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  Transforming Power of Engrafting God’s W | Carole Keller | 19135
Keller expertly shares the power of Scripture to aid people in overcoming the various pains in their lives. By making a point, buttressing it with Scripture, and then applying that point to real life, the author successfully shares “Engrafting the Word of God,” “Meditating for Success,” “Finding the Knowledge of God,” and “Relationship with the King.” Accessible and inspiring for new saints and veteran believers.
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  Free At Last | Carole Keller | 19488
The author offers 10 steps that share principles of righteousness with the downhearted and depressed so that they might welcome the light of Christ into their lives, be they Christian or otherwise. The 10 steps (including: Confessing faults, Transforming the mind, Loving yourself, Redemption and deliverance) apply to adults and children. “Free at Last should hold a special place in every pastor’s library. It is a necessity for the desk of every Christian counselor. I have never read such a complete guide for healing of the afflictions of our times.” -Pastor Anthony Tamel, Parkway Apostolic Church, Wisconsin
Regular Price: $21.00 [SPIRALBND]