Ways to Incorporate Prayer into the Worship Service

Ways to Incorporate Prayer into the Worship Service
Thetus Tenney


Following are some ways pastors and worship leaders can make more room for prayer in the worship services:

• Preaching a sermon series on different aspects of prayer.

• Pulpit announcements prayer opportunities.

• Invite children to come into the worship service and to pray blessings over the adults.

• Encourage people to give testimonies to answered prayer in corporate services.

• Many worship songs in actuality are prayers. As you bring this to the congregation’s attention, encourage them to direct their song as words of adoration or petition to the Lord.

• Between verses of a hymn or worship chorus, invite the congregation to pray in small groups, focusing on the lyrics they have just sung.

• Set aside times during worship for individuals to come forward to offer a prayer inspired by a worship song.

• Use introductory remarks to guide the prayer time: “As a sign of our praise and adoration of God, please stand;” or “As a sign of our humility, please kneel (if you are physically able) as we confess our sins;” or “As a sign of our unity in Christ, please form a group with three or four others. We will recite the Lord’s Prayer together.”

• Invite parents and children to pray together—holding hands, forming circles, or walking together to pray at the altar during worship or the communion service. (Be sensitive to those without any family in the church. Find creative ways to include them.)

• Spend a series of Sundays praying for various church ministries: “This morning, as our Sunday school teachers and workers stand among us, we will pray for them and the people they serve.”

• Ask the congregation to respond with an appropriate prayer to the sermon.

• Ask the congregation to stand and form prayer partners to pray for the pastor before he speaks.

• Invite people who have a special need to raise their hands and ask members of the congregation to gather around them and pray.

• Each week guide the congregation in a prayer for a different pastor and church in the community.

• When the children or youth or a specific ministry group sings before the congregation, invite their leaders to come forward after the song; pray for the leaders and the entire group.

• Another way to excite people to the joy of prayer is by introducing a variety of prayer resources. Showing a video in the worship service, introducing a new book on prayer, or a worship and prayer CD are all ways to increase their prayer interest.

This article “Ways to Incorporate Prayer into the Worship Service” written by Thetus Tenney was excerpted from www.wnop.org website, March 2010.