Touch Seven Visitor Follow-Up Program


Touch #1 (Phone call to visitor on Sunday Afternoon — 4p.m.)

Attempt to accomplish the following four things through this phone call:

1. Determine whether they are a receptive or responsive person or not. You will take notes on the conversation and establish a file on them if they are receptive. If they are not responsive — do not establish a file.

2. You should offer our/your personal ministry and services to them. You may determine what type of ministry/service they might require through the conversation. If you do arrange a service for them, he sure
that you record what you plan to provide. Then return to your file and record the results.

3. You should express a desire to visit their home and present to them a Friendship Packet from the church

4. You should close the conversation by telling them that someone will be contacting them to make an appointment for us to deliver the Friendship Packet to them.

Please be sure that you fill out the “Seven-Touch Program” work sheet as fully as you can.

Also, we must insure that the log Book is being filled out totally so that this program can be a success. If there is no information provided, we cannot function in this program!

Touch #2 (A personal letter from the pastor)


Let me personally thank you for visiting First Church; it was wonderful to have you worship with us! Because of the confusion that abounds in the world today, one needs the strength and peace that comes from a time of worship and fellowship with believers in the house of God.

At a time convenient for you, I would like to bring a Friendship Packet to your home. This packet of free material will help you to become acquainted with the various ministries of First Pentecostal Church. It
is our sincere desire to minister the Love of Christ.

Someone will telephone your home to determine the best time for a brief visit.

Again, thank you for worshipping with us, and may God’s best be yours.

Christian Love,

Touch #3 (Phone call to schedule appointment for visit)

This call should be made on Monday or Tuesday!

The secretary will make a phone call to the visitor to make an appointment for the visit in the home to deliver their Friendship Packet.

Indicate that you have several visits to make so the visit will be brief and will not take much of their time. They are more likely to be receptive if they know that the visit will be short.

In the phone call, friendliness is and should be overly emphasized. Cheerfulness throughout the conversation, no matter the outcome, is important. If you feel they desire to talk a little, then by all means
respond and be inquisitive to show concern.

Do not forget the major reason for your call is to schedule a good time to visit. The day, time and correct address should be confirmed. Be sure not to schedule anyone during a church service.

Do not be discouraged if they are not receptive — stay cheerful, and by all means, PRAY AS YOU CALL!!!

Touch #4 (Letter reminding of Friendship Packet visit)


Lasting friendships must be cultivated. For this reason (time of Apt) on (Day of Apt.) is an important time for both of us. Thank you for making this appointment to receive your Friendship Packet. My assistant
is excited about personally bringing it to you.

Thank you in advance for your hospitality. We Look forward to seeing you again soon.

Christian love,

Pastor’s Name

Touch #5 (The Friendship Packet visit)

Insure that your Friendship Packet is all there. Go through the Packet and go over in your mind what you want to say.

Go to the home, and when invited in, sit down and ask how they are doing and compliment them on the house, or yard, a piece of furniture you might find interesting, ask the ages of children that are there,
etc. , to break the ice.

Open your packet, and one-by-one go through it and explain each item which may ignite conversation. Salvation may occur during the visit.

Close out by shaking hands and offer them any help in counseling, Bible Studies or maybe they want prayer for themselves or their homes, etc.

Do not emphasize a now-or-never” salvation, but rather, offer them the opportunity to become a member of the Church. Let the Spirit lead.

After you leave, take notes on the results to be transferred to their personal file in the church office.

Touch #6 (Personal letter from the pastor)


We have enjoyed having you attend First Church and becoming better acquainted with you. The church is a haven of refuge from the complexities of modern life; we draw strength and encouragement from Christ and the people of Cod when we attend regularly. It is not only enjoyable — it is spiritual survival!

If you have enjoyed our fellowship and the Presence of God, we would like for you and your family to become part of our church family. First Church is a very special place! Here people from all walks of life find new life in Jesus Christ. We want you to join us! Please come along as we walk toward the gates of Heaven; you’ll be glad you did because Heaves is forever!

May God bless you! We would love to see and hear from you soon.

Christian Love,

Pastor’s Name

Touch #7 (Saturday phone call to remind them of service)

Call the visitor to remind them of the Sunday services and times.

Inquire of their well-being and offer any help they might need! If they can not make the service, remind them of Wednesday, or next week, or maybe a Bible Study they may be involved in. Again, record the results in their personal file.