cried out, “Who are you?” The Lord said, “I am Jesus” Acts 22:8. “The saints….in every place call upon the name of Jesus our Lord”. l Cr. 1:2.

The so-called “Lord’s prayer” was NOT His prayer because Jesus was not praying. His disciples said, “Lord, teach us (how) to pray” Lk. 11:2, And He did. Jesus directed every word of it Himself. Read it in Luke 11:1 to 5.

As stated, about 90% of all Christians pray to the Father as being another man, apart from Jesus. Because Luke 11:1-4 and John 16 :23 is not understood, they have never yet spoken one word directly to Jesus.

As a rule, all of the born again, Spirit filled sons of God pray only to Jesus. As a result, they have a much deeper spiritual experience than those Christians who have never spoken so much as one word to Jesus.

We Should Praise The Lord Jesus

Here are seven basic, fundamental doctrines which ALL Christians should believe: (1) that Jesus is Lord (2) that He was born of a virgin (3) that His blood cleanses from sin (4) that He arose from the dead in body form (5) that Jesus is coming soon to raise His saints from their sleep of death (6) that he will establish His 1000 year kingdom on earth, and (7) that we should exalt, praise and worship Him alone.

Since time and creation started, there has never been any one to worship or praise apart from Jehovah, the Christ. He created all thinking and talking creatures in such a manner that they might come to know, love and praise HIM.

There has never been a time when a glorious praise service is needed in every church service as it is today. Ringing testimonies and lively choruses keep the saints on the firing line. They will restore the lukewarm, the backslider and even win the unsaved.

Congregations grow rapidly when the saints are encouraged to testify and to exalt Jesus. His word tells pastors to:

“Let the saints exalt the Lord in the congregation….and praise Him in the assembly of the elders” P. 107:32. “Let the redeemed of the Lord say so….and give thanks unto Him” Psa. 107:2. “Let the saints praise the name of the Lord, for His name alone is excellent….” Psa. 148:5.

Is it possible to praise the Lord too much; that is, over do it? NO. When you praise the Lord, lift Him up as high as you can, and even then you will come far short.

David wrote, “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord….Make a loud noise” Psa. 98:4. “Clap your hands, all you people, shout unto (Jesus) with a voice of triumph” Psa. 47:1. “Lift up your hands….bless the Lord” Psa. 134:2. Sing praises unto (Jesus) in the congregation of the saints….Let them praise His name in the dance. Let them sing….unto Him with the timbrel and harp” Psa. 149:1-3. “Praise Him with the sound of the trumpet….the psaltery….stringed instruments….organs….loud cymbals….and high sounding cymbals” Psa. 150:3-5. Jesus said, “Rejoice….leap for joy; for behold, your reward is great” Lk. 6:23.

Enoch wrote, “I blessed the Lord of Majesty and the King of all ages.” Ch. 12. Yes, He is glorious beyond description by the pens of men or the tongues of angels.

(The above material was published by Bible Truths Restored, Council Bluffs, Iowa.)
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