Virus Alert: Prayer Virus!

Virus Alert: Prayer Virus!
By Kristine Trudeau


I was positive my days of frustration about my computer problems were over. I felt good – I felt free – I felt like getting some sleep.

I closed my eyes, only to have a picture of an e-mail screen with a stuck “send” arrow, flash behind my eyelids. Then these words came to me. “The problems you’re having with your computer are the same
problems you have with prayer.” “Does this mean I have to get up?” asked. I already knew the answer. God was about to show me that my computer had a virus and so did my prayer life.

I’m normally a patient person, but a malfunctioning computer can get under my skin in a hurry. For a week, I had been dealing with dysfunctional e-mail. By the time I broke down and made a long distance
call to my computer-expert uncle, I was not happy. Uncle Charles walked me through some steps to unstick my e-mail. When we hung up, I was smiling and sure the problems were solved. They had just begun.

Within 24 hours, I discovered a friend had accidentally passed a computer virus to me. I inadvertently had been passing it to all my email buddies (friends and family).

This virus affects your ability to access your internet server, causes frequent line disconnects and locks up your e-mail. It is passed to everyone you e-mail without you knowing it until it’s too late. Had I not discovered the virus when I did, it would have done permanent damage to my computer system and others as well.

I have learned that God always talks to me in a language I can understand. He meets me where I am in every aspect of my life. This time was no exception. He showed me the correlation between the computer virus and my problems in prayer.

Unable to access the server

A server is the main computer that provides access to the internet provider through a phone line. The server is the lifeline to everything of importance on the web. When I can’t access it, I’m dead as far as the net is concerned.

In the same way, Jesus is my server. He’s my lifeline to everything of importance in this life and life eternal. When I can’t access him, my spiritual life is dead. John 1:3,4 says that Jesus made everything and
his life is the light of men.

Sin Virus

The computer virus represents sin. Sin causes destruction. (See Romans6:23 end Hebrews 12:1). Most computer viruses are designed to do more than create minor nuisances; they are designed to destroy files
and/or wipe out entire hard drives. Worse, they are contagious.

Sin in my life was making it difficult to access my server Jesus. “As righteousness tendeth to life: so he that pursueth evil pursueth it to his own death.” (Proverbs 11: 19) If I continued in my sin, it would destroy me and ultimately affect others.

Eliminating the virus

Once I discovered the computer virus, I contacted all my friends and family that I had infected. Confession time! Talk about humiliating. Most were understanding. Some weren’t. They all had a question that still rings in my ears. “What, you don’t have a virus program?”. I do now.

I cleaned up the computer virus through confession to those I infected and a program to clean up my hard drive.

In the same way, I cleaned up my prayer life. I confessed my sins to the Lord, and allowed his Holy Spirit to clean up my heart-my hard drive. (See Proverbs 28:13 and I John 1:9)

God showed me other areas where I was having problems with prayer.

Line disconnects

The frequent disconnects on line corresponded to the distractions I experienced while trying to pray. I allowed everyday worries and little things to interrupt my time with him.

He showed me how to use a prayer journal. (See Habakkuk 2:2,3, Psalms, and Revelations) He showed me how through praying the scriptures (See Isaiah 55: 11, Psalms 33:4, Proverbs 30:5 and Psalms 119:105), I would be using his word and ultimately be in his will. Then he reminded me that I didn’t have to stay in the same position or pray in the same location to be heard. (See Deuteronomy 9:25, Daniel 6:10 and Matthew

All of these changes helped me to stay focused on Jesus. He knows that when I write or read, I don’t hear anything it’s my nature. After implementing journaling and praying the scriptures, I found it necessary to move from my usual prayer position. More often than not, I now get up earlier and head for the church before going to work. If there are distractions in church, I pray in the car. It doesn’t matter. It was great to discover the changes that fit my nature were scriptural. I felt like dancing!

Stuck on “send”

The most illuminating part of God’s lesson was the stuck “send” e-mail arrow. The arrow was locked for a week. I figured, because of the time involved, this was one part of the lesson where God wanted me to pay
close attention.

The obnoxious little green arrow continued to fly through the air, going nowhere, sending nothing. My original message had grown stale. The entire e-mail program was locked. I couldn’t send, but I couldn’t
receive either.

“Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalms 46:10) The message was loud and clear.

Often when I pray, I forget that prayer is communication. Communication involves listening as much, if not more than talking. I get stuck on “send.” I do all the talking and fail to let God speak. (See Isaiah
28:23, John 10:27 and Revelations 3:20)

For the first time in my life, I am thankful for computer problems. This lesson in prayer has helped to heal my relationship with the Lord,and has opened new doors of understanding.

Where once I felt like my prayers weren’t getting past the ceiling, I now feel the presence of my precious Savior as I talk with him. Areas I found difficult to understand in the scriptures have opened up to me.
His Holy Spirit is teaching me things I never dreamed I would comprehend. Because of this, my life has been enriched.

Now, I can go to bed, not positive the days of my computer problems are over. But, I feel truly good – truly free – and I don’t care if I get any sleep, especially if God wants to talk to me.


Kristine Trudeau is a mother and grandmother from Villa Grove, Illinois (Pastor Jerry Conner). She serves as Billing Manager and Pharmacy Tech, for VG Pharmacy, and works for Retail Management Solutions (from Washington state). She installs POS Systems and trains personnel in their use.