Visitor Information Booklet



Who We Are

We are a gathering of people committed to God and experiencing the reality of His presence in our lives. We believe you will find us to be a warm and friendly people willing to demonstrate our love by providing care and concern for your needs. We truly attempt to express the heart of God by bringing healing and wholeness to lives. Living out our Christianity by actively seeking to serve one another is our objective.

We believe in the absolute truth of the Bible and seek to live by its principles. It is our desire not to judge others for their beliefs, but to demonstrate the truth of God’s Word by becoming living examples. We openly express our faith and commitment to Christ and encourage all of those attending Parkway to be a light in the world today.


Parkway began as a small group of people who had a desire to begin a fellowship in the South-East area of our city. The first service took place in the basement of a home in South Milwaukee in May of 1972. In the same year, Parkway purchased a vacant church building at our present location. Since that time, the church has become one of the fastest growing and largest churches in the area.

In 1975, the church’s membership felt a need to provide an education for their children in a Christian setting. Parkway began a K-12 school with the purpose of instructing children in an atmosphere that would also be conducive to their spiritual development. Parkway Christian Academy has produced solid young Christians, many of which have gone on to higher education to receive college degrees.

Throughout the years, Parkway has purchased additional land and constructed buildings to facilitate the needs of the expanding membership. Currently the church complex consists of two sanctuaries, an office complex, a school, a gymnasium, and a cafeteria resting on more than 20 acres of land.

Along with numerical growth, Parkway has expanded its ministries to accomplish God’s purpose by supporting numerous foreign and home missionaries, producing Christian literature, sending out individuals and groups to minister at home and overseas, starting several new churches, opening an emergency food pantry, and a number of other church related endeavors.

We are trusting that God will continue to bless Parkway with growth to accomplish His purpose with people like yourself.


We at Parkway want to make sure that every person attending our church is cared for. We seek to meet this challenge by dividing the counties we live in into segments so that each area has a member of our pastoral staff (Zone Minister) to oversee it.

We encourage individuals to find ongoing care in our home group environment. We believe that most of our basic needs will be met by God through one another ministering in a small group context. Home
Friendship Groups are most effective at providing care by fellow believers.

Our Pastors’ primary role is to provide support to small group leaders and help them maintain quality interaction and communication in their groups. Our pastors strive to train people for ministry and help
them reach a level of Christ-like spiritual maturity. The pastors are also available to provide care in times of crisis and for special events. They are available for funerals and weddings, and will also do a limited amount of personal counseling.

For more information about Home Friendship Groups, read the section titled SMALL GROUPS.

Our Pastoral Staff

Frank & Angeline Tamel, Senior Pastors
Anthony & Diane Tamel, Pastors
Robert & Eileen Falkey, District Pastors
Tom & Sue Holzer, District Supervisors
Robert Kurz, Minister of Education
Orrin Maki, Resident Minister
Peter and Lorene Fobia, Ministers of Music


Coming together as a congregation is only part of what the early church did according to the Scriptures. The people went to the temple and from house to house. The reason is evident when we consider that
there is no time to share either your greatest joy or your deepest sorrow during a corporate worship service held in the church building. When Christians meet in homes, their faith comes alive as they participate in the lives of others.

Home Friendship Groups

Home Friendship Groups consist of 5-15 people who gather together for fellowship and mutual encouragement. These groups combine fun and friendship with a relevant discussion of God’s Word in a comfortable setting of a living or family room of a home Home Friendship Groups, for adults and teens 13 years of age and older, take place in communities throughout the area every week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays in the mornings or evenings.

What Are They ?

They discuss the Scriptures as they relate to life, yet they arc not a Bible study.

Prayer is made for the needs of those who attend, yet they arc not a prayer meeting.

Encouragement is given, yet they are not a support group.

Everyone has a good time, yet they arc not a social event.

True friendships are developed, yet they are not a friendship club. God is present, yet they are not a church service in a home.

Who Can Join?

Anyone can become a member of a Home Friendship Group. If you wish to attend one of our groups and meet friends who share a desire to know God in a more meaningful way, you can. Information can be found in the foyer at our Home Friendship Group display, or you can call our office at 571-2680.


Why We Worship

At Parkway, we have found worship of God, according to the Scriptures, to be a most beautiful and fulfilling experience. To worship means to ascribe worth or value to another, and God is ultimately worthy of all our adoration and service. He deserves our worship.

Jesus said that our Heavenly Father is seeking people to worship Him in spirit and truth. As we worship God, our primary emphasis is on rendering our hearts to Him in sincerity and honesty.

We also know God is pleased with our worship of Him and Scriptures reveal that He makes our praise a habitation for His presence. When we worship Him, as she Scriptures demonstrate, God can truly be felt.

The Bible Model For Worship

In the Bible, the words praise, worship, and rejoicing are action verbs with reference to physical movements. God rejoices when His people express their love and devotion to Him in singing, dancing, and
raising of hands.

The Bible describes a full range of expression ill the believer’s acts of worship, from responding joyfully to God with festive shouts to silently waiting upon the Lord. We may worship in many ways: dancing or
kneeling, clapping or with hands lifted up to Him, standing still before Him or even joyously moving about.

Musical Instruments For Worship

The Bible tells us to praise the Lord with instruments. Many instruments have been used throughout time to worship God and will even be found in heaven for the purpose of giving Him glory.

You Are Welcome to Join Us

Please do not feel it is necessary that you be a member of Parkway to worship with us. As our guest, we invite you to praise the Lord with us, for He is worthy of all of our praise.


We take the training of children very seriously. The purpose of Children’s Church School is to give Bible instruction to every child who can be taught. Even our nursery provides a nurturing environment. Our ministry staff consists of teachers and voluntary parental care to provide a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for children to worship the Lord and be taught God’s Word.

The following classes are available during Sunday morning services:

Children Infant Nursery (newborn to 12 months) Toddler Nursery (12 to 24 months) Pre-School (2-3 years & 4-5 years) Middle School (6-7 years, 8-9 years, 10-11 years,)

Teen Ministry

Groups 12-13 years and 14-17 years are involved in activities geared to teenager’s special needs during both of our Sunday morning service times.

In addition to Sunday morning classes, Infant and Toddler Nurseries meet on Sunday Evenings during the adult service.


Parkway Christian Academy is a 4K through 12th grade school. We teach a full curriculum of subjects to prepare students to further their education at the college level. Along with these basics, students will participate in daily devotions which instill biblical principles that develop morally sound values in their life.

In addition to the education that takes place in the classroom, Parkway Christian Academy is a member of the SWISS (Southern Wisconsin Small Schools) conference and participates in Boys’ Soccer and Basketball as well as Girls’ Volleyball and Basketball. Competition takes place at the middle school and high school level in most sports.

Our tuition is competitive with other private or Christian Schools in the area and the cost of educating a child at the Academy is further reduced with a tuition credit if parents are supporting members of the church. (See Church Membership)


We believe all Christians grow in grace and knowledge of God’s plan and purpose for their lives. This is a spiritual process of development. We have several programs designed to help Christians reach their potential
Home Bible Studies

The Bible is God’s Word and the basis of our faith as Christians. To lay a solid foundation Parkway provides Bible Studies that can take you through the entire Bible in just 12 weeks. This course is not only
designed to give you a general knowledge of the scriptures, but it will teach you how to use the scriptures in your everyday life.

It is not necessary to be a member of Parkway to join a class or have a private class taught in the privacy of your own home. Call the Church office if you are interested in a Home Bible Study at 571-2680.

New life Discipleship Course

After completing a Home Bible Study, Parkway provides a discipleship course that is designed to teach you what it means to be a true follower of Jesus Christ. These classes describe the principles of serving God and give insight into disciplines that make living for God easier. The 20 lessons can be completed by attending classes for 12 weeks at the church on Sunday mornings or a home with the help of a mentor.

Ministry Discovery Course

The mature Christian desires to use the gifts God has given to him for His glory. Periodically the Ministry Discovery Course is taught to help students to find their gifts, and determine where they are best suited to serve in the ministries of the Church. The four classes, followed by a personal consultation, take place in the church on Sunday mornings. Announcements will be made a few weeks in advance of the next Ministry Discovery Course. We encourage anyone who has been through our Home Bible Study and Discipleship Course to attend.


We believe that God instituted marriage. Parkway provides couples with tools to help them grow stronger in their relationship with each other. God’s Word is a foundation to help us see marriage from God’s
view and to build the relationship according to His plan.

Before You Say I Do

Couples anticipating marriage can take this special six-week class dealing with the ingredients that make marriage work. After several couples sign up, announcements are made as to the date that the class will begin.

After You Say I Do

Prom time to time we offer this special class to couples that desire to enhance their marriage. Principles are given to move the couple toward a richer and more meaningful relationship with one another.
Gary Smalley Tape Series

At least once a year, Parkway shows the complete series of Gary Smalley’s tapes at the church. This series has benefited scores of couples desiring to bring wholeness and health to their marriage.

Marriage Counseling

We are committed to helping couples who have special or unique problems with their marriage. Counseling is offered on a limited basis by members of our pastoral staff Please contact the Church office for information at 571-2680.


At Parkway, we believe in the “Great Commission” to spread the gospel throughout all the world. While it is for everyone everyone go to the mission field, we support local and foreign mission endeavors both financially and with human resources.


Seminars and Special Events

Parkway has reached out to the public with the hope of bringing people into a deeper relationship with God through the use of seminars. In addition to this, Parkway conducts an Easter passion play and a Friend Day when we invite our friends to a service followed by a free brunch. We also have a special Christmas program, along with other special services throughout the year.

Manna Ministries

Manna Ministries is the name given to our bookstore, and audio and video tape ministries. You may purchase books and tapes in our bookstore which is located in the foyer of our main auditorium. The
bookstore is open after each of our Sunday services.

Youth On A Mission

Youth On A Mission is a choir of young people aging from 13 to 25 years. Youth On A Mission has performed at community events such as singing the National Anthem for the Milwaukee Brewers on opening day, as well as singing at festivals and churches throughout the area. Wherever they go, they have touched hearts for the cause of Christ.

The Ministry of Prayer

Prayer has always been an essential pare of Parkway’s ministries. Our prayer life reflects our commitment and desire to see the will of God and His Kingdom established on earth. Moreover, prayer produces in
us a greater spiritual perception and sensitivity to God’s heart.

Organized prayer meetings, sponsored by Home Friendship Groups in specific geographic areas, take place throughout the year at the church on Friday evenings. Anyone may attend these meetings. We also have
half-night prayer meetings periodically for the entire church. At any of our prayer meetings and church services, prayer for specific needs may take place including prayer for the sick and intercession. If you
desire pray for a specific need, please call our church office at 571-2680.

Parkway Church also has an intercessory prayer group called Mothers On a Mission (MOMS) that meet on Thursday mornings to pray for our children and families.

Special Group Events

Periodically there are special events sponsored at Parkway for the purpose of instruction or simply having fun. The activity may involve members over 50 years of age going out to eat, a women’s breakfast with a special speaker or singles coming together for an evening of fun. These events are always a source of growth toward God and one another.

Service Ministries

Parkway has over 50 miniseries for members who are at various levels of spiritual maturity. These fulfilling miniseries cover a full range of services from Beaching children to serving in our Bookstore. If you wish to serve in a ministry of the Church, please contact the office at 571-2680 or fill out a ministry application found outside the church office.

Communion Service

The ordinance of communion is a ministry of the heart for every believer. It is a time of commemoration of the Lord’s passion and a time of self-examination. Parkway conducts a communion service every three months during our Sunday Evening Service. Communion can be received by all baptized believers.

Baptismal Ministry

Anyone who desires to be baptized may do so after our Sunday evening service, providing they have been counseled about baptism and have viewed the short video presentation explaining baptism from the
scriptures before being baptized.

Children’s Dedication

As an infant, Jesus’ parents had him dedicated to the God of Israel according to the Mosaic Law. While we do not observe the Jewish Ceremonial Law, we do allow parents to dedicate their children to the Lord. Children’s Dedication requires that parents make a commitment before God and the congregation to train up their children in the ways of God. We do not believe this ceremony is necessary for the salvation of our children, but places a responsibility on parents to teach their children to have a relationship with God from a young age.

Emergency Food Pantry

Jesus said there is no need to be overly concerned about where our next meal will come from because our Heavenly Father will take care of those who put His Kingdom first. Our food pantry is there to provide
essentials in the event there is a temporary need for food.


Parkway is a growing church made up of people from various ethnic, social, and religious backgrounds. Clearly, when a person is “born again,” they are born into the Kingdom of God and become members
of the body of believers called the Church. It is also clear that belonging to a local fellowship is important if we are to support one another through encouragement and help.

The commitment to a church is a very personal and completely voluntary decision. Commitment at any deep level can only be the work of the Holy Spirit. We do not maintain a formal membership roster, yet
we recognize members as individuals who are at various commitment levels.

Functional Membership

At Parkway, people are considered members when they are involved in the life of the church. This concept is called functional membership. We have sought to create a church structure that will allow everyone, regardless of their specific gifting or maturity, to find a satisfying place of involvement in the life and ministry of the church.

Membership is also expressed in part by regular financial support of the church. Since the practice of tithing predates the Mosaic Law, we believe in the principle of tithing as a basis for our individual
participation. Likewise, the New Testament also calls for our financial giving to be willing, regular, and joyful.

Voting Membership

At Parkway’s annual business meeting, the church elects trustees who have fiscal responsibility for the operation of the church. Also, decisions pertaining to the capital assets of the church may require a
vote. Voting members are “born again” supporting members who have been at Parkway for at least six months.

Information Network

If you wish to be on our mailing list and be a part of our information network, please complete the Information Card included with this book, and place it in the offering bag at your next opportunity.

If you would like to talk with one of our pastors about anything regarding the church, mark the appropriate box on the Information Card and place it in the offering bag.

If you wish to contact the office for any reason, call 571-2680. Our office is open from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.


We want to avoid any criticism of the my we administer this liberal gift, for we arc taking pains to do what is right, not only in the eyes of the Lord but also in the eyes of men. (II Corinthians 8:20-21)

We are committed to fiscal integrity through reputable accounting practices and to legal compliance. Our financial records are audited by an outside accounting firm annually and our books are open for members’
inspection. An oral financial report is displayed and read during our annual business meeting held in January of each year.


I. WE BELIEVE that the HOLY SCRIPTURE of the Old and New Testaments are the inspired Word of God. The scriptures are inerrant, infallible and the final authority for faith and life. The 66 books of the HOLY BIBLE arc the complete and divine revelation of God to humanity.

II. WE BELIEVE in ONE TRUE GOD, the eternal Spirit who created all things for His pleasure. He is absolute in power, infinite in wisdom, Holy in nature, attributes and purpose, possessing total deity. He
concerns Himself mercifully in the affairs of humanity; that He hears and answers prayer, and that He saves from sin and death all who believe according to His Word.

God has revealed Himself as FATHER (in giving life in creation), as SON (in reconciliation of humanity), and as HOLY SPIRIT (in regeneration of lives).

III. WE BELIEVE in JESUS CHRIST, who is both God and man. He is God incarnate; the image of the invisible God; God manifested in the flesh thee is God’s only begotten son. We believe thee as a son he was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, and performed miracles, and taught with authority. He died for the sins of all humanity, had a bodily resurrection, ascended into heaven, and will return again.

IV. WE BELIEVE that all PEOPLE are sinners by nature and have become alienated from God. They are totally sinful and unable to remedy their lost condition. Humanity is reconciled to God only by God’s grace
received through faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

V. WE BELIEVE that SALVATION is a gift of God given to humanity by grace and received by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Faith is more than mental assent, intellectual acceptance or verbal profession. It
includes trust, reliance, and commitment. We cannot separate saving faith from obedience. A person is saved by the gospel that is applied to his life. This takes place when they repent from their sin, are
baptized in the Name of Jesus for the remission of their sins, and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

VI. WE BELIEVE the CHURCH is the living, spiritual body of believers of which the Lord Jesus Christ is the head. The church functions as Christ would function in the earth, seeking to find lost souls for the purpose of bringing them to salvation; and that signs and wonders, including divine healing, follow them.

VI. WE BELIEVE there is ETERNAL LIFE in a place God has prepared for those who accept God’s grace and receive His gift of salvation and there is eternal destruction of those who reject His grace and refuse
His gift.