Walking In Godly Abundance

By: Jim Kaseman

God’s great redemptive plan for man is all-comprehensive as far as meeting every want and every need of man for their life here and
for the life that is to come (i.e. III John 2, Mark 11:23-24, I John 15:7, John 16:23-24 and Gal. 3:13-14).

No man with common sanity can deny that the plain words of God’s promises to man really say what they do. No Christian will dare deny
the fact that they are true and that God will fulfill them, but the great problem with believers is in meeting the conditions of their fulfillment in the daily life. The following are some points that Christians need to be aware of in order to experience God’s abundance.

1. Don’t Be Deceived

Many Christians are ignorant concerning God’s Word and His promises to them. Consequently, they end up in captivity or are destroyed (Is. 5:11 and Hosea 4:6).

Such Christians are easily deceived by false cults and religious leaders. It is almost universal teaching in our modern time that it is God’s will for men to be in poverty and in want so as to keep them saved; that man is to be a failure in life; that pain and physical suffering is the lot of everyone and that they are blessings of God in disguise to believers; that the day of miracles is past; that physical healing is not in the atonement or in the will of God; that the baptism of the Holy Spirit and gifts of the Spirit were for Apostles only; that all inspiration has ceased and we do not need signs of the gospel today to confirm the Word of God; that man is not a free moral agent; and that God is
responsible for man’s lot in life and for his salvation in the next life and for his being lost, should he be lost forever.

These and many other false doctrines are being taught in thousands of modern pulpits; so it is no wonder that there is such unbelief
in God and His promises. This condition should not exist and would not exist for one week if all men who profess to be Christians
would lay aside church theories and personal opinions and get back to a whole-hearted acceptance of the Bible as to what it says and consecrate themselves to obey the truth as they find it.

All men can better themselves and live in health, happiness and prosperity if they will do this. The Bible is simple and clear and
if modern ministers do not want the truth or do not want you to have it, you can, as an individual still get the truth by taking
the Bible for what is says. If you have enough sense to read the Bible, you have sense enough to believe what it says; so there is
no excuse on the part of a single man or woman not to know the truth of God and believe it and receive its benefits.

2. You Have A Free Will

Ever since the fall of Adam all men have been born sinful – all are children of the devil. However, through Jesus Christ mankind
can be taken from the devil’s family and brought on over into God’s family and receive all of God’s blessings for man (Eph. 2:8-9, Col. 1:12-14).

What man must do if he wants these blessings is first to realize that they are for him, that God really meant him to have them, and that He will see that he gets them if he will cooperate with God against demon powers and the false doctrines of men.

Man must recognize that he is a free moral agent and is responsible for the loss of his dominion. He must acknowledge his position of sinfulness and helplessness and confess his sins to God and forsake the sin business and conform to the gospel. He must then take an aggressive attitude and a victorious stand against satanic powers. He must, by the help of the Holy Spirit and by faith in God and in the blood of Christ, overcome these powers and take from them the victory they have hindered him from getting all his life. After all, if God had His full will in every man’s life, that man would automatically have all these blessings without any struggle. It is the evil forces that he has to sever his relationships with and fight for what is promised by God.

It is a fight to get the full benefits of the gospel, and there is no use keeping, this fact from anyone. The devil tried to defeat Christ and the Apostles. He has waged constant warfare against every man who refuses to serve him. He hates God and every person who serves God.

Man must make his choice of which power he wants to operate in him and which master (Satan or God) he will serve.

Man is not only responsible for his choice of masters, but he is responsible for his condition in life. He does not have to tolerate sin, sickness, poverty and want in his life. He can, by God through faith in the promises and by meeting the few simple conditions, get rid of these things in his life and enjoy the fullness of God and His goodness. Make a decision to walk in the fullness of God and things will change for you beyond your fondest dreams.

3. God’s Promises Are True And Good!

It is true that God’s promises are great and staggering when they are first known, but the more one meditates upon them and gets
personal experience from them the more simple and comprehensive they become to the believer. One should not stumble over the
greatness of the promises, for God is infinitely great. He created all things and He is capable of doing anything that men can even ask or think according to the power of God that works in them (Eph. 3:20). Let us learn to accept all statements of God for their face value and boldly claim the full benefits of what God has provided for men in His plan. God loves man very much and that’s why He has made such wonderful provisions for him.

There are no limitations to the provisions of God made in the gospel for body, soul, or spirit concerning any and all needs and wants that are legitimate and good for the whole man.

So let each one see to it that he does not limit himself and his faith and thus bring condemnation upon himself by lowering the gospel standard and questioning the goodness of God.

4. You Have A Moral Obligation

It is sinful not to have faith in God and not to get all the good things God has promised in His Word (Heb. 11:6). If it is God’s will and Word for man to have all the good things of life (and it is), then man is under moral obligation to seek to attain to the known will of God to get these things. When he is passive, indifferent and faithless, he is sinning against moral law and moral government and he is not living up to his moral obligation to get these benefits so that he can be a good and perfect example to other moral agents. It is the height of folly to think that man is living up to his moral obligation and being a good example to others when he is weak, sickly, defeated, sinful, corrupt,
depraved, helpless, unhappy and poverty-stricken. Yet Christians by the multitudes think and are being taught to be satisfied with this lot in life, to endure patiently these limitations, to accept these evils as the will of God, and to make no effort to get out of these conditions in life. They actually think that they can best glorify God and be a good Christian example by being willing to endure these sufferings as they say, for Christ’s sake.

If they really could see that they are enduring evils for the sake of the false doctrines of men, they would know that they are submitting to the satanic program to bring the goodness of Christ into disrepute and cause thousands of sinners to stumble over such Christian examples and to reject a God that would will this kind of life upon His children. If they were at all interested in acting for the sake of Christ, they would take the Plan of God for their lives and receive the abundance of life by reason of (God’s unlimited promises.)

Christians can bring up an isolated person in the scripture, such as the poor beggar Lazarus, as an evidence that it is the will of God for saints to endure these afflictions, but if they would only forget these few exceptions and realize that it is not known why these few did not appropriate some benefits of the Old Testament and that they did not have the New Testament promises that we have today. If Christians would set their eyes on the scores of samples in both testaments that were healthy, wealthy, and wise, it would at least show some effort on their part to glorify God.

5. Use What You Have For Others

They are too selfish and stingy. They have no faith that God will replenish if they would happen to give of their means to help others. They are full of worry and unbelief. They are afraid to launch out into new opportunities to make good in life. They have no vision to tackle anything. They are not diligent in business and unselfish in their motive to get rich, or to get health and happiness. These conditions must be corrected in the personal life before anything in a definite way can be expected in life as promised in the gospel.

If all Christians would have faith in God and carry out the laws of prosperity, God would bless them in abundance so that they could have more and more to help others (Luke 6:38, Mal. 3:10, II Cor. 9:6-8). The all inclusive law of prosperity is to consecrate oneself to help others and to use what we have and God will give the increase. God will make ways and present opportunities to make success, and one must not be afraid to launch out in new ventures as one gets to know the will of God in prayer and as possibilities present themselves. Have faith, reckless faith if need be, and God will honor the faith, and the new venture will succeed. Then, as you use material gains for the gold of others. God will enlarge your capacity for more and make you an ever-increasing channel of supply and blessing to others. But remember, you must sow before you can reap!

6. Simple Steps to Answered Prayer and Abundance

A. Find the Bible promises (Heb. 10:23, Psalms 1:2-3).

B. Meditate on the promises (God’s Word). Fellowship daily with the Lord (Joshua 1:8, Psalms 1:2-3, John 15:7).

C. Ask in faith, nothing wavering (Mark 11:24, James 1:6-8, Heb. 10:23).

D. Resist all doubt and the devil (James 4:7, II Cor. 10:5).

E. Praise the Lord for the answer before you see it. (Phil. 4:6-7).

In Conclusion

Utter faith and absolute dependence in God is the secret of receiving from God, the intense passion and longing for the supernatural, the cry for an answer or nothing else, the desire to bear fruit or perish. The intense desire to do something to make a success in life, to help others, to be the best for God that is possible, and to prove to the world that the gospel and God are the all-sufficient help one needs in life should be the burning desire of every Christian. If we can all awake to this ideal and attain in life what is planned and promised by God, we can demonstrate a new type of Christianity to the world – dynamic, living and creative Christianity that the world is dying for today. So let us all together seek God to attain His fullness and blessing, for God is faithful and He will fulfill His Word if we will act on His Word in faith.

(The above material was published by Jim Kaseman Ministries.)

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