Today’s Topics


Truths to Teach Teens.

The topics listed below are different areas that are very relevant to teenagers lives today. These can be effectively used for group discussions with young people.

– Abortion

– Turning the Other Cheek

– Keeping Promises

– What is Considered a Lie

– How to Deal with a Dishonest Person

– How to Deal with a Person that Dominates your Time

– How to Demonstrate Love to Someone

– Cheating

– Temptation to Cheat

– What to do if Someone is Cheating Off of You

– Child Abuse

– Neglect of Parents

– Dominate Parents

– Parents who Refuse to Let Go

– Getting Along with Kids who are Supposed to be Christians and Aren’t

– Dealing with Hypocrisy at Church

– Dealing with Drugs at Church

– Dealing with Clicks at Church

– Commitment

– Guilt

– Stress

– Conviction vs. Condemnation

– When to be Confidential and When Not to be Confidential

– Conforming to the World

– When to Start Dating

– How Far is Too Far on a Date

– What to do When You’ve Gone Too Far

– How to Attract the Date

– How to Loose a Boy or Girl that is Bugging You

– Guys that Bug

– How to Cope with Death

– Having your own Private Devotion

– Discrimination

– Prejudice

– Divorce

– Helping Parents Through Divorce

– Keeping your Sanity Through Divorce

– Principles of Dating

– The Purpose of Temptation

– Conquering Depression

– Dealing with Loneliness

– Levels of Friendship

– Freedom from Guilt (II Corinthians 7:9,10)

– How to Raise your Parents

– How to Talk to God

– How to Listen to God

– How to Understand the Bible

– How to Keep Friends

– Gossip

– What Gossip Does to You

– What Gossip Does to Other People

– Handicaps

– Homosexuality

– Incest

– Work

– Loneliness

– Depression

– Personal Appearance

– Popularity

– Pornography

– Cut Downs

– Music

– Running Away

– School

– Teachers

– What to do when You are Treated Unjustly

– Persecution

– Self Image

– Sexual Harassment

– Sex Roles

– Stealing

– Suicide

– Tithing

– What to do when your Trust is Betrayed

– Preparing for the Future

– Preparing for Marriage

– How to Affirm People

– Becoming Vulnerable

– Materialism

– How to Listen

– Choosing the Right Marriage Partner

– Sense of Humor

– Peer Pressure

– What to do when you Know Someone is Mad at You

– How to Ask for Forgiveness

– How to Forgive without being Asked

– Bitterness

– How to Treat Resentment

– Being a Leader

– Good Grades

– Fear

– Fasting

– Bible Reading

– Christian Growth

– Christian Leadership

– Self Discipline

– The Will of God

– Facing Your Future with Hope

– Understanding Authority

– How to Get Along with Yourself

– How to Get Along with Others

– Coping with Peer Pressure

– What is the Church All About?

– What Does God Think about Sex?

– What Does God Think about Dying?

– Materialism – How Much is Enough?

– Stewardship – Keeping Tabs on God’s Life in Us

– Faith: Believing God Will Do What He Said He Would Do

– Trust: Believing God Will Do the Right Thing, When He Has Not Spoken

– Love: Eros; Phileo, Agape

– Submission/Obedience to: God, Parents, Others in Authority and Why?

– Spiritual Gifts

– Does My Music Matter?

– How to Do Spiritual Warfare

– Character Study Series on Bible, Church History Figures

– Joseph: “More Than a Dream”

– Sermon on the Mount – The Basics of Being a Christian

– Why? Series on Basic Doctrine – See Hebrews 6:1,2

– How to Handle Stress

– Forgiveness: From God; Ourselves; to Others

– Gossip: How to Kill Without a Gun (Verbal Murder)

– How to Pick the Right Career (Proverbs 3:5,6)

– What is Heaven Like?

– What is Hell Like?

– Getting Into Proverbs

– How to be a Disciple of Jesus (Luke 14)

– Fasting: Starving for a Reason

– Humility: How to be Irresistible to God

– Commitment: Giving God my Best!

– How to Live in the Spirit (Romans 8)

– What to Do When Your Hero Fails: Look to Jesus!

– What is the Meaning of Life?

– Soulwinning: Why? How? (John 4:1-43)

– Reaching Your Fullest Potential

– Overcoming Disappointment

– How to Minister to Your Youth Leader

– Drinking, Drugs

– Dealing with Elderly People

– How to Relate to Dad

– How to Relate to Mom

– How to Relate to Brothers and Sisters

– Flirting

– True Forgiveness

– Ways of Making Friends

– Ways of Loosing Friends

(The original source of the above material is unknown.)

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