What Congregational Worship Needs More Of (Newsletter 4-11)

What Congregational Worship Needs More Of
David Santistevan

As worship pastors, we should never stop improving engagement. If our churches aren’t engaging in worship, we’re missing the point.

It’s no so much about finding our voice and our sound as much as it is helping the Church find her voice and her sound.

We are catalysts, leaders, influencers, coaches, pastors, servants of the Bride of Jesus.

It’s easy to lose our way in worship. But here’s what we need more of:

More sensitive and skillful use of Scripture.

An invitational style of leading where the congregation feels welcome.

Musicians who love Jesus and people more than music.

Visibly expressive worship teams.

More Church Staff & Lead Pastor engagement.

Coaching & teaching the church how to worship.

Sermon series about the glory of God and our response in worship.

Leaders willing to lay down the show and be vulnerable.

A culture where young people are equipped.

Less superstars and more teams.

A multi generational approach.

Skillful pastoring between songs.

More space for God to speak.

Because encounter with God is at stake over good music.

We need more atmospheres of encounter.

God is willing. We just need to get out of the way.


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