Victory On The Home Front

Victory On The Home Front
Ruth Harvey

During a recent visit to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, my husband and I visited Strawberry Banke, an outdoor waterfront museum dedicated to preserving an important slice of America’s history. Within the preservation compound, there are forty-two historic buildings that span almost four centuries of time. It was quite fascinating to see the evolvement of this community that dates back to the seventeenth century. At one point in our visit, we took an outdoor guided tour of the grounds. There were many different types of crops and gardens from the diverse eras represented, but the one that especially caught my attention was the “Victory Garden” which came about during World War II.

Because of labor and transportation shortages during the war, it was difficult to move fruits and vegetables to market. In an effort to relieve the resulting shortages, the government turned to its citizens and encouraged them to plant “Victory Gardens” so individuals could provide their own produce.

Nearly twenty million Americans answered the call and got involved in this important mission. Pooling their resources and planting different kinds of foods in backyards, empty lots, and even on city rooftops, neighborhoods formed food cooperatives all in the name of patriotism. Amazingly this simple home front war relief effort produced an estimated nine to ten million tons of fruits and vegetables, an amount equal to all commercial production of fresh produce. It was such a down-to-earth concept, but it had worldwide impact. Each “Victory Garden” made a huge difference and helped bring about a triumphant conclusion to World War II.

When contemplating this unpretentious, but productive plan. I was reminded once again of the powerful role women play in the kingdom of God. Oftentimes wives and mothers can mistakenly believe they are unimportant and therefore uninvolved in this war effort against the enemy. Nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, our “home front” effort has the potential to make an incredible difference!

Consider these questions for a moment: What would happen if every woman got involved in the ministry of Daughters of Zion? How many lives could be eternally impacted through a united, concerted prayer effort in our homes and churches’? If diligent citizens planting peas and corn could help turn the tide of a natural war, don’t you think that dedicated prayer warriors could route the forces of darkness and secure victory in this spiritual battle?

The answer to those questions is obvious; it is a resounding yes! Throughout time, women have always stepped to the forefront during times of spiritual crisis and helped stem the tide of evil. In fact, one of the most inspiring stories in God’s Word is that of Deborah and Jael, two housewives that helped deliver Israel from the stranglehold of Jabin, king of Canaan. Recorded in Judges 4-5, this is an amazing account of committed women who made an enormous contribution to their world. Deborah’s day and age was one of danger and darkness, but she refused to sit back in complacency. In this time of extreme adversity, the Scripture says she arose as “a mother in Israel.” Through her prophetic, visionary influence, the Israelite army was divinely inspired and empowered to face their foe.

Joining forces with His people, God annihilated the enemy and the vanquished Canaanite general fled away on foot. Seeking refuge in the tent of Jael, Sisera mistakenly thought he was in neutral territory. Feeling relatively safe, the weary man let down his guard and had a drink of milk before taking a brief rest.

As Jael observed her unusual houseguest, she knew that it was imperative for her to take action. Refusing to remain impartial and uninvolved, this housewife realized she had the power to strike a death-blow to the enemy. Picking up the simplistic weapons at her disposal, Jael fearlessly drove a tent stake through the head of the unsuspecting commander as he slept in her house. As Barak, the Israelite general rode by her home, she went out to meet him and said, “Come in. The man you are looking for is in here.” When Barak walked in, there lay Sisera, dead with a tent peg through his temples. Talk about a mighty victory on the home front!

In the same fashion, it is high time we women understand the potent power that lies at our fingertips. Like Deborah and Jael, our involvement is crucial to the outcome of this spiritual war. Our world is dark and dangerous, but we do not have to give in to despair. God has placed the mighty weapons of prayer, fasting, and the Word at our disposal, and when they become operative, enemy strongholds will be demolished.

Each one of you is important; every prayer prayed, every day spent in fasting, every promise invoked from God’s Word has the power to produce a mighty harvest. Through our united, concerted effort, we can make a profound difference. Psalm 68:12 triumphantly declares, `”Kings of armies flee, they flee, and she who remains at home divides the spoil” (NKJV). Now that’s what I call a glorious “Victory on the Home Front”!

This article “Victory On The Home Front” by Ruth Harvey was excerpted from Reflections the 2008 Special Issue