Time Management

Time Management
By: Rebecca Watson

I. Essentially everyone is given the same amount of time

A. Make the most of your time

1. Have direction. Have a schedule.

2. Live life purposefully

B. Don’t allow every little problem to interrupt your schedule

1. Stay focused

2. Have something to keep you on track

3. Don’t just drift

C. Live everyday to its fullest

1. Make your life worthwhile

2. Too many people die before they’re put in the grave


II. Going for the G*O*L*D*

A. Obtaining the “gold” requires successful time management

1. Olympists work 5-7 days a week for 4 years straight to
obtain the gold medal.

B. It’s going to cost us something to see the will of God

1. Christians should be more willing to sacrifice than anyone

2. Doing God’s will is worth putting forth any effort.

C. Time Management is the key to fulfilling God’s will for your
life – the GOLD.


III. (Gold) Goals – must have in order to reach maximum potential

A. Four types of goals: spiritual, family, financial, and social

B. How to start managing your time

1. Get alone for a few hours

2. First list your lifetime goals, then break down into 5
years, 1 year, and monthly.

3. Be specific and realistic.

4. Write out your steps to accomplish your goals – many fall
short of this.

5. Name deadline – flesh likes to coast

6. Develop roads around the obstacles

a. Plan in case of obstacles

b. Don’t be taken off guard

7. Visualize yourself successfully reaching your goals.

8. Persist with a will to win *Phil. 4:13

C. Be sure your goals are God’s goals.

1. Spend time in the Word and prayer.

2. Be willing to conform to God’s plan.


IV. (gOld) Organizing priorities – most important goal to reach

A. Learn how to organize priorities.

B. Framework for priorities.

1. God – Matt. 22:36-40

a. If we’re too busy to pray, we’re too busy.

b. Learn to eliminate from your schedule and delegate to

2. People – Matt. 22:36-40

a. Immediate family *I Tim. 5:8

* spouse – Eph. 5:21,22,25

* children – Eph. 6:4

b. Family of God *Jn. 13:35

c. Non-christians *Gal. 6:10

3. Material things *III Jn. 2


V. (goLd) List your activities

A. A list makes goals and things to do easier to remember.

1. Make a monthly list.

a. Analyze previous month’s accomplishments.

b. List items by priority.

2. Make a daily list.

a. Be specific.

b. Be realistic.

c. Keep time and location in mind.

d. Calendars are an extension of the memory.
B. To do lists are the common denominator among successful


VI. (golD) Do it now.

A. Take control of your time and life.

B. Set direction and establish your life’s course.

C. You can make the most of your time, if you go for the

(The above material was written for Apostolic Information

Christian Information Network