What Can One Person Do?


By Thetus Tenney

Jehoshaphat, realizing the danger from the enemies attach on God’s
people set himself to seek the Lord, called a fast, and gathered the
people to pray and seek help from God (II Chronicles 20).

Joshua, smitted with the utter defeat of God’s people by their enemies,
fell on his face before the Lord and prayed all day with the elders
(Joshua 7).

Daniel, when he understood the times, set himself to seek God by prayer
and fasting and repentance for his people (Daniel 9).

Ezra prepared his heart according to the Word of the Lord, proclaimed a
fast and gathered the people to pray for the protection of God upon
them (Ezra 8).

Nehemiah, when he heard of the affliction and reproach of God’s people,
wept, mourned, fasted and prayed Nehemiah 1 and 6).

Esther, when she saw the evil and destruction designed for her people,
fasting with her maidens (Esther 4).

Paul set aside time to fast and minister to the Lord (Acts 13).

Cornelius, although an alien to God, sought after God with prayer and
fasting (Acts 10).

Through focused prayer and fasting, consider what these people

Jehoshaphat gained victory over Moab and Ammon who symbolize the works
of the flesh and immorality.

Joshua cleansed the people of the sins of greed and materialism and
gained a great victory.

Daniel gained skill and understanding and brought angels into his

Ezra received special anointing to lead the people out gross sin.

Nehemiah raised up a great work and removed the reproach of failure.

Esther changed the intent of government against the people of God.

Paul was separated for a special calling and changed his world.

Cornelius opened the door of revival to his people.

Intense, concentrated, focused prayer and fasting is the common
denominator of all great interventions of God. God waits for our
initiative. Our initiative brings God’s intervention.

(The source of the above material is unknown)

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