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Haney, K 05 CD Heritage | Kenneth Haney | 16595
I Claim Jesus First of All * When Jesus Breaks the Morning * Poor Rich Man * I Bowed on My Knees * Heaven * There’s a Beautiful Home * Great Speckled Bird * Where the Roses Never Fade * Keep on the Firing Line * It Is No Secret Southern
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Irresistible Wave of Revival | Kenneth Haney | 15439
Our General Superintendent casts his vision for the Apostolic movement. As in the Book of Acts, God’s church is stepping forward with a special burst of power and the demonstration of His Spirit that will again enable His people to turn the world upside down! This book delineates the points needed to overwhelm society with God’s power.
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Baptism of Fire Hc | Kenneth Haney | 12271
Many historians believe that one-half of the world’s population embraced the doctrine of Jesus Christ as the one true eternal God by the end of the second century. What force produced this gigantic revival? What would cause men to lay down their lives as martyrs? Why would men leave houses and lands, friends and family, vocations and positions to go into the uttermost parts of the earth? The answers to these questions and others are revealed in this book.
Regular Price: $14.99 [HARDBACK]