Twenty Don’ts for Young Pastors

Twenty Don’ts for Young Pastors
Daniel F. Roth

1. Don’t live beyond your income.

2. Don’t be a stingy person.

3. Don’t preach your doubts.

4. Don’t preach so much against things as for principles.

5. Don’t be tempted on any occasion not to preach your best.

6. Don’t be looking for a larger field or another call.

7. Don’t be a pessimist.

8. Don’t deal in off-color stories.

9. Don’t lose your temper in public.

10. Don’t overlook the Bible when looking for [preaching] texts.

11. Don’t be jealous of your fellow ministers.

12. Don’t scold or deal in personalities.

13. Don’t be artificial or sensational.

14. Don’t belittle little things.

15. Don’t be lazy.

16. Don’t neglect the sick and sorrowing.

17. Don’t betray a confidence.

18. Don’t fail to keep your appointments.

19. Don’t allow anyone to dictate your message.

20. Don’t fail to pray.

(The original source of the above material is unknown.)