Using Today’s Technology to Reach the Lost


By Charlotte L Pound

“Am I going to Heaven or Hell and how do I get there?” Because many people are asking these questions, Evangelist Tim Downs has developed a website with some very pertinent information for those seeking answers. “We believe that it is the will of God to reach the lost in this world. We also believe it will take the whole body of Christ working together for a kingdom minded method to do it,” he said.

For approximately three years, Bro. Downs has had a burden to build a web site that would give an easy format to share the Biblical plan of salvation with the world. Understanding that even the best web site is only good to those who find it, he also wanted to develop a method to bring people to it as well.

“This program for reaching the lost will utilize people sowing seed in another man’s field across the world, bringing lost people to an interactive web site that will walk them through the process of Biblical salvation,” Bro. Downs said.
The site offers many thought provoking scriptures about heaven and hell, and a series of questions pertaining to salvation. After completing the questions, the person has the opportunity to enter their zip code to find a local Apostolic church where they can experience the full plan of salvation.

Bro. Downs feels that the promotion of the site will be the key to its success. “We have cards that have been designed to spark a desire in the hearts of the people who receive them to visit the web site. They are full color cards that can be purchased at a very low price of $150.00 for 5000. We are asking churches or individuals to purchase these cards from our wholesale printer and pass them out where ever they go. For example, they can be left in restaurants, gas stations, hospitals and colleges,” he said.

At this writing, the web site has been active for about one month. Bro. Tim and his staff have already received many emails from people, across the country, purchasing the cards to hand out. “The more cards that are sown through out the country the more success we will see. One youth group purchased 10,000 cards to pass out on the Oklahoma State University as a campus ministry,” he said.

Bro. Downs is also pursuing using Public Access TV which allows the airing of non-profit commercials for free. “I have emailed 20 public access stations across the nation for a test run to see if any of them would pick up the commercial, so far most of them are saying they will air it! What will be aired to the public is the introduction video, which is very powerful. It will air all across the nation, getting people to look at the web site, at no cost to us,” he said.

Bro. Downs designed the site and the content and had several people work on development of the site. Denise Cole from created the graphics, Bill Harding from Columbus OH did the web design, Jason West from Terre Haute IN did the opening video and Adrial Johnson from CA created the closing video.

All churches may link to the site and promote it in their area. “This tool can be effective in helping reach the lost and teach others the Biblical plan of salvation where we would—other wise—have no opportunity to reach them,” he said.

For more information please visit and click on the button that says for information. For those wishing to link to the site you can simply enter the web address into your html code.