Waiting On A Miracle (Newsletter 4-3)

Waiting On A Miracle

by Annie Akers, National Women’s Esprit President

Miracles come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. They sometimes come with notice and other times with­ out. My faith has always been strengthened to hear the account of the wonderful works of God. Miracles are not forgotten.

As a young girl in the Apostolic church, I remember that my first account of a miracle was the report of a sister being healed of cancer. Not long after that another sister was healed of cancer too. I recall my mother telling the story of when she was 17 years old and had spinal meningitis, fever, and was in a comma for three days. The one-room schoolhouse where she attended burned her books and desk in fear of the worst. Back in those days the local funeral home would act as the ambulance service to take people to and from the hospital. To this day when we visit that family-owned funeral home they always say, “Frances, we never thought when we picked you up that you would be going back home.” But because of my praying grandfather that called on a miracle and would not let go until the miracle came, my mother woke up on the third day fine, with no side effects at all.

I have heard stories about rain clouds being prayed away while trying to build churches. I have heard about a concrete
truck that gave away just enough concrete to put in some steps. One sister in our church keeps having financial miracles in her bank account. As a single parent there have been times that she just did not have the finances that she needed to make it. She is always faithful with giving of her tithes and offerings. Several times when there just did not seem to be any way to make it financially, God has sent the money from totally unex­pected places. This is money that she had no clue would be there.

One day a sister in our church was waiting in the school pick up line for her daughter and should have been crushed by
an out-of-control tanker truck driven by a drunk driver. Seeing the truck on her mirror coming right for her, in an instance she called on the name of Jesus and the truck turned the other way. Several years ago while dealing with a problem of rebellion in the church, God used an elder sister to shut the mouth of the enemy. This sister is a known prayer warrior and pillar in the church. She had been singing a special and began to sing under the anointing in tongues. While singing with eyes closed, she began to shuffle her feet along while getting lost in the Spirit. While doing this, she came dangerously close to stepping off the platform (that’s what the devil wanted to happen). But God had other plans! She began to move towards the steps, and it was as if she floated right down the steps with eyes closed, never missing a beat.

I have always thought it to be so precious to hear about praying mothers and grandmothers. A sister in our church has
always had such a burden to pray for her family, especially the unsaved ones. Those that have come into the church have testified that they were in the church today because of a praying mama that never gave up on them. This sister had a great granddaughter who at the age of two was discovered to have a hole in her heart about the size of a golf ball. While this part of the family was not serving God at the time, this great grandmother knew it was up to her to bring this child to the church for prayer. And that she did. The status did not change and surgery was scheduled. The doctors planned to take a flap of skin from the child’s back and patch the hole in the heart. However, when the doctors got in to see the heart, there was a flap of tissue the perfect size waiting to patch the hole.

These are just a few of the many miracles that I have heard or been witness to in my life. To God be all the glory! During
the week of NYC, we received a disturbing call from home let­ting us know that one of the most faithful brothers in our
church had been diagnosed with stage two lung cancer. There is no easy way to say it. Since that time, little by little more bad news has come. But through and in it all, his faith is so strong and we are all praying and waiting for a miracle. His faith has been as Job. He believes and expects it to happen and in addi­tion has the “but if not faith.”

Some say the day of miracles is over. I say not.

Reprinted from the Apostolic Witness